I've helped many with Fibromyalgia through sharing my own experiences from dealing with this crippling illness for over the last 19+ years.

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You Are Doing A Wonderful Thing!

"God bless you. You are doing a wonderful thing. I happened upon the facebook page. I have severe Fibromyalgia. Scored 18 points out the 18 point quiz at the rheumotologist appointment when I was being diagnosed. It has changed my life extensively. I am grateful to have found the facebook page. I will be watching some of your videos in the near future. I have extreme sensitivity with noise and do everything on mute.so on my good days I will watch and listen. TY for reaching out to fibro suffers." 16.05.2017 (Comment left on BBM Global Network - Radio)

I've followed Deb for a long time on her FB Page "Your Fibromyaglia".

"I have not only learned a lot here, n found a lot of ways to help those I love understand, but I have found a lot of support here also. W out which I'm not sure id feel so secure about my fibro as I am now. It's not easy to handle alone w ppl who don't understand. N not only being here for me but helping me to help ppl understand has helped more than words cn say".  

Danielle Ortwein
Jes P.

Deb Makes Sure The Group Is Positive!

"Your group has been a wonderful support system for me. I had been a member of some other ones but this particular one has been the best one for me. There is much less negativity involved with this one. This is a great place to lend and give support to people who are going through the same struggles as we are. It has also been helpful in sharing information and finding information about what types of medications or treatments other members have tried and/or what's working for them. The articles that have been shared and written have also been useful as well as I've had an opportunity to write some of my own articles to share as well which has helped me learn more about this condition. The administrator of these groups have been wonderful as well in running such a supportive and informational site."

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About Deb Lundquist...

In 1999, my life changed forever. It was a beautiful spring day & as I turned down a country road the unexpected and unforgettable happened. I had a near-fatal, head-on collision where I should have died. Immediately, I acquired RSD/CRPS which masked Fibromyalgia,  and a slew of other painful diseases, as well as 5 herniated disks. Once the RSD/CRPS was temporarily put to sleep, everything else came pouring out to be addressed, especially Fibromyalgia. I looked up at the sky and with my arms raised asked God what he wanted me to do with this! His answer was immediate. 'TEACH!' Well, I had to learn what it was so as a researcher, that is what I did. I had to learn how to deal with it for myself and what worked and what failed. After 19 years of living with this as a roommate, I feel I know Fibromyalgia well. Now, I it is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain take back control of their lives.