13. 2019 Begins With Hope

2019 began with pain in my neck, shoulders, spine, ribs, and hips. I even discovered that I became constipated and I hadn't been that way for a long time. When I mentioned this to the Chiropractor, he giggled and said okay, I can fix that. He took his actuator and applied it once to a spot on my left hip and man I almost didn't make it home before I had to go, lol! 

It is truly amazing what happens when your spine is in the right position! Bob was walking like a little ole man and was taking forever to get up off the couch. After one usage of the actuator, and he is like his normal self. His hip doesn't hurt anymore and the doctor said he has the perfect curvature of his spine! Now he goes to the Chiropractor about once a month.

I go every two weeks. I feel much better! The pain is gone again and now I know if I get an ear ache I need to go see the Chiropractor. If my wrist hurts, I need to go in, if by back hurts or whatever, I go see him first. I'm very excited about that.

This time, the Candida lasted a long time. It seems every time I get it, it lasts longer. So, right now I am on a cleansing program again only this time I am also starting a new diet. I have cut down my carbohydrates down substantially and am getting them mostly from vegetables. No potatoes, rice, bread, just vegetables. This diet is from the Bible if you can believe it! Then I am eating beef or chicken but pork is completely off my diet. Fish with scales and fins can be eaten, but no scavengers like catfish or the like. Birds that forage like chickens, pheasants, turkeys but not hawks, etc. Basically, Adam and Eve were vegetarians, but after the flood, man had to eat meat until vegetation grew again. We are to eat healthy fats. Olive oils, real butter, olives, avocados, that kind of thing. Bananas are a no no because not only are they starchy but they are also full of sugar. We can eat fruit but we must watch for sugar content. We can only have 5 grapes a day because of sugar.

With the Limu nutrition that I am drinking, I have lost 45# and the doctor has taken me off of Metformin that I was taking for Diabetes 2. I was crashing. I was still crashing, but with this new diet my sugars are staying at an even normal level. We will do another A1C test in about a month to see where I am. I love what having the right nutrition is doing for my body!

Last Sunday, the last Sunday in June, my RSD in my right forearm decided to remind me I still have this autoimmune disease, like I could forget I have it. Then at the same time, my left wrist that has the plate in it with the screws in it that are too long, decided to flare up with tendonitis. It is nice and swollen and painful and my right arm and hand is painful. Neither hand want me to move them or even type. This means that I will use them and type.

These disease will not win!

What am I doing to handle the pain? Well, first I am praying to Lord Jesus who took the whipping at the whipping post to absorb our illnesses. Instead of asking others to lay hands on me and pray for healing, I have discovered I can do that for myself and because I have such a strong faith, it works.

Also, I drink the Limu nutrition which has helped me so much. The I use doTERRA oils: Pink Pepper is truly awesome for pain! It doesn't take much oil to do the trick, Manuka which is great for nerve pain, and Deep Blue. I use the cream so my skin gets lotion as well. I am also wearing a copper fit wrist glove on my left wrist and a copper fit sleeve on my right arm.

I have an appointment with the Pain Management Dr. in Indianapolis on Tuesday and we will probably schedule a Stellate Ganglion Block. Those always work 100% for me with this doctor. He always finds my sweet spot.

We had a wonderful 4th of July! We spent it at my cousin's house. Yes, it was extremely hot, but it was lovely. It has been so long since I have forgotten the payback the next day, lol.

Deb Lundquist

After 20 years of living with this as a roommate, I feel I know Fibromyalgia well. Now, it is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain take back control of their lives.