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After 20 years of living with this as a roommate, I feel I know Fibromyalgia well. Now, it is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain take back control of their lives.

13. 2019 Begins With Hope

2019 began with pain in my neck, shoulders, spine, ribs, and hips. I even discovered that I became constipated and I hadn't been that way for a long time. When I mentioned this to the Chiropractor, he giggled and said okay, I can fix that. He took his actuator and applied it once to a spot on my left hip and man I almost didn't make it home before I had to go, lol! 

It is truly amazing what happens when your spine is in the right position! Bob was walking like a little ole man and was taking forever to get up off the couch. After one usage of the actuator, and he is like his normal self. His hip doesn't hurt anymore and the doctor said he has the perfect curvature of his spine! Now he goes to the Chiropractor about once a month.

I go every two weeks. I feel much better! The pain is gone again and now I know if I get an ear ache I need to go see the Chiropractor. If my wrist hurts, I need to go in, if by back hurts or whatever, I go see him first. I'm very excited about that.

This time, the Candida lasted a long time. It seems every time I get it, it lasts longer. So, right now I am on a cleansing program again only this time I am also starting a new diet. I have cut down my carbohydrates down substantially and am getting them mostly from vegetables. No potatoes, rice, bread, just vegetables. This diet is from the Bible if you can believe it! Then I am eating beef or chicken but pork is completely off my diet. Fish with scales and fins can be eaten, but no scavengers like catfish or the like. Birds that forage like chickens, pheasants, turkeys but not hawks, etc. Basically, Adam and Eve were vegetarians, but after the flood, man had to eat meat until vegetation grew again. We are to eat healthy fats. Olive oils, real butter, olives, avocados, that kind of thing. Bananas are a no no because not only are they starchy but they are also full of sugar. We can eat fruit but we must watch for sugar content. We can only have 5 grapes a day because of sugar.

With the Limu nutrition that I am drinking, I have lost 45# and the doctor has taken me off of Metformin that I was taking for Diabetes 2. I was crashing. I was still crashing, but with this new diet my sugars are staying at an even normal level. We will do another A1C test in about a month to see where I am. I love what having the right nutrition is doing for my body!

Last Sunday, the last Sunday in June, my RSD in my right forearm decided to remind me I still have this autoimmune disease, like I could forget I have it. Then at the same time, my left wrist that has the plate in it with the screws in it that are too long, decided to flare up with tendonitis. It is nice and swollen and painful and my right arm and hand is painful. Neither hand want me to move them or even type. This means that I will use them and type.

These disease will not win!

What am I doing to handle the pain? Well, first I am praying to Lord Jesus who took the whipping at the whipping post to absorb our illnesses. Instead of asking others to lay hands on me and pray for healing, I have discovered I can do that for myself and because I have such a strong faith, it works.

Also, I drink the Limu nutrition which has helped me so much. The I use doTERRA oils: Pink Pepper is truly awesome for pain! It doesn't take much oil to do the trick, Manuka which is great for nerve pain, and Deep Blue. I use the cream so my skin gets lotion as well. I am also wearing a copper fit wrist glove on my left wrist and a copper fit sleeve on my right arm.

I have an appointment with the Pain Management Dr. in Indianapolis on Tuesday and we will probably schedule a Stellate Ganglion Block. Those always work 100% for me with this doctor. He always finds my sweet spot.

We had a wonderful 4th of July! We spent it at my cousin's house. Yes, it was extremely hot, but it was lovely. It has been so long since I have forgotten the payback the next day, lol.

What Is In Your Tool Box

What do you have on hand or in your tool box to help you with your Fibromyalgia? This is what I have in mine and the reasons why I find them useful. It’s rather large tool box, lol.

1.    God the Father, Jesus my Savior, and the Holy Spirit – I would not still be alive if I didn’t have the Holy Trinity and my Faith to keep me going. There have been many times in my life, even before my first accident, when the pain was so bad I could not have made it through without knowing I had Them there holding me together. The Lord was there to keep it from getting it to the point of no return. And The Lord was the one who helped me find the rest of the tools to put in my tool box. He has been the one to lead me every step of the way in this journey we call life.

2.    My Bible. I find a lot of answers in there. Every time I read it I learn something new.

3.    My self-advocate – me, and Bob and my daughter! In other words, my team me

4.    Limu Moui Seaweed Original – The beneficial liquid nutritional supplement I drink that has me not only healthier because my body is absorbing the nutrients, but because of the absorption, I am feeling so much better. My blood tests are better than they have ever been since they started testing my blood 40 years ago and to me that is just amazing. It is because of the Fucoidan which has been proven to having to have life-sustaining and immune-supporting properties. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, but then this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is simply a really beneficial liquid nutritional supplement.

5.    doTERRA Essential Oils – These are the purest, most potent, therapeutic-grade oils in the world and are absolutely amazing. I even will use some of them on my dog, that is how safe they are. If a thunderstorm develops, I will put a drop of Lavender on each of his front paws and he gets through the storm fine, unless it is a tornado and then all 4 feet get some. I get some then too. If his allergies bother him, he gets breathe on his front paws and within seconds he can breathe again. For me, if I get that tingling and burning feeling in my feet and toes, I will use the Deep Blue Rub on the bottom of my feet and within minutes I feel better. For my sinus’, I use peppermint and breathe or cardamom depending on my needs. For migraines, I use Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, and Whisper in that order on the bottom of all of my toes and the inside of my feet where you get corns, plus past tense around the horse shoe at the back of my head. For energy, I use wild orange and peppermint and MitoMax, for depression, I use cheer and elevation, balance and clary calm. I could go on and on. I use all of them. I spend a lot of money with doTERRA. Oh, I also use their VShakes because they are gluten free and dairy free, serenity softgels and oil and bergamot for sleep. These oils have not been evaluated by the FDA, but then these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

6.    Water, water, water. When you use oils, you have to drink water, when you drink Limu you have to drink water because both of them are releasing toxins from your body and you have to get those toxins out and the only way to do that is by drinking water. You need to take your weight divide it by half and that is how much water you need to be drinking in ounces daily. And that is just water, anything else you drink is above and beyond that doesn’t count. If your pee isn’t clear, you need to be drinking more water.

7.    Limu Lean Burn – this helps me with my appetite control and gives me energy.

8.    Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium Glycinate which is formulated just for Fibromyalgia and you can get it pretty cheap over the internet, Vitamin C, and a Probiotic from Herbalife that has a Prebiotic (organic) in it. I also take Cinnamon to help with my blood sugar.

9.    I have Celiac Disease, so I keep to a very strict Fodmap diet because if I don’t, I have bad reactions.

10.  I go to the psychologist.

11.  I go to physical therapy or I do my exercises because if I don’t, I regress. I use my exercise bike.

12.  I do my work at home or write or file or pay bills or do something constructive around the house.

13.  I relax, play games or read if I can.

14.  I take naps if I need them.

15.  I take Epsom salt baths.

16.  I cuddle with my dog.

17.  I FaceTime with my daughter and grandson.

18.  At night, I spend time with Bob and watch TV, otherwise I rarely watch TV.

19.  I usually go to bed late and sleep in late.

20.  I drink 2 shakes, breakfast and lunch and eat dinner.

21.  I keep a light blanket close at all times. I do not allow myself to get cold.

22.  I keep a sleeve with copper close to me at all times for my right arm and a pressure/compression glove close for my left wrist because of the tendonitis.

23.  I keep Aleve nearby for when storm fronts and wind are whipping by.

24.  I keep my allergy meds and eye drops handy because I need them regularly right now.

25.  I keep the bed raised just a bit for acid reflux and allergies.

26.  My electric lounge chair (I don’t need it to be electric now, but I did when the RSD/CRPS was active)

27.  My research so I can write.

28.  My computer, my Kindle, my iPad, and my phone.

29.  My microphone and earphones for YouTube. The Support Group, The website.

30.  Daystar and TBN.

31.  The heating pad or neck wrap or ice if I can tolerate it.

32.  My weighted blanket.

33.  And you! Because you keep me going!

May 1 2019

Happy May Day!

We used to make up little paper vases and then pick flowers in them. We would hang them on the neighbors doors and then ring the doorbell and run away. Of course, this is when most women didn’t work away from the house. It would be hard to do that in this day and age when everyone is so busy.

Since I last talked with you, I have had a hard time. I tripped and hit the top of my head on the front window in the living room at top velocity! I didn’t know if I had bought it or was just going to pass out. Fortunately there was a chair right there and I landed in it. Of course, every time something happens Bob is gone. He was this time too. I felt every single one of the vertebrae in my neck move and they went in all different directions and I felt the pain go up in my head and down my spine. It was horrible!

I waited until Bob got home and then had him check to see if I was in shock. If I was, then I was going to have him take me to the hospital. This time I was not going to drive myself. I was not in shock. We alternated heat and ice and I used Aleve to help with the pain. During the night, I asked him to wake me up periodically, but it wasn’t necessary. I hurt too much. I didn’t sleep at all. The next day, he took me to the chiropractor.

The chiropractor said I did just the right thing. He used his tool and worked and worked on my poor body. It was totally a mess. It felt so much better. He was surprised I didn’t feel worse. I had to go 3 times a week for a while. Now I am down to once a week, but it has taken forever to get things back.

Let me suggest something to you. Don’t ever hit the top of your head on anything! Wow what a mess it made to my poor body!

Now, however for some good news. About 2 months ago, LIMU changed the formula of their Original and added more Fucoidin to it, 5X. It now tastes like Apricots. It tastes so nummy. That and the chiropractic treatments and I told the chiropractor that I kept having sugar lows. He told me to keep checking it and the next time I went in I told him again that I couldn’t keep it above 90. He told me to stop the Metformin.

I went home called my General Physician and told the plan and he said it sounded like a good plan. For 5 wonderful days I was off of Metformin and I felt GREAT!!! I had energy, didn’t need as much sleep, wasn’t as hungry, started losing weight faster, my light headedness was gone. I felt light as a feather! It was remarkable what getting off that medication did for me.

At the end of the 4 days I ran out strips, so I called and ordered more. Well, wouldn’t you know Medicare has a new contract with a different meter. So, instead of just getting strips, I got an entire new system. The first test showed my sugar at 154! Then every test after that was so odd, that I started Metformin again because I didn’t know what was going on. Well, when it tested 184 I knew it was a bad meter because I have never been that high. So, I called the company and complained and they sent me a new meter. It was better, but still tested higher than I have ever tested before and I know I was crashing but it would say 117 or 127.

After going back on Metformin, I got so sick. I stayed on it, but I had almost every bad side-effect there is. Today I went to the General Physician. I took the meter and I checked my sugar with it, 133, and then I asked the nurse to check my sugar with hers, 108. She said you have a bad meter. I said it is the second one. It was 1.5 hours after I had eaten lunch. She said let’s see what the Doctor says.

Well, the good news is he took me off of Metformin for 3 months and then we will do another blood test and see where I stand! I am hoping tomorrow I feel better. The chiropractor said the Metformin could be why I can’t stay in place.

The last 4 months have been rough on my poor body, but now that I’m off Metformin I’m hoping things will improve!

Have a Happy May Day!


Happy Mother's Day background of pink roses with copy space on pink wood table.

December 22, 2018

Hello Diary,

This month has been rather a rough one for me! This is why I have been rather quiet you see. It started the Monday before Thanksgiving.

My Back Problem:
I was at the Library where my ‘borrowed’ daughter Jen is the Librarian. I was working on getting the YouTube page ready since that will replace the Radio Show which is now done. I was uploading files onto YouTube and I was done for the day. I decided to unplug the power to the computer. I knew better, but …

There I was, bent in half when my back froze. I haven’t done that in 12 years. I simply could not move!!! Thank goodness I was at Jen’s Library. She knew exactly what to do, however she was less than happy with me! She looked over at me and in the best mother’s voice I have ever heard said, ‘Just what do you think you are doing?’

‘Well, I thought I was unplugging the computer, but …’ and she said, ‘you are stuck aren’t you?’

Now, our Jen is mighty even though she has never really realized the fact that she has never grown past the height of 4’7″ and never will. So she storms over to me and starts to fix my back. She had to use her knuckles on both sides of my spine. She has done this before so she knew just where to go. She was very sweet about it and I was very thankful that there were no patrons at the Library at the time! It took 20 minutes to get me standing straight again!

After that, now every time I go to the Library no one will allow me to carry anything into or out of the Library or plug in or unplug my computer. I have to say I truly appreciate. The entire staff treats me with kid gloves.

Celiac Reaction:
Once I started feeling better, about 10 days, my husband and I went to his works Christmas party.  I got into something I shouldn’t have. To this day, I still don’t know what it was. I was very careful about what I ate. That was a Friday night, by Saturday afternoon I was as sick as could be. By Saturday night I was truly awful! By Sunday afternoon, I was just left with tummy cramping. It took me until Thursday until I felt better. Six days later, I had to go back to the Chiropractor because my back was hurting really bad again, plus my ribs were hurting!!! It even hurt to breath deeply! I’m bending over very carefully these days!

That brings us to today.

Current News:
During this time, I have been editing the audio’s from the Radio Show getting them ready for the YouTube channel and playing with the YouTube channel trying to get it the way I like it. Then I changed the channel and thought I had lost everything I had uploaded and that really upset me, but I hadn’t. Thank goodness.

My book, RSD/CRPS from a Patient’s Perspective has finally been released to Amazon as a paperback! It has been on Amazon as a Kindle for a while now. I’m working on some others. I have two that are at the publisher right now waiting for me to give them the okay to start working on them. I have 2 others that I am writing, plus one that is a series of a children’s book I would like to start. I didn’t know I could write until I became disabled, lol.

My husband and I unpacked some more boxes from moving 3 years ago. We pitched a bunch of things and he took some stuff to Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. We have a lot to get rid of. We even found some old hymnals from the church from before it burned down the last time in the early 1900s!

I’ve been on the group a little bit and I have only done a couple of videos because our internet is so bad now and we can’t get another one! That is why I have to go to the library!

Other than my back, my blood tests are showing that I am healthier than I have ever been since they started testing it when I was 42! I am 65 now and have RSD/CRPS, Fibro, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, osteopenia (which has gotten better btw.) I had high cholesterol and high triglycerides (but last blood test they were normal and they have never been normal.) My blood sugar is normal and I have diabetes. My thyroid is so good that I am on the lowest dose possible. My liver and kidney problems are over. Blood pressure problems, migraine problems are over. Yep I seem to be over everything. Even my pain is under control. Well, not counting my back, but we will get there. God is good!

So I am a happy camper. Let me keep my God in Heaven, Jesus my Savior, The Holy Spirit, my husband and daughter and our Robbie, my Limu and doTERRA, and our finances at least where they are now and let things start to improve and we will be fine.

I have real hope that 2019 will be a better year for us as 2018 has been a very hard struggle from the very beginning to the end.

However, right now we are celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am counting my blessings. I am  thankful for all that He has graced me with and all He has done for me!

Well, in case I don’t get on again until after the new year, may your Christmas be merry.

May you have a wonderful and joyful New Year’s Eve and may you have a safe one. Above all else, may January bring you a new beginning, a new year of painless and peaceful living.

May God bless all of you,


Nov 25 2018

Well, this past week has not been pleasant to say the least. This past Tuesday, I went to the library were my ‘borrowed’ daughter is the head Librarian and started uploading videos to YouTube so that I could get the Lives Changed show up and running on YouTube. Everything was going perfect! I was really excited!

Then when it was time to leave, I bent over to unplug the power cord and did something I haven’t done in 12 years. My back completely froze on me while I was bent in half. Can we say ouch?!?!

Thank the Good Lord Jen knows what to do. She took one look at me bent in half and said, ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!’ She immediately came over and asked where it was. It took us a good 20 minutes to half hour to get me standing straight again. I got home and immediately went into extra Limu and essential oil routine. Then put on my jamis and got the heating pad and got into my chair and that has basically been where and what I have been doing since as it has moved up my spine into my shoulder and then up and out into thin air.

It would happen during a holiday weekend. I couldn’t get into see the Chiropractor until tomorrow, Monday. Believe me, I don’t care what the weather throws at me, I will make that appointment! I know after he does his magic, I will be fine. I will have to take it easy, however.

Thanksgiving was nice. We didn’t have the right kind of bird, but I don’t think any turkey cared that much. The chicken on the other hand, lost the vote and tasted pretty nummy. For all his protests, Bob has turned into a pretty good cook. He even made me chocolate brownies, my favorites, of course. Then Bob and I watched a movie marathon. It was nice.

Friday, Bob spent the afternoon helping at the funeral home and Saturday he drove the car with the casket to the cemetery. This was his first time doing this job. He was nervous about doing it, but when he realized he knew some of the people that came through the line, I think he felt better.

Well that has been my past week. This coming week promises to be much better! I will post a live video on YouTube and get that going and I am excited about that. Things are looking up folks. Always look at the positive and give thanks to God.

Yes, the internet radio show is done, but when we get too comfortable with one thing, God closes that door and opens another so that we can grow. Now we will grow on YouTube together with the help of our Lord. With your feedback, I just know we will reach more people!


August 4 2018

Hello, so much has been going on since I last wrote, I don't know where to begin. After July 8, I was given the final version of the book to finish editing. The going is slow because I am fixing the edits myself so that it will be finished completely. When they get it this time, it will take a week and then be on the 'shelves' on Amazon in a week. I just wish I knew how to advertise it well!!

Then, it was time to start working on getting my neck and shoulder and migraine gone. I went to physical therapy and started going to the Axial Orthogonal Chiropractic Clinic in Gibson City, IL. I am happy to report that now both the migraine, neck pain, and shoulder pain are gone. It is amazing what listening to your body can do for you. I am now pain free again which is wonderful considering I have RSD/CRPS, Fibromyalgia, and Complex Chronic Migraines. I love my nutritional products and how my body is able to absorb them, allowing me to exercise as I need to and allowing me to think.

Next, it was time to get the house ready for visitors. Our daughter, Aimee, and our Grandson, Robbie, came for a visit for 2 weeks. They just left July 31. Our best friend got married on July 28. It was an outdoor wedding and the weather was absolutely perfect, very unusual.

My brother and his wife, more like a sister, also came. It was wonderful to have everyone here and it broke the rest of the depression to have all the love and laughter in the house. I loved it. Robbie cried and cried when Uncle Steve left. Kids just love him. It makes me wonder why we fought so much as kids. I would really like to know that answer!

Robbie wanted a train birthday party and so, since we can't be there for him on his birthday, we had a surprise birthday party for him two Saturdays ago right after the radio show. We went to the Monticello Railroad Museaum where they restore old railroad cars and engines and he was able to ride the old train and sit in the steam engine. The joy in his eyes and the happiness on his face I will never forget. My daughter's joy was just as wonderful. It was a surprise to her too. 

We came home and had a cook out and then we suggested he open his presents. What?!? He had presents?!? Oh joy! He ended up with Thomas the Train tracks that can build on one another and 3 engines. He played with them the whole time he was here.

He got to spend 2 nights at Nana and Poppop's house without Mommy because she went to Auntie's house to help with wedding stuff and was just perfect. He is such a sweetie and joy to have around. He listens and minds and is so wonderful. We don't get to see him very often, but we Facetime as often as we can. I just couldn't hug him enough. It had been 2 years since we had seen him in real time.

Well, I did the radio show today. It was a little somber as I discussed attitude and depression and suicide, all things that need to be discussed but are hard to do anyway. I have now done over a year's worth of shows. I hope I am helping people. If I am helping at least one person, it is enough.

Well, those are my thoughts today.


12. 2018 Started Rough

Wasn't he adorable. Kenneth Katterhenry. My favorite uncle/father figure. The last building block of my childhood died in the middle of January of 2018. He has always been my rock. This is his graduation picture. I told him he must have had all the girls chasing after him, but he only wanted one. My favorite Aunt. Convenient isn't it. She passed on the same year as Bob's Mom, both being mother figures to me as my Mother passed on in 1998. I don't think anyone knew just what Uncle Kenny and Aunt Mary meant to Bob and me. Bob never had the same kind of relationship with his uncles like he had with my Uncle and he never had true Aunts like my Aunt Mary. Well truthfully, there never was an aunt like Aunt Mary. I look like her. I always told them they just wanted to raise boys, so when they had me they just handed me over to my Mom and Dad to raise. They always laughed because there is no way that was true. I was born a year before they were married. Whenever, I would say that they always laughed. 

His death devastated me. Even as I write this tears roll down my face. He was a gentle man. Slow to anger. Iron fisted, but fair in discipline. He never played favorites. Whenever I would go spend the night I would purposely forget my pjs so that I could wear one of his T-shirts for jami's. He always thought that was funny.

He was a farmer by trade and never seemed to have a bad year. My Dad always said, 'It is a drought on everyone's farm but Kenny's' I asked him one time if he ever took out crop insurance and he laughed. He said only one year. He said that God put it on his heart that he should buy it that year and so he did. He needed it. He never bought it any other year and he never needed it. I thought it was amazing.

We talked so much. We would read books and discuss them. Oh I miss that man. A great cornerstone of my life gone forever. But he told me once, if you ever need a hug, close your eyes, cross your arms and give yourself a great big hug. That hug is from me.

His 3 sons were my brothers as we were growing up, but that day I lost the three of them too and one of their sons who was like a son to me because of some stupid lies that my family should have recognized as lies. The lies came from known liars. I only found out about it 2 weeks ago, but even my son has known about it for months and did not say a word to me about it. These lies have been fermenting for 6 months, so anything I say now is not believed. Me, who is incapable of lying, is not believed of telling the truth by my family who has known me all their lives. Inconceivable. So, they don't want to even talk about it.

Then at the same time, my husband and I became estranged from my son and our Grandchildren, I will not go into the long story because it is entirely too upsetting. Suffice it to say that we have not seen our Grandchildren since Christmas and they are being told lies about us. We have talked to and seen our son only rarely and we have to be very careful what we say. It is like walking on eggshells. We have to make the connection. He never tries to make an attempt.

So, basically, on the day of my Uncle's funeral, I not only lost my beloved Uncle, and a security I have known for 64 years, but I lost a third of my family and my son and Grandchildren.

We also lost our Health Insurance so I couldn't go to see a psychologist. Shall we say I went into a deep dark hole of depression! 1/3 of my support group was missing and no one was checking on me. It was up to my loving husband and my wonderful daughter who lives 2,500 miles away to watch over me. It has been awful.

Then I finally crashed in May. The last rung in ladder before I hit the bottom of the pit cracked and broke in May. Fortunately, my new insurance kicked in the next day and so I called the psychologist and said I was in crisis and they got me in the same day.

I am happy to report that after her first visit things started to turn around and now as of today's date, I am definitely more than halfway back up the ladder and can see the top of the hole and sunlight again.

I am laughing again. There is sunshine in my life again and the world looks much brighter. Major Depression is a very scary place to be, especially when you support system deserts you in your hour of need. But there is always hope.

The one thing I always have on my side is God. He never leaves my side! He is always there listening to me when I talk and I think this time the ancestors were trying to help too, lol. I certainly have been hearing a lot of fiddle playing. I wonder just who played the fiddle. I need to investigate that.

Well, one of my best friends is getting married on July 28 and I am so excited for her! She had decided she would never get married and, of course, that is always when it happens. Now she is panic mode. Our Aimee and our Robbie are coming home because they are both in the wedding. Aimee and I just happen to share the same best friend. Isn't that the coolest thing! Robbie is going to be the ring bearer for his 'Auntie'. I don't think I will be able to keep the tears from flowing, happy tears for our Jen.

We are so excited to have our Aimee and Robbie home for 2 wonderful weeks. I can hardly hold it in. Then on top of that we are going to celebrate our Robbie's 6th birthday while he is here. So much fun! Plus while they are here, my brother and his wife, more like a sister, are going to be here too. It is going to be like a party! The time is going to go so fast! But I am going to have such wonderful memories to hold in my heart. Oh I can hardly wait! Just 9 more days!

The first half of the year was absolutely horrible! However, I have learned a lot about myself and a lot about family. And I am much stronger for having lived through this emotional disaster. I hope to not have to live through it again!

I turn 65 in October this year. I think I should be done with emotional disasters of this kind! I'm probably dreaming, lol.

We shall see what the next half of the year brings. Oh what I didn't tell you is that I finally turned my RSD/CRPS From a Patient's Perspective book into a publisher. I have been too frightened to get it published, but the final edit is done. I should hear this week what happens next. The cover is complete front and back. I almost cried when I read what they wrote on the back cover of the book. They seem to think I'm really something and that the book needs to be read by everyone! I'll let everyone know when it is ready.

This year has gone so fast. It is now November. Lives Changed Internet Radio Show is done. I did that for almost 2 years. I wrote each show for every week. I didn't know I had it in me. What a learning experience that was. Once you get comfortable with something though, the door always closes it seems. Just as this happened, I heard a sermon that said that is because God will open another one door because He wants us to spread our wings. I didn't know I had wings, but I will spread them because He sent me on a mission and I am not done.

To YouTube we head. I own every show I broadcast, 67 of them, so I need to turn each of them from mp3 to mp4 and I need to edit out commercials and all of my, heaven's I said that a lot! How annoying. So, in other words I am cleaning them up and then uploading them onto YouTube plus I will be doing videos and that will take a lot of work and it will be slow. My plan is to do a video once a week and a followup video to answer questions or comments. That will be 2 videos a week. I will hopefully get follow up from you as to how you like it and what topics you would like discussed.

As far as how life has been, Robbie and Aimee's visit was perfect and way too fast, as I knew it would be. Robbie is now in school and is absolutely loving it. It seems everyone loves him. Of course, I knew they would. He is the sweetest little heart there is and loves everyone he meets. He also has a pure heart and sees no difference in races so his best friends are a conglomeration of the Heinz 57 variety, the true make up of the melting pot that is the United States and I love it. He says the funniest things that make a person stop and think and then just makes you bend over laughing. Then when you look at him, you just laugh all the more. I think he and I are made up of the same goofy genes. We get on Facetime and spend half the time just making faces at each other, so much fun.

Aimee and I try to talk every day and Jen and I try to talk at least once a week. She is so busy and now that she is married she is even busier. Her home now is an hour away from where she lives, but I am so happy that all of my children are married and settled. 2 of them are happily married anyway. The other we just won't talk about.

I haven't spoken with my son since August when I wished him happy birthday. He completely missed my birthday in October, but that is what I expected. I have learned that you have to forgive others for all the hurts and I mean truly forgive and then brush the dust from your sandals and turn your back, no matter who they are. You can't continue to allow people to abuse you, whether it is emotional or what. We don't have the money to drive to where he works for a 5 minute conversation where I am constantly told what I need to do to make things better when I am not going to do it. Especially when everyone and I mean everyone from the Sheriff to the doctors to my family tell me I am not to, so, it is done. At first, it was very hard, but I keep finding passages in the Bible that are telling me I am doing the right thing and sermons that I hear that are telling me I am doing the right thing.

Once you get to that point, and you release it and you turn your back on it and you give it all over to God and let go, it is such a relief and amazingly a sense of joy, freedom, and fun and laughter come back into your life. That is what has happened to us. So, since May, when I started releasing my grief for my beloved Uncle who is always with me in my heart, my emotional healing has begun. 

Once that happens, even my physical healing had already been improving, it seems like it continued to heal faster...

That is until I ignored the candida that decided to invade my body again. I ignored all the signs and kept ignoring them which I knew was stupid, but did it anyway, until it became systemic!!! It took me 8 weeks on medication to get rid of it! And itch! Inside and outside! I thought I would go insane, plus because it went systemic, it did something very rare and something the doctor said, 'only you Deb, only you...' It went into my lungs! I could hardly breath and my steroid inhaler made it worse. I had to stop using that and my other inhaler too. I was on my CPAP for a week with my doTERRA oils treating myself for candida as well as using the doctor's medication. Finally, I could sit in the living room with the CPAP on and I could breath. It was horrible and I hardly had a voice for a very long time. 

The moral of that story is listen and pay attention to your body!!!! 

The Kindle version of my book is on Amazon as of now and we are working on getting the rest on soon. I had to get really nasty with the publishers before Thanksgiving and I actually yelled and swore at them to get the rest of the book finished and on Amazon's 'shelves' It should have been done months ago!!! I am really angry about it and now they know it. Here is the link for the Kindle version and as soon as the rest is available I will let you know.

This weekend we got the Christmas tree up and decorated. I moved very carefully. 

The end of this year and more information on the book will be coming as I know more. We still have the full month of December. If they don't have it done by then there may be a lawyer involved....they have 2 children's books of mine they are supposed to be doing illustrations for!!!! They really don't want to get my Irish up any further than it already is!!! 

And now for the rest of 2018. In December, the paperback of the book is now available on as well as the Kindle. The name of the book is RSD/CRPS from a Patient's Perspective, written by me, Deb Lundquist and edited by Dr. Philip Getson so you can be sure that all the medical information is honest and true. All of the information in the book can be used for other pain conditions as well. I hope you will look into it. I put my heart and soul into this book.

Finally, at the end of year I made a discovery on to not treat a migraine. I got up from my chair and tripped before I got to a standing position. I started to fall, head first and at full velocity towards the front living room window. My Limbic part of my head hit the front window full speed and bounced back and fell into the chair that was conveniently there. I didn't know if I was going to die or pass out. I sat in that chair and prayed and prayed.

Of course every time I fall, no one is home. So, I stayed there until Bob got home and then I had him check me for shock. I was okay and the next day he took me to the chiropractor. He said I did the right thing by coming in right away. Everything in my neck was out, a lot of my spine was out, my shoulders weren't level and my hips were lopsided. It was a hard hit. I am still in the middle of 2019 having to see the chiropractor anywhere from once a week to every other week. I even had my ribs out of place. My migraine did not go away, lol.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were quiet but we Facetimed with Aimee and Robbie and it was wonderful.

Here it to 2019! May you have a Happy New Year in 2019 and may you be blessed!

3. July 8, 2018

For the last few days, I have been working hard getting people information about the Work From Home Opportunity. There has been a lot of interest. I'm excited that I can offer this to my Fibromyalgia people because it is truly something that can work for them if they just take this first step. Plus, if they take the chance  on letting the nutrition benefits of Limu Moui Original have a chance for their body's to absorb the nutrients, I would love to see what they discover. It has been fun.

My stress levels remain high, but my migraine is much better. There are times when it tries to reappear, but God has given me the tools I need to take care of that. I am so blessed that with everything that is wrong with me, I have so little pain and what I do have, I know what I need to do to relieve it almost immediately. God has been so good to me.

We actually got some pictures hung up in the Farmhouse today. The first actual decoration since we started the rehabilitation of this 161 year old Farmhouse. I love this old place. Last night, I know this is going to sound strange, but I swear there were a lot of people here when I went to bed. There was talking and singing and some fiddle playing. Of course, where our bedroom is, was completely outside underneath big trees at that time when they were alive and the weather was beautiful. Sometimes when the ancestors show up, they always play the fiddle and there is always loud talking and singing. Last night they were really loud. It was hard to sleep until after 4am when they finally quieted down.

Thankfully, I've never seen them. I think that would freak me out completely. I love hearing them though and I love smelling the cooking they do, if only I could actually eat the food I smell!

This house is so much fun!

2. June 9 2018

Today was the day I do the Radio Show, Lives Changed. I never get any feedback from anyone, so I never know how people like or don't like the show. I just keep plugging away, talking to the tree outside the window and it keeps bobbing its branches up and down like it is listening and approving of what I am saying. In the summer it looks so happy with it leaves out and so pretty. In the winter, it looks so sad and lonely. We had such a warm winter, it started to bud out and I was afraid we would lose it, but here it is in all its majestic beauty.

I love being out in the country with the big old trees and my big windows that let the sun through so that I get light. In our other house, we had big windows and I felt like I lived in the woods with Snow White. We had all the animals passing through and it was beautiful, but unless I went outside there was no sunlight because sun could not reach inside the house. It was a beautiful house and I loved every inch of it and the woods, but it was a depressing house too because there was no sun. When you have chronic depression you need the sun.

After the program today, I wrote some for next week's show. I was given inspiration over night for an article for next week. It happens like that a lot. I will go to bed and pray for inspiration and before I am done with prayers, another article will appear in my head. It is funny how that works, not funny haha but strange. I love it though and it certainly helpful.

Then, usually I have to take a nap on Saturday's because I have to get up so early for the radio show. I really love doing the radio show and hope it is helping people. I would hate to think that no one was getting anything out of it.

Then, late yesterday I got a call from Book Writing, Inc to approve the final copy of the book, but when I looked at it again it was the unfixed copy of the audible version of the book. The same version they sent me before, so I sent it to them again and asked why they keep sending me a version of the audible copy that has not been fixed? So frustrating! So, another week passes. Oh well, maybe next week it will finally be done. I hope so! I have finished editing everything, the book cover is finished and I love it! Well, 'til next time Diary.

1. My Diary

Today is my first post in My Diary. Today I discovered that people who should have known better, who have known me all of their lives, people who I have saved from disaster over and over again, people who know me inside and out, believed an impossible lie about me. Just a ridiculous lie that no one who knew me would believe of me. Yet they did. Every single one of them. The thing is, it is family and the other thing is, that it is family that was spreading the lie. Then, because of an awful personal family situation that no one wants to understand, listen to or get in the middle of, one member of the family decided to make a phone call and make things worse, then said he didn't want any part of it. It is amazing to me how family who is supposed to be there to support you, can stab you in the back, especially when times are bad. Now 5 months later, when I try to find out why everyone is quiet and treating me like I don't exist, I discover what happened. Not one person faced me with it at the time, but believed these lies about me and all turned their backs on me when I needed them the most. Well, it is one thing to have your so-called friends treat you this way. Family is something else. 

That is why when you have a chronic illness, support groups are so important. We can't always count on our blood relatives to be the families we trust them to be. The support groups we choose however, we can choose carefully can become the loving family we need who will give us the love and support we so badly crave. 

How To Start A Support Group

How to Start a Support Group:

To Advertise For Free:

  • On Facebook, just start talking on your homepage that you are starting a local Fibromyalgia Support Group.
  • Call all the local churches and ask them to put the notification in their bulletins.
  • Put Notifications on Free Bulletin Boards in town.
  • Write Editorials for your local Newspapers every week.

Where to Hold the Meeting

  • At your home.
  • At your church.
  • At a restaurant that will let you hold it for free.
  • At a hospital that will let you hold it for free.
  • At a Clinic that will let you hold it for free.

What to use for material:

  • Any materials used from the Radio Show, the Webpage, or the Support Group are copyrighted, so be sure that you have the source of the material on anything you hand out. Do NOT use names from the Support Group in your local support Groups.
  • Subjects from my radio station.
  • Subjects from my webpage.
  • Subjects from the Support Group Pages.
  • You will never run out of material. If people ask questions you don’t have answers for, just write them down and tell them you will have answers for them the next time you meet. Then, message me on Your Fibromyalgia on Facebook and I will be more than happy to help you with answers.

Once you have your support group started, try to find someone who will help you with the support group. Someone who will help you run it, a co-director. Make sure everyone knows you are not a Doctor or in the medical profession at all and do not give medical advice.

I can provide you with a privacy policy. And you need everyone to sign a privacy policy so that everyone knows that they do not talk about anything that is said inside the group.

You need to set rules. Look at the rules for Your Fibromyalgia. Those should be good enough.

If you start a local support group, let us know and we will start listing local support groups on the webpage.

Walking Through The Wilderness

Written by Deb Lundquist
February 24, 2017

As you all know, I often talk about my faith because it is part of how I get through this path we are all walking together. I know that not all of you have the same faith as I, or any faith at all, but just bear with me and see if it helps in anyway.

I often listen to Discovering the Jewish Jesus on the DayStar television channel. Rabbi K. A. Schneider, who is a Jew who believes that Jesus is the Messiah, has done several series that he has done, and I never know which one I am going to be listening to as I tape his shows. Several times he has talked about how we often walk through wildernesses in our lives and that during those times we need to lean on God all the more to get through them because that God often teaches us things during those times, things about ourselves, about Him, or things about others or situations.

I have been thinking about that a lot since I started to listen to those broadcasts and I have come the conclusion that I have been walking in a wilderness since my accident in 1999. I have had some real moments of insight about my relationship with the Lord, my illnesses and why I have them, which is why I have the support group, the webpage, and now this radio show.

All my life, I have been in the medical field in some way, either as a patient, a medical transcriber, a medical bill/insurance provider, or advocate for the patient to get their bills paid. I was a sickly child and learned early about doctor’s, illnesses, and medications. I was a medical advocate for my first father-in-law at the young age of 17 when his family didn't know, when he developed cancer.  Then our daughter starting at the age of 5 when we discovered she had been having bladder infections from the time she was conceived. By the time she had her surgery at 10, I knew as much about urology as a urologist and was even asked if I was one. By the age of 22, I already had raging endometriosis and had my miscarriage of my first child. I could have been a doctor by the end of that episode at the age of 29. I could have been a doctor the way I remember all things medical that I am told and have often been asked by doctors and nurses if I am.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, who knows, I understand all about the muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, nerves, and I can feel what each is doing in my body. It angers me when a doctor tries to explain things to me because I already know. I always say, ‘yes, yes, I already know that, let’s get on with things.’ Or I will say, ‘no, you have that backwards, this is the true way of things.’ They really hate that. Like the doctor who told me if RSD/CRPS moved to more than one limb it was really Fibromyalgia. Yea, that was a funny one. I actually laughed and then educated her.

When I got Fibromyalgia, God told me to be an educator for Fibromyalgia. That is what I have tried to do, once I figured what to do for myself.

So, anyway, back to the subject at hand, I started thinking about what Rabbi Schneider said about walking in wildernesses in our lives. Now if you remember anything about the Bible, the Jews escaped from Egypt and walked in the Wilderness for 40 years before they were allowed to cross into the land of Israel. According to the Rabbi, this was so that God to teach them many lessons and it took 40 years for these lessons to be taught because they were a stubborn people.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I know I am stubborn, lol. I also know that I have asked God to stop hitting me over the head with a 4 x 4 when he wants to teach me something because I’m being dense! I figure my accident in 1999 was a huge 4 x 4! However, I survived it only by the Grace of God! Everyone said I should have died, all the emergency people that is. God wanted me to teach.

Even as healthy people, I think we walk through our wilderness phases, I have given a lot of thought to this over the last few weeks. When I was first married, was a huge wilderness phase for me. And yet, now that I am over all the abuse stuff, I can look back and see sometimes of laughter and happiness, sometimes of fun and joy.

Since 1999, I have been walking through another wilderness, with oases in between each wilderness period. For 4 and a half years, the wilderness was very dark and dank, and I don’t even like to think about that time. That was the time of completely uncontrolled RSD/CRPS with pain levels so off the pain scale chart as to make it obsolete. Still during that time, I did go to Washington, DC to advocate for RSD/CRPS. I think about it now and wonder how I ever managed it. I could only have done that with the help of God. I sure couldn’t had done that on my own! That wilderness time was long, hard, and so frightening. We were completely financially dependent on our daughter who was only 18 at the beginning. Incredible, but that was also the time when God would take me down stairs at night to write the most incredible poems like ‘Living with Strife’, ‘If You Were Me’, and other poems about learning how to live with illness through faith.

Then, I had a 7-year Oasis, no pain. Then, on and off again wilderness’ and oases and that last few years have gone by and I have survived each one. With each wilderness, I come out having learned something new about myself and my faith has always grown stronger, because I never, ever give up on God. I just don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have faith. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be here.

As I have been searching in my mind what the Rabbi has been discussing, I have come to the realization that we each walk through our own wildernesses differently.  We all handle them in completely unique manners, just like we are unique in ourselves, but still in the end we learn different things. With Chronic Illness, we will never be cured, but there will be times when the wilderness will have an Oasis here and there. If we don’t take what we have learned during our wilderness walk and use it, we will take that path again until we take that knowledge that we learned and apply it to our lives.

I have just gone through another wilderness. They are rough, but we can get through them, especially if we do not turn our back on our faith. If we share that we are in a wilderness so that we are not walking through them alone, we can get past them a little easier. We all go through them. Just as we aren't alone in our Fibromyalgia, we don't have to be alone as we walk through our wildernesses either. So, let someone know if you are going through one. Let our support group, Your Fibromyalgia, know so that we can help you walk through yours as well.

Wildernesses can be dark, lonely and frightening places. Don't walk yours by yourself. We can get past them, but they can be very hard to get past if you try to do it by yourself.  I know, I just tried. Then, my Bob and God stepped in and stopped it.

My wish for you is peace within your pain-wracked bodies, that your stresses be lifted up and off your shoulders and that your wilderness should be turned into a beautiful oasis from this moment on. May God Bless you!

Thanks To Caregivers

Now for Caregivers
(Taken From 2/19/18 Lives Changed Radio Show)
Written by Deb Lundquist

February 17, 2018

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for being there for us every day of our lives. We may not say it often enough, but not only do we appreciate you, but we love you and we need you more than you will ever know!

We know that you don’t really understand what is happening to our body’s. Shoot, we don’t either. Every day, it seems like something new is happening to our body’s. We are afraid and we don’t want you to know just how afraid we are. We have anxiety disorder because we are afraid and we know that we drive you crazy with that and sometimes our OCD gets out of control because we don’t have the energy to straighten things up, so we want things just so. We don’t do things just to upset you.

We know that you don’t get any support, even less support than we do. People don’t understand what you go through any more than they understand what we do. They don’t understand the worry you suffer because they don’t understand your life either. They don’t understand that when our lives turned upside down, yours turned upside down too.

Let me, as a patient, give you some ideas that my husband and I have put together to help both of us, patients and caregivers.


Although you do need to be home more often than not, still you need to take care of yourselves. If you don’t take care of your physical and mental health as well as ours, you will soon find yourself going down the rabbit hole.

  • In order to do this, you need to make sure you are taking good natural nutrients as well your Fibro person.
  • Make sure you go to the Doctor if you need to go. Stay away from sick people, not just for yourself, but your Fibro person is not more susceptible if you bring something home.
  • You also tend to lose friends, so try to maintain some social interactions, remembering that you need to be just a phone call away if help is needed. Bob goes to church even though I can’t always go.
  • You need to be continuing to do things you find enjoyable. For instance, my husband goes to auctions with his brother. He goes to sales with him as well. He also loves to mow the lawn, we have 3 acres, where he can have his one-on-one time with God. He loves to play his games on the computer, plus he researches things on the computer, as well. He keeps busy working on the house and is always looking for excuses to go on a road trip. He is working part-time and making new friendships that way as well, he is retired.
  • Keep your spirts up and stay emotionally well-balanced. If you need help with this, be sure to get it! This is important for you and your family, just as it is important that your Fibro person do the same.
  • Spend time together doing things you both like so that your relationship stays strong. You don’t always have to be a caregiver, but friends, a couple, whatever. You can go out to eat, see a movie or take a drive. Just as long as you are doing something you both enjoy together, that is what is important.
  • Remember, you were friends, a couple or whatever first and that should always be worked on together by both of you to stay strong through all of this for it to work.

Now for the patient:

The patient’s needs will vary from day to day, unfortunately. Sometimes all we need is to sleep. It just depends on the weather, our stress, or our disease and how it is behaving on any single day.

We need you to make the kitchen an easy and safe place for us to use. Meals safe and easy to make, or even better already made so that all we have to made so that all we have to do is microwave them.

We need our living space to be made easy and safe places to access with internet access and with ready phone access. Our lives are mainly based on the internet. That is where we do most of our socializing.

Try to get our friends to come to our house to socialize with us there, so that we can keep our friendships. Maybe see if our church will do Bible studies and fellowship at our house, because it is so hard for us to leave our house. Little things like that would mean so much to us.

It is hard for us to clean our house, although we sit and see the mess. If you can see that it is bothering us, maybe you can see if someone can clean the house for us.

We love conversation, games, people. So, if you can see that we can get people involved with us we would love it.

Anyway, with all this said, we love everything that you do for us, but we want you to take care of yourselves too. We want to stay with us and not desert us, so please, we love you, don’t get burnt out by taking care of us and only us. Try to understand what we are going through. Talk to us and make sure our communication is open because that is key to all of this.

Please remember that you are very important to us and we love you!

For Families of Fibromyalgia Patients

For Family of People with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain
(Taken From Lives Changed Radio Show - February 19, 2018)
Written by Deb Lundquist

February 17, 2018

It is hard for me to talk to family members because so many desert those who have chronic pain. I really hope if you are listening, you are not one of them. If you are, then let me have a few words with you first.

If you were listening to my discussion to those who do not believe, then I do not need to rehash how this syndrome feels. Let me instead, tell you what it is, or rather what we know so far because researchers don’t have concrete evidence to this day what exactly what Fibromyalgia is. This is why doctors can’t treat it well, put it in remission and to this day there is no cure for Fibromyalgia.

Let me repeat that for everyone. With emphasis. There is no cure for Fibromyalgia because research at this point has not come to a definite reason why we develop it, how we what it is, and therefore how to treat it, let alone cure it.

Do you understand this? Now?

Let me tell you what we know at this this point. When I say we know, it is in parenthesis.

  • A compromised Central Nervous System that has malfunctioning fright or flight response which is in the Sympathetic Nervous System. The switch is stuck in the on position, which means that our bodies are constantly in the alarm state of functioning and never in the relaxed, status quo, all is well state. Therefore, the hormones that the body makes during the danger cycle are constantly being made and not allowing other hormones to be made. This then, in turn, causes us to have  hormone imbalances which throws our whole body out of control. Sometimes, this will take a short time and sometimes it will happen quickly. Once the body has a compromised nervous system, it only makes sense that the other nervous systems will come into play at some point in time since they are all interrelated. I do not believe there is research to back up my statement.

  • Our Adrenal Glands start to become fatigued at some time in the process, causing us to become even sicker. Our attitude plays a large part here.

  • It is not an auto-immune disease, although there are some who say it might be. It sure acts like one. It does like to hang around with auto-immune diseases however.

  • A person develops myofascial pain syndrome with this because it tends to affect the muscles and they are wrapped and intertwined with myofascia. I will explain this later as well.

  • It starts out feeling like the flu, but if it lasts for more than 3 months then it needs to be investigated more intensely. It is intense pain like a person has never felt before, complete and utter exhaustion, brain fog, insomnia, confusion, memory loss, loss of concentration, loss of stamina, loss of sex drive, difficulty having sex, sensitivity to touch, and over sensitivity of all of the senses. This is because chemicals change in two different sections in our brain. The feeling of bugs crawling on one and intense itching everywhere. Plus a whole lot more…..

  • It seems to affect more women than men, but that ratio is starting to change.

  • It does happen to children and teens as well. Although, they have a harder time getting diagnosed and treated.

  • It affects 2-5% of people in the USA alone, although that number is probably higher because that number does not include children, teens, the misdiagnosed, or the under-diagnosed. The number can reach up to 20 million worldwide. We are not alone.

  • Many of the military returning home with PTSD are being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

  • It mimics many other diseases, so they must be ruled out before this diagnosis is given.

  • A person will often already have an auto-immune disease like thyroid disease or Diabetes 2 before they develop Fibromyalgia, or they will develop one shortly afterwards. Fibromyalgia is seldom a stand-alone illness.

  • Abuse past or present may be a factor in the development of this syndrome.

  • Many people with Fibromyalgia will develop Celiac Disease or an intolerance to Gluten.

  • We start to become malnourished and can develop leaky gut syndrome.

  • We have compromised immune systems.

  • The list continues.

What is Fibromyalgia? It is very real! It is not a figment of our imagination! We cannot wish it away, because boy oh boy, believe me, if we could, it would already be gone.

We are not lazy. As a matter of fact, most of us are Type A personalities and Type A personalities cannot be lazy. It is not in our personalities!

We want to work! We do not want to be on disability and, as a matter of fact for us, disability is a last resort! We want to be income earners for our families. We want to be active members of our families. We do not want to drop out of our lives or society. Most of us are people-persons and so isolation is like a prison to us! A prison that this illness has made for us, not one we made for ourselves. We did not ask for this disease or this isolation and we really need people to realize that and help us, not ignore us. We did not create this disease. We did not imagine this disease. Please do not abandon us!

We are unable to do the things we could do before we got sick. We cannot cook, do the dishes, clean our house, do the laundry. Often, going to the grocery store is torture to us because picking up groceries is heavy. Think about it. Every muscle in our body hurts now in a way a healthy person cannot imagine and has never experienced.

We do not want to be on drugs. We hate drugs and how they make us feel and yet without the drugs, we would find life totally unlivable. Many of us are trying to go holistic and try all natural ways of taking care of ourselves, but many of us have very painful diseases on top of Fibromyalgia that make it impossible and we need to use medications. Do not judge us. Number one, you are not living in our body’s. You are not living with our pain and therefore cannot possibly understand how we exist day to day. Number two, you need to learn what Fibromyalgia really is and by learning what it is, you need to understand it.

Do not tell us we do not look sick. How do you expect pain to look? How do you expect itching, confusion, lack of concentration, total loss of control of all of our senses to look? Can you answer that? Have you looked in our eyes? Can you see the exhaustion in our eyes? Do not ask us how we feel? We feel terrible. Ask us what you can do for us.

Do not tell us that we need to get a job. If we could, don’t you think we would be working? This is frustration speaking and that too is real and it is from each and every Fibromyalgia patient. Frustration with friends and family who do not understand and yet feel they have a right not only to judge us, but tell us how to live our lives.

It isn’t that we do not want to do these things. We can’t! Can you imagine only being able to clean a room a day and the whole time you are cleaning it you are crying from the pain? The next day, you are in bed because you are suffering so badly from the cleaning of the previous day? This is the life many of us live.

This is Fibromyalgia.

To Unbelievers

Written by Deb Lundquist
February 13, 2018

This is for those of you who DISBELIEVE that FIBROMYALGIA is REAL.

This is for those of you who believe that your loved one, friend, or patient is lying.

Here is a question for you and I want you to answer it truthfully.

Have you ever felt pain? I mean REAL pain? Do you even know what REAL pain even feels like? Pain so intense that it consumes your every thought? Pain so intense that it sharpens every single one of your senses to the point that even the slightest touch of your clothing increases your pain level?

I would suggest that if you are doubting your loved one, that you have never felt pain.

Did you know that Fibromyalgia has a medical code for a diagnosis for insurance?

Did you know that our Military men and women, our Heroes are coming home with Fibromyalgia? Are you going to call our Military Heroes liars too? Really?

Let me ask you another question. I want you to answer it truthfully too.

Have you ever had the flu so bad that you felt like you were going to die? The flu where your entire body ached from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, even your hair? You were nauseated but you never vomited, your stomach cramped but you never went to the bathroom? All you could do is stay in bed and moan and groan. Maybe you even had a headache with it and nothing that you took made you feel any better?

When you felt this way, could you have driven, gone to work, cooked, stood and done the dishes, gone to the grocery store or done any errands?

Well, guess what. That is what Fibromyalgia feels like in the beginning 3 months and it just gets worse as time continues.

You are fortunate if you have never felt pain. Your nonbelief is unfortunate because it makes you a very un-empathetic person. Can you believe that of yourself? That you can’t have empathy for someone who is in need. That you cannot have faith in someone you have known for so long and you can turn on them when they are telling you the truth about a disease that is invisible. Do you realize that you have to face a truth about yourself, a very ugly truth?

Fibromyalgia is very REAL and is invisible to the unobservant beholder, but if you look in their eyes you can see it. If the patient cancels something, it isn’t time to get angry. It is time to check on them. Depression and Isolation are very real dangers to the Fibromyalgia patient. If you used to care for this person, it is time to check on them and not just by phone, but in person. Make sure they have what they need.

It is not time to criticize. If they aren’t working, it is because they can’t do it anymore. They aren’t lazy. They would love to work. They may not be eating right because cooking and going to the grocery store is just too much too handle.

Finances may be so tight that they are having to choose between food and medicine. If you were in their position, which would you choose?

Suicides are increasing because patients can’t get the medications they need and disbelievers have walked away from them. Do you count yourself as one? Do you?

Fibromyalgia is REAL!!!! It is time for you to believe.

Read! Learn! Don't be part of the problem!


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