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After 20 years of living with this as a roommate, I feel I know Fibromyalgia well. Now, it is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain take back control of their lives.

How To Treat Fibromyalgia

Hi everyone. I am going to write something that some people are not going to like, but it is the truth and only the truth. This may sound like a lecture, but it is just how I write. It is not a lecture, but is how to take care of yourself and a way to improve your Fibromyalgia, but only if you follow the steps laid out for you.

This is how you treat Fibromyalgia. No I am not a Doctor, nor am I in the medical field in any way, but for 18 plus years and as a Researcher in my past life as my husband has been a research for over 30 years, and as an author, I feel that I have figured out what to do.

First, don't count on your Doctors to fix your Fibromyalgia or all of your diseases. Why? Well in the case of Fibromyalgia, they don't know what it is, so how do they know how to treat it? Between you and me and the listening ears of the internet, I think Fibromyalgia is a combination of several diseases, plus Celiac Disease, nutrient non absorption, plus nutrient deficiency which is easily fixed. All 3, Celiac Disease, malnutrition and nutrient non absorption are all easily fixed. The others can also be somewhat fixed or helped by adding nutrition to your body. All of our nutrients are stolen daily from our diseases and if they are not replaced daily, we will only get worse. Not one vitamin at a time, but all the nutrients because if you do one vitamin at a time you are not getting the micros and they are just as important.

You don't want to hear this, but you must, no matter how much it hurts, you have to move, not just move, you have to do light exercises, stretches. If not, you will be a cripple. Is that the life you choose for yourself? Is It? Really? Because this is your choice!! Yes, it is going to hurt! Tough. Do it anyway. It is going to hurt worse if you don't. The more you sit or lay down, the more you are going to hurt. So get up and move. You can hate me for saying it, but your Dr. says it too. They may not know what they are doing, but in this, they are right. If you don't move, you will develop scars within your muscles and those are hard and painful to break up once they develop. I know. I was bed bound for 4.5 years and I had to break those up. So get up off your bed, couch or chair and start moving.

You have to change your attitude. You cannot for the rest of your life say, oh poor pitiful me, I live in pain all my live, I am tired all the time, I can't think therefore I can't do anything, I have brain fog so I can't do anything. I have no stamina so I can't do anything. Wrong! First, you have to start thinking positive. Are you going to let this disease completely ruin your life or are you going to stand up and pull up your boot straps and figure out how to live with it. I for one decided I was going to learn how to live with it. When I finally walked out of my bedroom and saw my house, it was like the first time I had seen my house. At that point, I decided it was time I learned how to live again because I had a whole house I wasn't even using and it was a big house. That is when I started physical therapy and massage therapy.

You have a decision to make. Am I going to whine and complain for the rest of my life. Am I going to blame others for the rest of my life for being alone. Did they leave me because they didn't believe in Fibromyalgia or did they leave me because I whined and complained all the time about Fibromyalgia and didn't care to talk about anything else but Fibromyalgia? You need to do some real soul searching and figure out are you a constant complainer who cannot move forward? Are you a constant whiner who cannot find interest in anyone else's life? Be honest with yourself. Is that why no one wants to be around you? Do you talk to the people you love about their lives? Do you ask them how their day went? Do you ask them questions about their lives? Or as soon as they walk in the door do you start demanding their attention and start demanding help with no thought to what their needs might be at that moment when they walk in the door? Have you tried to contact your family without talking about your Fibromyalgia? Or is that absolutely all you can think and talk about? If so, then you really do have a problem because you really are shoving people away. Most people are not going to stick around if that is all you are going to talk about and people are going to leave if all you do is whine and complain and blame everyone else for your problems.

You have a decision to make. If you want to get better, you cannot count on your Doctor to do it for you. Most of the medications they are going to give you can be beneficial, they are also toxic. Some of those medications can also do damage to your body which is why before taking them you must do research on them so that you know what all the side effects are and if you take them how long you should take them before they become a problem.

Pain medications can actually create rebound pain if you are on them long enough. Advil or its generics are bad for your liver, so you need to be aware of that. Tylenol and its generics are bad for your kidneys and so you need to be aware of that.

You have to be your own Advocate and YOU have to decide how YOU are going to take care of yourself. First, you do need to get a diagnosis and usually a Rheumatologist is the one who will do it. However, you do need the battery of tests to make sure everything else is ruled out. But like I said, medications can only go so far. The rest is up to you. If you think medications are going to fix you, you are going to not only be disappointed in your Dr. you are going to be angry. It is not the Drs fault. It is your expectations. You do not have to always fill your Drs. prescriptions if you are uncomfortable with what he/she has prescribed. Talk it over with your Pharmacist.

Your Dr. is not a magician. Do not expect magic from him. Plus his hands are now tied as far as pain medications are concerned, so getting mad at him is fruitless and only makes your pain worse. This is something you have to get over.

You may not be able to do all of these, but do as many as you can.

1. Start moving, yoga, this isn't if you want to. This is a MUST.
2. Get massages, there are several kinds, make sure they are using essential oils for pain and so they can touch you. If they are massaging you too hard, tell them. It is going to hurt afterwards, but that is natural. Even healthy people feel that. Your body is not used to that. Toughen up and continue to go back until the pain stops. Make sure the massage therapist knows that the last massage made you sore for how many days.
3. learn how to meditate, go to your happy place
4. acupuncture
5. essential oils, you can contact me or someone else
6. herbs, I don't sell these, but there are others that do
7. fucoidan, you can contact me about this
8. change your diet, this is huge! Fodmap Diet
9. stop drinking soda/pop
10. quit drinking or using anything with caffeine!
11. stop using or drinking anything with artificial sweetners
12. lower your sugar and carbohydrate intake
13. drink more water, take your weight divide it in half and drink that in ounces to get rid of toxins
14. stop eating prepared foods
15. Go Gluten Free
16. No more Fast Food
17. No more Nightshade Foods, potatoes, tomatoes, etc
18. get adequate REM sleep
19. get away from negative abuse people, situations
20. reduce your stress.
21. stop smoking
22. stop drinking alcohol
23. start being active in your community

These are musts if you want to get better. You have to get out of your self pity, your always thinking about your pain. You need to start thinking about all the positive things that you used to be able to do and start thinking about how you could start implementing some of those things at home. Because you aren't dead. You are still a viable person who still has a purpose in life. You just have to choose if you want to live a life with purpose or if you want to stay in your self-pitying world. You are an unique person and there is no one else like you in the world. You have skills no one else has! They may be rusty right now, but they are still there. Look at me! I came from being bedridden, crippled, in a wheelchair, pain a 10+, crying all the time. Thinking only of my pain and why no one wanted to be with me. Now I run this support group, I have a website, I sell 2 products which have gotten me out of bed with no pain and no symptoms and I have an online radio program on the BBM Global Network and TuneIn Radio and in January iTunes. I never had these skills or experiences before these diseases. Look at me now. I decided to live. I am out of a wheel chair and don't even use a cane! Now, how about you. Which do you choose? To live a life or to wallow in self pity? You are all beautiful/handsome people, you are all important, you are all loving individuals and I am not trying to lecture you although it may sound like it. I am trying to help you. It is my calling, my purpose since I figured it out. When I was diagnosed with Fibro God told me to EDUCATE. And I have with articles and with things I have written, this is the first time, I have actually given people a swift kick in the butt, but I know you can do this. Too many are depending on miracles Drs. can't give and then are angry and discouraged. I know you have it in you to fight. I know you have the strength to continue! I know you are winners and I love you all to the moon and back. - Deb

Two Ways I Handle My Pain

11. And Now We Are In 2017

Two weeks later, I was up and moving, picking things up and putting things away. Walking around, going to exercises and lasting longer than usual, my hip was feeling the stretching and was feeling stronger and then...two weeks later I woke up and laid perfectly still in bed afraid to move.

There I was, laying in bed and I virtually had no pain, my brain had no fog and I felt like jumping out of bed and racing around the house. I was afraid to move and break the spell.

Slowly I got out of bed, I was okay. Went to the bathroom and got ready for the day. Still okay.  So I headed towards the rest of the house. Bob was in living room. He took one look at me and smiled.

'Well hello! Welcome home! You've been gone a long time! I'm really glad you are back! I've really missed you!' I said, 'I don't have any pain' dumbfounded. He said, 'I know I can see it in your eyes.' 'Bob, my head is completely clear!' He giggled, 'Yes, I know, I can see it in your eyes and the way you are standing!' 'Bob, I feel good!' He just hugged me! 

It still continues. I don't take naps like I did. All I want to do is write. Write. Write.

The things that I want to put down in print, I never knew I had it in me!

The Radio Show started and in less than 4 months, they renewed it for a year. I love doing it, it is fun and I feel like I am helping people. I hope when it is time for a year renewal, that they will renew it again....I feel we are just beginning to make a difference. People are noticing the show and I am getting noticed for it. People are asking me to write articles and such. It is exciting.

The more Limu I drink, the longer I drink it the better I feel. I still am using my doTERRA, I love my oils and I love Limu! The best 2 products there are I believe. Do I believe in miracles? Of course. Do I believe in good nutrition? Well, what do you think? Your body is absolutely amazing. God made it that way! He made it so that, if given the right ingredients it can respond in the most wonderful ways. That is why you see so many people going all natural, GMO and other ways of eating these days. They are realizing that they have to get rid of toxins and start taking care of the only body that they will ever have if they are going to survive in this world. 

I am so happy that I listened to Will, started to feel better because I started to feed my body what it needed, started exercising, and started the Fodmap diet. With Limu, doTERRA, the Fodmap, exercise and a positive attitude, my life has turned around. I may not be the same person I was in 1999, but let's face it I am older now too. I wouldn't be anyway. However, I am now able to work at home. Could I work in the outside world? No, I doubt it, but I turn 65 this year anyway so who cares. I just am happy that I feel better than I have felt since my accident in 1999.

And I am proud of myself for having surviving everything I have been through to get to this point!

My story will continue as my life progresses.

10. 2016 Arrives

Everything is in one room, except the bed. It is the breezeway between the house and the garage. It has been a month and a half since I broke my hip and ribs. Bob has me set up in a little corner so that I can 'work.' The table has the printer on it. The only decoration for Christmas is the Reindeer next to the printer. You can see my walker next to the empty red chair. I am not allowed to move unless I call Bob or my cousin. She and her daughter come and stay during the week to take care of me while Bob works on the house.

The living room, master bath and bedroom are still under construction. Vicky, Stormy and Bob tried to make the room as homey and natural as possible, since it was the only livable room. They could use the kitchen, bath and breezeway. He made the bathroom as accessible to me as possible, but it was awkward as could be and really hurt. It had a shower and we had a chair, but at first, sponge baths were all I could handle and those were with tears. Vicky and Stormy couldn't stand it, such soft hearts. They would put lotion on. So good with massages! 

It took 8 months before I could get off the pain medicines. Bob would write down the times on a wipe-off board and Vicky would go by that faithfully! I don't know what we would have done during that year without them! They made me laugh! They also are ones who find humor in life when there should be tears.

As the year went on, I continued with the webpage and added a couple of assistants because it was too much with a broken hip! I continued with my marketing classes because I was learning so much and at least I felt like I was doing something. I wasn't earning much money, although I did earn some. I think one week I actually earned $97, wow, but I spent a lot more money than that to earn it. Still I was excited to earn it. I wasn't very good at what I was doing and I was spending a lot of money we didn't have, but I felt like I was learning something that I could use later, as soon as I learned it!

Bob continued on the bedroom and the bathroom and the I started being more active on the support group, Your Fibromyalgia, LLC on Facebook. It was growing fast. I was contacted by 2 Who's Who groups and they wanted to do Videos of me and they wanted me to write articles for them. I was shocked and honored! I wrote the articles for both and did the videos. I was really nervous doing the video and ended up doing it in the 5th wheel in the fall.

When I got a call from CUTV for an interview, to say I was surprised is an understatement! I had never done one before and boy can you tell! It is awful! LOL. He said he had watched the video.

Then because of the CUTV interview, I got a call from Empire Radio and ended up doing 5 interviews with them, each one was a little better as I got more used to actually talking to people and being interviewed. It was amazing. None of the people I had ever talked to had ever heard of RSD/CRPS or Fibromyalgia and so explaining these to people in a half an hour seemed impossible.

BBM Global Network called me next. They left a message. They wanted me to do my own show for an hour on Fibromyalgia. I thought someone was pulling my leg, so I didn't call them back. I mean really, who on earth would want ME to do a radio show of my own! ME, Deb Lundquist! They called again and had to leave another message. Again, I didn't call them back. After the 3rd call, I decided I would nip this in the bud and I called them back.

When they answered, I said, 'Someone named Eddie keeps calling me.' 'Oh, I'm sorry, they are all in a production meeting. Can I leave a message?' Now, I'm thinking, see it's some kind of prank, there isn't any Eddie. 'Sure, this is Deb Lundquist and . ' 'Hold on, did you say Deb Lundquist?' 'uh, yeah...' 'oh they are gonna want to talk to you, hold on...they are going to be so excited it's you!' Now, I'm thinking, what?' Next I hear a lot of excited voices. 'Is this Deb Lundquist? The Deb Lundquist with Your Fibromyalgia?' 'uh, yes' Then a different voice 'oh, we have been trying to get a hold of you..' 'yes, how would you like to do your own show..' 'yes we are really..'

They just kept talking over each other. Three different voices so excited and I really couldn't take it all in. Finally, I interrupted them. 'Excuse me, you really want me to do an hour online radio show weekly on Fibromyalgia?' 'YES!!!!' 'When?' 'As soon as we can get you prepared!' 'You get to name it, write your own bio, create your own shows every week, everything. It's yours.' So, I mean when someone says this to you and they seam to be so excited, but they are in New York, what is the next thing you ask. 'Where would I do this?' 'In your own home.' 'Really? I mean is this for real?' They all laughed, 'Yes, it is for real and we are very excited! This show is very needed and your are the very person to do it!' 'Why me?' 'Because we have heard your interviews and you have a lot more to say!' 'Yes, I do. Okay, why not!'

That is how Lives Changed came to exist. It is fun and exciting and coming up with ideas every week is challenging, but the group and the Holy Spirit keep me going.

In November, there was a summit for the marketing group I was in, Greg Gomez, III and I wanted to go so badly, so Bob said okay. My hip still wasn't healed, but the Doctor said I could go. I didn't quite realize it, but I ended up being a speaker about how to grow a Facebook group, and Greg was so excited to discover I hand landed a Radio Show. None of his students had ever done that. 

Also, I met face to face someone who has turned into a great friend, Will Lince. One night during the Summit, he handed me a bottle of Limu and asked me to give it a try. I told him I would when I got home. I forgot about it for about a week until Will called and then I started drinking it, 2 oz twice a day.

Now you might ask, what is Limu and that is a good question. Limu is actually a seaweed extract that is mixed with mango juice, apple juice, pear juice and papaya juice. It has something in it called Fucoidan. It is actually a super powered nutritional drink and tastes like mango with a bit of pizzazz. It is not a medication and is not meant to replace a medication. However, within a week of drinking just 2 oz twice a day, I had a very gentle cleansing of my body which I badly, oh so badly needed. I was so constipated. TMI?

A week later, I not only ordered a case, but I became a promoter. I increased how much I was drinking to 4 oz twice a day and started noticing a slow change in my body. I stopped taking the doTERRA supplements because they were really irritating my stomach for some reason. (I now know from an endoscopy that I had a very irritated opening at the top of my stomach with a small hiatal hernia which has now healed. Not with medication. I actually stopped a medication and treated it holistically with aloe and some other things.) I find drinking my nutrients is so much easier on my tummy. Anyway, I was really enjoying what was happening to my body. You know that Fibromyalgia and the other diseases that we have steal nutrients from our bodies and if we don't replace them we will only get worse. This has been confirmed by Dr. Ginerva Lipkin. God made our bodies to be beautiful and marvelous machines. When we give them the right foods, they can function at top rate. However, in today's world, our food isn't what it was 100 years ago and we need to supplement it with top quality nutrients especially if we are ill. 

Now, I keep the Limu in the frig because it tastes better chilled, it tastes like mango juice with a bit of a twang to it. I love it. At the end of the first month, I noticed that my IBS seemed to have gone bye bye. I have had it all my life! I told Bob and he said 'what is the change?' I said, 'the only difference I've made is the Limu' Now again, I am not making a medical claim here, all I am saying is that my body, being given the proper nutrition is acting like God intended.

A quiet Christmas came and went and before we knew it, it was the was the New Year. I would start working on the show after the new year when I got the microphone.

Anger in the Chronic Pain Community

There is a lot of anger in the Chronic Pain world right now. It is showing on the support group in a lot of ways!

Anger at the government for reducing the amount of opioid production. Anger at the Doctors for decreasing the number of opioids you are allowed to take or stopping your opioids completely, some of them cold turkey. Anger at the pharmacy, because they are only filling your prescription a week at a time, even if you have a 30-day script and then treating you like you are an addict in the process. Some Doctors are making you bring in your bottle and are counting your pills before they will renew your prescriptions and some pharmacies are doing the same.

The government is raiding Doctors’ offices and finding stashes of drugs they aren’t supposed to have, making it more difficult for the Doctors who are doing things right. This is causing Doctors to be fearful of prescribing opioids. The government is watching. Some Doctors are not only losing their licenses to prescribing opioids, but their practices as well. They are scared and angry too.

The government is also limiting the opioids that the pharmacies can dole out to patients. They are also being watched. Do you think they want their long-time patients in pain? I doubt it.

Then there is anger at the news, because every time you turn it on there is another story about the opioid epidemic and you think they are talking specifically about you, but you are wrong. And so are they! The government got the cart before the horse on this one. I hope someone is listening.

I live in a small town and every week there is another opioid death in town. 35 miles away is a larger town and there are usually 2-3 opioid deaths a week in it. Then there is the violence. It is increasing, all in the name of drugs. The drugs that we have, have nothing to do with this, but we are being labeled as drug addicts, and it isn’t fair. Still, there isn’t anything we can do about it just the same.

Now, this show is not a political show. This show is about Chronic pain and although opioids do not help Fibromyalgia by itself, very few of us have just Fibromyalgia, right? I would say that 99% of us have another, if not more than 1 chronic pain disease. For myself, I have RSD/CRPS which is the worst pain known to man and I know there are many of you who have that too! If the doctors cannot get that under control, the ONLY way to maintain any kind of life is with opioids. I for one, couldn’t have survived without them and my faith, at that time! Then, there are people with scoliosis, degenerative disc disease (raising my hand), rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, failed back surgery, several herniated discs, spurs on their spines, broken backs that didn’t heal properly, broken hips that didn’t heal properly or are still healing after years of having been broken (raising my hand), phantom limb syndrome, the list continues. Personally, I have several chronic pain issues.

Did the government even think about the Chronic Pain patient before they started this campaign on opioids? It doesn’t seem like it. Hopefully, the US Pain Foundation will develop the 2 projects to start addressing how to treat ’substance abuse disorder’ and accelerating the development of non-addictive pain therapies that they met about in October. The plan was to have Common Fund Projects in place by next month, but it was to be set up on a grant basis and the Office of Pain Policy and Pain Consortium has of yet never received a grant. When asked about that, Dr. Francis Collins, the NIH director said, ‘chronic pain is an important topic, especially at this time and it was being given very serious consideration.’ We will see won’t we. We cannot be silent!

The problem isn’t us. The problem is the illegal drugs on the streets and the families going to the streets to get them because they break their legs, or such, don’t get off the drugs, and end up buying drugs off the streets. The problem is the government allowing pharmaceutical companies to legally develop synthetic heroin drugs in the first place and the doctors handing them out like candy while getting kickbacks. What they should have been doing instead was creating non-addicting pain medications in the beginning, years ago, so that the Chronic Pain Patients could actually survive and maybe even do more than that.

So now, we the Chronic Pain Patient are being punished because the government is cracking down on the wrong population. Okay, with that being said out loud for all of us. We have to stand up for ourselves. Write to all of your representatives in the house and senate in your State and at the Federal level and tell them what they have done to you and explain that they have just caused suicide levels to rise and that it all lays in their hands because of their votes. Also, let them know that the problem doesn’t lie with the Chronic Pain Patients who feel like they are being punished by the way they are being treated by their Drs and pharmacies.

There is a lack of education and they need to be addressing the dangerous drugs on the streets.

So, now with all of that said, we have to turn back to ourselves because it has always been dependent upon us to do what we need to get things right. No one believed in our symptoms for, sometimes 4-5 years, sometimes for up to 8 doctors. Sometimes, they give us such dangerous drugs, but they don’t tell us what they can do to us and we don’t find out about it unless we have an adverse reaction, are in a support group where we hear the truth or we die and then authorities blame it on the opioid instead of the real reason.

Most times, for chronic pain patients, if someone dies, it isn’t the opioid, although that is what is blamed, it isn’t even the other nasty medications they prescribe for us. No, sometimes, it is our hearts because it has put up with such unimaginable pain for so long, it just gives out. Autopsies are just now finding these truths.

Still opioids are getting the blame and we are suffering for it.

So, although the anger is warranted. We need to handle ourselves in a mature and adult manner. When dealing with people, either online or in public, there is such a thing called civility in this world. All the rules of kindness to others have NOT been thrown out the window, even if we are in pain and people treat us rudely. We can show the world that we are better than that, bigger than that. We are Fibro Fighters and we will win, even if we have to do it by ourselves!

Yes, the government has failed us, the medical community has failed us again and again. Okay, now with all that said, yes, our anger is warranted, but it is time for it to stop NOW.

However, there is one thing left, and this will never fail because we still have each other! We will always try to help each other to lean on, one way or the other.

The first thing we have to do, is throw our fear aside and be open to try new things. The government moves slowly to change and you are not going to change your Doctor’s mind or the pharmacies way of treating you. Be open to try new things before your Dr cuts your opioids completely to see what you can do to help yourself.

So many of you are already saying, ‘if they take my meds away that will be the end of me.’ You need to STOP thinking that way! Truly! You are setting yourself up for failure! The negativity in that statement is just heading you down a dead-end road! The very first thing you need to do, is get into a Psychologist to help you with the fear, anxiety and anger. Let this person help open you to trying new things. There are free clinics, if you cannot afford a Psychologist. Try one.

There are medications that help with things like muscle spasms and such, there are also exercises you can learn at home to help. Also with that too is superior nutrition that replaces the nutrients that are stolen from our bodies daily from Fibro and our other diseases, plus vitamins like Vitamin D3, Magnesium Glycinate which is especially for Fibromyalgia and Calcium. Vitamin C for your immune system. Have your Dr., yes, they are still necessary, do blood tests to see where your levels are.

Did you know drinking unsweetened cherry juice might help Fibromyalgia pain? Did you know that going on a Gluten Free Diet might help Fibromyalgia pain? Did you know if you go on the Fodmap Diet using the Stanford site for it, that not only might it help your Fibro, but it might help your gut too? Did you know if you stop drinking pop/soda whether it is diet or not, that it will help your Fibromyalgia pain? Did you know if you stop drinking anything with caffeine it will help your Fibromyalgia? Did you know if you stop eating chocolate, lower your sugar intake and lower your carbohydrates you might help your Fibromyalgia and lower your chances of developing Diabetes Type 2. What you eat definitely affects your Fibromyalgia.

Stretching of your muscles, without overdoing it, can help with muscle cramping and exercises at home can help with muscles to stop atrophying. On the support group, Your Fibromyalgia, I have some videos showing the home exercises I was taught to do.

All, these little things I have been taught, I have shared with you along the way. Plus, both on the Support Group and on there are articles to help you with other ways to take care of yourself.

Sometimes, pain and anxiety are simply mind over matter. Now okay, don’t get mad about me saying that. What I’m talking about are learning coping skills that really work. That takes time to develop. I can pop into a coping skill into 10 seconds, but don’t think I learned how to do that in 6 months! My mother started teaching me how to do that when I was 10 and I couldn’t sleep at night. Oh yea, I started early. I still do these today! A good psychologist can teach you these.

The same with learning relaxation skills. The physical therapists and massage therapist will tell me to relax and I’ll say okay. I’ll say okay. I’ll take a really deep breath and by the time I let it out, I’m completely relaxed, everywhere. They are always shocked and ask how I do that. They always say they have never seen anyone be able to do it like I do. Well, my first psychologist was great! She is the one that taught me that. She taught me in one session. By the end of it, I was sound asleep. She couldn’t believe I learned so fast.

Then, there is biofeedback that a Psychologist can teach you. You have to learn to listen to your body. Listen to it, act accordingly, but you have got to move or you will only deteriorate and your pain will only increase. This is entirely up to you!

When you get angry because your body is doing things that you wish it would stop or all the anger we were just talking about, you need to put your anger in a box and put a lid on it. Your anger only makes your adrenal glands more stressed (we talked about this before) and the more stressed the adrenal glands are, the sicker you will feel.

When I worked at Green Giant Mushroom Farm, part of my history you don't know about, I had a picker help me through my divorce. He always knew what was going to happen just before it did and told me what to do to protect myself and my son. Anyway, right before this happened, I had had a very upsetting meeting with someone I should have been able to trust. I had come back to work, I think more upset then I can ever remember feeling and I had absolutely no one I could talk to. I still had my coat, hat, and mittens on and I was sitting at my desk typing on an ancient typewriter with no paper in it. I was smashing the keys very hard. Tears were flowing down my face. I wouldn't talk to any of my supervisors, I only had 19 (lol), I wouldn't talk to anyone. So, someone went and got one of the pickers, PeeWee, a nickname. He came in, grabbed the biggest and ugliest yellow ashtray you ever saw and put it next to me on my desk. Then, he took a 5-gallon plastic tub and turned it upside down and sat on it right in front of me. He started talking to me. He knew I was getting a divorce and so he figured I was upset about that. That wasn't it, well not completely. He just kept at me and the more he did, the madder and more upset I got. He kept saying 'throw the ashtray, throw the ashtray.' Finally, he got me so upset, I threw the ashtray at his head and missed by an inch. I burst into tears and everything burst out. I told him the whole story.

Well, you take your anger, get a box, get something that you don't care about and you break it in that box and shut that lid. You leave that anger in that box and start thinking about positive things.

Another thing you can do is, get a pillow and bury your face in it. Then scream and scream into that pillow for all you are worth. Scream out all your frustrations and all your anger into that pillow. Then when you are done, put the pillow down and wash your face with a cool face.

You still have a brain and a heart and courage! This might not be the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and I am certainly not a ‘Wizard!’ But you can get past this!!! Anger doesn't do you any good.

You have to get past the anger to be able to move forward with your life. Anger is going to drive everyone in your life away and leave you completely alone. Is that what you really want?

Yes, it is frightening to think about getting off of opioids. I have had to do it 3 times. The first time was when the Dr put my RSD/CRPS to put to sleep after 4.5 years of excruciating pain. We weaned me off of high levels of Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. It took me several months. I hated the shaky feeling and later I discovered that if I had felt shaky, I was pushing it too fast and could have had a heart attack. After 4.5 years of being on it, I was afraid I would be addicted, but I was dependent, so that I surely didn’t want any Advil or even Tylenol after that.

Then, I broke my foot. I was back on Hydrocodone for 16 weeks. I didn’t want to be! I really didn’t want to be, but I couldn’t handle the pain. I slowly worked myself off of that, but I didn’t have to worry about it. I wasn’t on it that long.

When I broke my hip, in 2 places, I was on Hydrocodone for a long time, I think 8 months. I was afraid to go off that because I was still in pain, but I went off of it anyway because I was afraid to be on it longer. You see there are ways to handle your pain and I had learned to do it.

My RSD/CRPS has come back now and again and I’ve had to use Hydrocodone for that until I could get another block, until this last time, when I used my oils and of course, the Limu.

So now, when the RSD/CRPS, I don’t have to use pain meds until I get a block. I have my oils, Limu, my coping skills, biofeedback, relaxation, my happy place, my sleeves, and I can handle it. Not only can I handle it, not only can I survive, but I am thriving and so can you. You just have to take that first brave step without fear and anger.

The Box

 Written and copyrighted by Deb Lundquist, 3/2000

 Life is ever changing and yet it always stays the same.

We will evolve with each event and reinvent life's game.

We place ourselves within guidelines in which we live and stay

Working and playing as we expect, our lives, they never stray.

We live within a box with tall sides that we have created.

As long as we stay inside, our potential is ill-fated.

So, should we climb up to the top and see what is outside,

Or safely stay within our box where we can live and hide?

This question we all will answer as we mature and grow

After we are old and the box shuts tight, then we will finally know

If we should have taken a peek when we still had the chance

To see if a new direction would have helped our life perchance

There is still time to be brave, to stretch real high and look

And redefine how we will live, take life's coat off its hook.

Go out and knock down those walls that created our own box.

Destroy the chains, uproot the fence and throw away the locks.

Look past our world where we have become compartmentalized

And reach beyond our hopes and dreams that we have realized.

Spread out our wings and our minds, and reach to the sky and fly.

When time is past and all is done, we'll know the reason why.

For me that means the disability that no one else can see.

I've set my limits, built my box and relegated me

To an existence so defined I do not wander far.

Being scared, I forgot to stretch and reach for my own star.

But now it has been brought to notice, I am misdefined.

My existence as it is now, is quite plainly too refined.

I must experiment and stretch beyond my safety net

And touch the things I fear the most and see where I might get.

Yes, there will be things in life I will not be able to do,

But there are chores that lay dormant I truly need to pursue.

Until I try I will not know what can or cannot be done.

I'm more then a patient. I'm a wife, have a daughter and a son.

I'm a person with a mind, a heart, a purpose to fulfill.

I'll not let my disability destroy and plunder at will

Or make me useless in this world for I am still viable

Working with others and learning how to become more pliable.

Helping those new to this disease, and help their box destroy,

Tears down my walls, my fears and gives hope and true joy.

Even though I have RSD, blessings I'm still receiving.

With these maybe in some small part I can help others grieving.

The world is hard, but it will win only what we allow.

We must stand proud and with our strength we will win somehow.

But only if we escape the box which has become our jail.

We can succeed! There is hope! In this we will prevail!

(This poem was written as I tried to overcome my fear of driving and my fear of large vehicles on the road. This fear reared it's big, ugly head after my accident that brought on the RSD. It took a while to own up to this fear and as my husband and I drove to the doctor I wrote this poem. Amazingly, in counseling that day, the doctor told me I had to destroy my box. I thought it was interesting that this poem was written before our session. I have since learned to drive again without fear and semis don't even frighten me any longer. I can even drive downtown Chicago! So, see, there is hope! Little steps can begin tearing down very large walls indeed.)

May you have pain free days, with smiles and love.

Deb Lundquist

Two Ways I Handle My Pain

How I Handle My Pain

By Deb Lundquist

Nov 12, 2017

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is the worst pain known to man according to the McGill Pain Index. It is even more painful than an amputation if you can imagine that! The pain is even worse than Fibromyalgia. I had to use opioids like a lot of you do now. There was a scare even then that they were going to start cutting opioids. I was quite afraid then, just as you are now.

After several years of Doctor hunting, as it usually goes, I finally found a Doctor who understood and said he could help. Boy he did and after 4 radio-frequencies, he put my RSD/CRPS2, which means I have full-body RSD/CRPS, to sleep for 7 heavenly years.

You see, when I was in such pain with the RSD/CRPS, I pleaded with God to please come have tea with me and bring His bag of tricks and exchange the RSD/CRPS pain with something that wouldn’t kill me. Well, we met in my dreams and He brought His bag and He gave me the Fibromyalgia. When I asked Him what I was supposed to do with it, He said ‘EDUCATE!’

However, first, I had to find out what Fibromyalgia was and then I had to figure out how to handle it. I couldn’t take any of the medications the Doctors wanted me to take and so I had to figure out another way to take care of the pain and other symptoms I was experiencing, including complex chronic migraines that would last for months!

After several Doctors gave me horrifying drugs and shots that did nothing, my neck ended up completely frozen in one position, straight forward. On the same day, the Doctor and the physical therapist dismissed me with no help and I was on medications I should not have been on unless I was in the surgical room being operated on!

Fortunately for me, I was headed to our daughter’s place in WA State the next day and had already made an appointment with her neurologist and a physical therapist and massage therapist out there. I was a walking zombie and told the Flight Assistant what was going on so she could make sure I got to the right flights and got to where I needed to be.

God was watching over me that day. A woman with Epilepsy sat next to me while I waited for my connecting flight. She had a Support Dog with her and he had been laying on the floor by her feet. All of the sudden, he sat up, put his foot on my knee and put his head on his foot. His owner looked at me as I said ‘oh aren’t you sweet’ and petted his head. He was watching my face intently. His owner said to me, ‘are you a Diabetic?’ I said, ‘well actually, yes I am. Why do you ask?’ She said, ‘my dog is telling me that you are about to crash.’ I looked at the dog and then at her, ‘Really?’ She said, ‘Yes, and he is very worried. We need to get you a smoothie, now!’ And so, we did with the dog walking right next to me watching every move I made! Wow, I want a dog like that! My Zacky was like that, but he died a long time ago!

Anyway, when we got to my daughter’s, I was in a wheelchair, of course, and she was horrified by how I looked. ‘Mom, are you okay, you look awful!’ ‘Well, how would you feel if you had a migraine for over 3 months, was on Versid and (some other drug I don’t remember because of the Versid) and I had a smoothie with milk.’ She said, ‘oh no, Mom, you are going to get sick!’ ‘Yep!’

The next day, we went to her neurologist. I took the meds I was given. After swearing like a well-seasoned sailor, he said do you know what these are? I, of course said yes. He violently threw them away! I said, ‘thank you!’ Now can you help me? He said I will try. He gave me Imitrex shots, but they did nothing.

I went to physical therapy and massage therapy. They helped, a lot! I did my exercises faithfully! I could still not move my head, but I tried to do my exercises. I went to therapy and massage every other day. Massage was 2 hours. The first time I moved my neck, I screamed and scared Aimee to death. She came running. ‘Aimee look!’ I did my exercise. ‘I don’t see anything Mom’ I did my exercise again. ‘Mom I think I see a little movement!’ I was so elated! The exercises and massage were working! My neck was loosening! My migraine was still there, but my neck was loosening.

My daughter had her baby, the reason I was out there. Two weeks later, my husband came out to meet his new grandson, our Robbie. He decided we needed to get out of the apartment and as we were getting into the van, a woman ran out of her apartment and came to me in a frenzy. ‘You have a migraine, don’t you?’ when I responded yes, she said ‘I can help you if you will let me’ and off she ran. When she returned with phone in hand, she said, ‘can I put these on you?’ Well I had no idea what ‘these’ were but I said yes. She put ‘these’ on my forehead, temples, and the back of my neck and then had me smell them. Ten minutes later, my 3 months plus migraine was gone and my entire body was relaxed. Whatever ‘these’ were I wanted as much as I could get!

When we got back, she came racing out, took one look at me and did a little dance. ‘Your migraine is gone!’ I said, ‘yes and whatever those were I want them’ Well, as it turns out, they were doTERRA essential oils, Frankincense as a base, lavender for relaxation, and peppermint for pain. Now I also will use PastTense and Deep Blue and sometimes Whisper because it also can help your body with your Adrenal Glands. Now here is how doTERRA works. They are essential oils and come from 100% pure plants parts that have never been touched by chemicals at any part of their development from seedlings to oil. They are not medication. They do not cure or replace any medication that you are taking. You can use them on your skin, aromatically, or internally. They work with your body and help your body do what God intended it to do. Heal itself. They can break through the blood brain barrier and get into the blood stream and actually get into the cell itself thereby helping the body fight off virus’, bacteria, and other pathogens that invade our bodies including but not limited to MRSA. doTERRA is the purest, most potent, therapeutic grade, essential oil on the market today!

I used it for the first 5 years for everything! I still had pain. I used it for migraines and still do. I use it if I feel like I might be getting sick and still do, although I very rarely feel that way because I take On Guard. I use it for depression and if I have break-through pain, which is rare any more. I use it for most things. I even use it to make my own bath salts.

Then, a year ago I was introduced to a liquid nutritional product. Again, it is all natural and gets its nutrients from the pure uncontaminated sea waters of Tonga. It comes from a natural brown marine vegetable seaweed that includes fucoidan. Fucoidan is a super nutrient that has amazing properties. There have been over 1,500 peer review papers just on Fucoidan including papers from Harvard, UCLA, and NIH, Well, this Fucoidan is in Limu moui and I was given a bottle of this a year ago when I went to a conference. I was asked to try it and see what results I got. I’m thinking this is a super nutrient that I can drink, maybe it will be easier on my tummy which was giving me a lot of trouble!  The first week, I started drinking 2 oz twice a day, I did only have 1 bottle. It tasted like mango juice with a little twang. Now as with doTERRA, Limu moui is not a medical product! It does not cure anything. It is not a medication, nor is it meant to replace any medication. However, with that said, the body is a wonderful machine of nature that God created and when given the proper nutrition, it can do amazing things. Fibromyalgia steals nutrients from us daily and if we do not replace them daily we will only get worse. Proper nutrition with a top quality product is a must! I was taking one, but it was bothering my stomach to the point that I wasn't absorbing the nutrients correctly. Now I started drinking Limu and things began to change. Not because of medical qualities of the product. No! But because my body was finally able to absorb the nutrients it so badly needed.

The first week I had a gentle cleanse. In other words. The potty and I renewed our acquaintance quite well. The next week, I noticed my IBS slowly went away as long as I drink the Limu moui. If I stop drinking it, hello IBS. I bought a case of the LIMU moui and became a promoter. I was liking what was happening and the idea that the Limu moui was replacing the nutrients the Fibro and the RSD were stealing from my body on a daily basis. I was already seeing a difference in my nails and skin! My skin wasn’t as dry and my nails were smoothing out and I had only been consuming this for two weeks and I was only drinking 2 oz twice a day!

When I got my order, I increased how much I was drinking to 4 oz twice a day and I also started drinking Lean Burn to stop my cravings. It also has Fucoidan in it. When I doubled what I was drinking, it was amazing what I was watching happening to my body! As I lost weight, I was not getting flabby. Is that not exciting? Then, I noticed that the pain in my back started to disappear? Umm…where did it go? I was sleeping? My energy was increasing? What? Then at the end of two months, I realized that I felt good. Say what? Then my husband said to me in exactly these words, ‘Welcome home! I’m so glad you are back! I have missed you so much? You have been gone for so long!’ I got tears in my eyes and said, ‘My brain is totally clear!’ He said, ‘Yes, I know, I can see it in your eyes and your pain is gone!’

18 years after my accident, I finally found a holistic way to take care of myself! It is allowing me to exercise, get out of the house. I now laugh, not just giggle, but laugh so hard my gut hurts and I can't stop laughing. You know the kind of laughter that is contagious. I feel wonderful. I’ve lost 30#! My blood work is so normal that the doctor doesn’t want to see me for 6 months! The rheumatologist doesn’t need to see me ever again! I can even control my RSD pain without taking any opioids before I get my next block. Also, I am not getting break-through pain, diabetic pain in feet, and my migraines are almost nonexistent! 

Had you asked me 5 years ago, before these products when I was bedridden with complex chronic migraines, fibromyalgia pain, and all that goes with it and the drs had given up on me, that I would be where I am today, I would tell you, you were crazy and I would laugh at you.  But I tell here and now I am so glad I gave these products a try.

This might be your solution like is has been mine.

I can not promise or guarantee that anyone will have the same results as I have with both products. Both companies do have 30-day money back policies, so people can try the products for themselves and/or their families. In my opinion, both companies are great companies and do projects that help those in need. Both companies support their customers who are their #1 concerns!

And for me, you can’t do any better for your health, than these two companies, so if you are interested in any of these, call me at 815-214-9443 and I will help you to get started right away.

Fibromyalgia Stages of Mourning

When you develop a chronic illness, you go through a period of mourning. I know that sounds a bit melodramatic, but it is a truth. 

The first stage is Denial:

This isn't happening. There isn't happening to me. This happens to other people. Besides, if the Drs. can't find anything, there must not be anything wrong. I mean look at me. Looking at myself in the mirror, even I don't see anything wrong except that I look tired.

The second stage is Anger:

Anger at God or a Higher Being for allowing this to happen to you. Anger at a friend who was with you when it happened, if you were in an accident. You got it, they didn't, especially if they then deserted you later. 'How dare you let this happen!'

The third stage is Bargaining:

Mine was with God when I was bargaining about my RSD. 'Let's meet for tea and bring your bag of tricks. Pick out something else that isn't going to kill me and just put my RSD to sleep.' Well, we did. Sort of. He put the RSD to sleep, although I still have to go and get blocks once and awhile. His new disease was Fibromyalgia. I threw my hands up in the air and said 'God, I do not appreciate your sense of humor! What am I supposed to do with this?' I heard loud and clear 'EDUCATE!' I was in the car and it echoed and echoed. So that became my purpose!

The fourth stage is Depression:

Experiencing listlessness or exhaustion combined with feelings of helplessness, guilt and lack of interest in life. “I might as well give up.” I know we have all felt this, because not only do we feel it as we go through the stages of mourning, but we feel it with Fibromyalgia. Can we say double whammy! Seeing a Psychologist or Counselor at this point is very important! Then finally,

The fifth stage is Acceptance:

Facing the loss and moving on, returning to setting goals in your life and focusing your energy more positively. “I’m ready to deal with this now.” With some of us with Fibromyalgia, it is extremely difficult to reach this point because we refuse to let go of the past. We refuse to stop saying 'I want my life back.'

Well, the first thing you have to do, is release your past so that you can move forward. You also need to start learning to live in the here and now and planning for the future. You can look at the past, but with happy thoughts, not with regret and depression.

Your Fibromyalgia, LLC support group has members going through various stages of this mourning process. If you would like to join the support group. Click on this link, message me with your email and I will add you to our database.

Rubber Bands – My Theory

Written by Deb Lundquist

October 8, 2017

This is my theory about Fibromyalgia. Just try to stay with me on this, it’s a little out there. Remember this is only my theory.

Imagine you have a handful of colorful rubber bands. Now, let’s think about before you had Fibromyalgia. Did you have:

Vitiligo? (that is when you have white color patches on your skin) That will be white bands.

Did you have asthma? That will be an orange band.

Did you have allergies? That will be a yellow band.

Did you have hormonal issues? That will be a red band.

Did you have endometriosis? That will be a brown band.

Did you get vaccines? That will be a purple band.

Were you malnourished? That will be a green band.

Did you have a Thyroid problem? That will be a blue band.

Did you have Cancer? That will be a pink band.

Did you have Diabetes 2? That will be a tiger striped band.

Did you have surgery? That will be a light green band.

Did you break a bone? That will be an ivory band.

Did you develop the flu that wouldn’t go away? That band will be camouflage.

Did you have an accident? That will be a mauve band.

Did you have an infection? A virus? That will be a putrid band. Some bacteria would be a dark blue band. A parasite a puce band. Candida a gray band. The shingles a dark red band.

Do you have any combination of these? As your band grows, then you may have developed Fibromyalgia.

This is why the Drs. have such a hard time putting it all together and coming up with a diagnosis. Look at all the different colors in your rubber band ball. If you go into the Dr. with all of these different complaints, would you immediately go to a nerve disorder?  If you were a Dr. would you immediately go to Adrenal Fatigue? Probably not.

Again, look at all the colors in your ball. Now, if you haven’t been diagnosed yet, let’s add some other colored bands.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? The band will be gold.

Lupus? The band will be magenta.

Acid Reflux? The band will be clear and bumpy.

Biliary Cirrhosis? The band will be yellow brown.

Adrenal Fatigue? The band will be black.

As you can see, your band just grows and grows until you finally get a diagnosis. Then it will probably continue to grow until you start getting the right treatment for all your different problems.

All of your issues prior to Fibromyalgia can be treated and maintained fairly easily. Well, Cancer, of course, is more serious and you can’t do surgery with holistic treatments. However, there are ways to help your body to help itself. There are ways to stop the malnutrition and heal your gut that malnutrition damages. There are ways to reverse Adrenaline Fatigue.

It is so amazing what your body will do if you give it all the nutrition it needs. What if I said there is a nutritional product that you drink twice a day that can be compared to mother’s milk. That it is like an Immune shot in the arm. I mean what happens when antibiotics stop working as many scientists think they will? We must fortify our innate system with powerful immune boosting compounds and they don’t get any much better than fucoidan and that is what is found in Limu and what would you say if I said Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue can benefit from its tonic therapy as well as chronic pain. Now, I’m not making any guarantees, but the company does. It gives a 30-day guarantee on all of its products. Build up your nutrition, build up your immunity, stop your infections.

Then you need to get as much sleep as you possibly can. With LIMU giving you the nutrition you need, sleep may come easier. If you need additional help, there is help with doTERRA essential oils. You need to get good REM sleep. That is the deep healing sleep that your body needs in order for your body to truly start the healing process.

Hormone deficiencies are another issue that needs to be addressed. Estrogen, progestogen for women and testosterone for men need to be checked to make sure the levels are appropriate for the age of the patient. Then you need to find out if you have orthostatic intolerance.

Then, when you start to feel better, you start light exercises and work up your exercises so you can start strengthening your body. Walking is good for you, even if you start with 5 minutes 3 times a day. What happens when you exercise is your body releases its own pain relievers called endorphins. Start dancing. Have fun with your exercising. Dancing is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. It will get your heart pumping, your endorphins, and start to get your body more limber.

Think positive thoughts. Remember, negative thoughts affect your adrenal glands. Start saying nice and positive things to others. This will make you feel nice about yourself. Try to do something nice for someone else. For instance, if I’m away from the house and I see someone in the military, I will say ‘thank you for your service.’ If they are with their family, I will turn to their family and say ‘thank you for your sacrifice.’ If I see a baby or a cute little boy or girl with Mommy and/or Daddy, I’ll make a comment about how well behaved the child is or make a comment to the child about their shirt if it is a special shirt or something or other. If I see an older person, I will say something to them because so many people ignore them. Anyway, I purposely look for someone to say something nice to. It makes me feel good. At first it was awkward. I was depressed and didn’t feel like saying anything nice to anyone, but I forced it and it really started to make a difference.

Adrenal Glands

Written by Deb Lundquist

October 7, 2017

The Adrenal Glands are 2 of the most important glands in our bodies. Without them, we cannot live. Think of them as the ‘Guardians at the Gate of Stress’* They sit at the top of each of our kidneys and are the size of a walnut, weigh less than a grape. They determine how your body will respond to any internal or external environmental change. Thoughts and emotions drain or CHARGE your adrenals and every cell in your body. Adrenal health helps create your core strength and endurance.

These little glands are extremely powerful and produce a lot of our needed hormones. The adrenal glands are actually endocrine glands that produce and store steroid hormones like cortisol, adrenaline (stress hormones), estrogen and testosterone that are essential for life, health and vitality. These hormones are the ones the regulate the function of every gland, organ, and even every tissue in your body. When your body sends a response to an event, the adrenal glands release some hormone that it determines you need. They keep some hormone levels increased while purposely keeping others down. Stress is the most common cause of adrenal fatigue.

The purpose of your adrenal glands is to maintain the homeostasis of your body during any kind of stress, no matter if it is a slight injury like a paper cut, a shot, negative thoughts, depression, stress at work, at home, a major injury like an accident, or surgery. Whatever the stress, the adrenals respond accordingly. This is where the fright and flight signal is directed. The adrenals will give you the energy to get out of any dangerous situation. This is why you hear of super strength when people find themselves in an emergency, like they can lift a car or that kind of thing. In ancient times, this is how man could fight and kill big animals, go for long periods of deprivation, or go for long journeys with dried food, nuts, seeds, and eating roots along the way.

In today’s world, we have the same internal system, however now we fight air pollution, toxins in the food we eat, medications we take, cleaning agents we use, even the new car smell has toxins in it. If you get infections, if you overindulge in food, if you are sensitive to food, have allergies or asthma, or are addicted to drugs or if you smoke, all of these are triggers for the same Adrenal responses. If your adrenal function is low, as it is in adrenal fatigue, your body has trouble responding appropriately to stress. In this case, you are more likely to develop physical and psychological illnesses. These, in turn increase the stress causing the Adrenal Glands to further deteriorate.

Maybe by now you realize that the Adrenal Glands are in charge of keeping your body in balance to stressors so that they do not cause harm. How can they cause harm? Cortisol, one of the hormones they produce, helps to prevent swelling and inflammation when your body reacts to allergies all the way to autoimmune diseases. ‘When cortisol levels are deficient, heightened immune activity cannot be shut off once it’s no longer needed, the off switch is broken. When your immune system is always activated, your adrenals release even more cortisol. This suppresses your immune system and is one of the primary factors resulting in CHRONIC inflammation which leads to chronic disease.

Excessive cortisol damages brain function causing memory problems and much more. Fatigued adrenals may cause high or low blood pressure, hypoglycemia (which comes with light headedness and fainting when very low), vertigo and noise in the ears. Confusion, lethargy, constant fatigue, weakness, brain fog, profound sweating, palpitations, fainting, and varicose veins. Swelling, craving salt and/or sugar, WEIGHT GAIN-belly fat, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction/ED, PMS, problematic menopause, thyroid issues and low stamina. Difficulty sleeping, tired when you wake up, and over reacting to stress, startling easy, and dilated pupils. Adrenal Fatigued individuals can also be susceptible to infections, recurrent allergies, difficulty recovering from flu and colds, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, cystitis, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, behavioral problems, and ADD/ADHD. Inflammation (aches and pains), knee pain, carpal tunnel, extreme sensitivity to cold, hyperpigmentation, osteoporosis, restless leg syndrome, leg length difference, headaches-migraines, LOW BACK PAIN. Not to mention accelerated aging!

Adrenaline:  Also called epinephrine. Epinephrine and norepinephrine are two hormones produced by the adrenals. Sympathetic nervous system = fight/flight. Parasympathetic nervous system is activated when body is relaxed. Adrenaline has a direct and immediate effect on your heart and is related to an increase in strokes and other heart problems.

Your recovery is contingent upon what you eat, drink, the thoughts you feed your mind, and the beliefs you base your life on. How you spend your energy, how you conserve your energy, and how you create your energy are all extremely important.

Addicted to Stress?!  Psychologists tell us that we can get addicted to the highs and lows of hormone rushes produced by trauma, tragedy, crisis, or chaos. (Adrenaline Junkie). Some people are drama queens or kings or like to stir the pot and find themselves in messes over and over again. Have you seen someone that has to make sure things go wrong even when they are going well? These people are ADDICTED to chaos or crisis. Shots of adrenaline and cortisol pump through our bodies when we are stressed. We can somehow seek to bring familiar emotional and hormonal chaos BACK so we can feel the adrenaline rush again.

Your adrenals may be week from birth:  Children born to mothers suffering with adrenal fatigue and children who experience severe stress in the womb typically have lower adrenal function. From birth on, these children may have less capacity to deal with stress in their own lives and are more prone to adrenal fatigue throughout their lives.

Emotions/Actions associated with adrenals:  Lost, abandoned (including abandoning yourself), deserted, lost love or not loved in return, vulnerable and heart broken. Can’t figure it out, up and down, emotional instability, paranoid, sluggish thinking or memory, lack of emotion, suppressed, non-thinking, absent mindedness, and insecurity. Rapid mannerisms and overly talkative.

Action Points:  Adopt an optimistic attitude to help you respond better to situations and people that contribute to your stress. Expect good things to happen, not bad. What part do you play in creating stress? Avoid people that stress you out. Mend or end toxic relationships.

~Throw a life ring to your adrenals…

~STOP using energy drinks and coffee!

~Do everything in your power to sleep!

~Eat better and take specific supplements.

~Decrease toxic- load.

~Light Exercise.

~Eliminate as much stress as possible.

~Improve relationships and communication.

Coffee sets off a chain reaction:  Acid based oil in coffee irritates the lining of the stomach which increases gastric secretions which sparks/ignites adrenaline, which stimulates insulin production, which fuels hypoglycemia. END result = Tension, mild rise in blood pressure, craving sweets 2 or 3 hours later, low energy, depressed mood. Coffee causes nutritional deficiencies: B1 in particular = fatigue, nervousness, aches, pains, headaches. Damaging to small intestine = more problems assimilating nutrients properly. Throws off the bodies Ph balance = depletion of many minerals.

Leading cause of toxins:  Pesticides in coffee are one of the most significant sources of toxins in the U.S.  Long-term consumption taxes the liver causing congestion in this vital organ which leads to other problems. Lots of yeast, fungus, and mold in coffee as well. Decaf may be even worse. May contain large concentrations of trichloethylene a chemical used as a degreasing agent in the metal industry and a cleaning agent in dry cleaning. Related to chemicals linked to certain types of liver cancer.

Considerations regarding coffee.  In the very least, start by limiting yourself to one cup and use organic low acid coffee! Eat something BEFORE you consume coffee. Try to replace it all together with healthy warm teas including sipping essential oils in tea like ginger which is very good for digestion and an immune system tonic.’*

These hormones closely modulate many metabolic processes such as:

the utilization of carbohydrates and fats

the conversion of fats and proteins into energy

the distribution of stored fat – especially around your waist (the spare tire) and at the sides of your face

normal blood sugar regulation

proper cardiovascular function

gastrointestinal function

After mid-life, the Adrenal Gland become the source of the sex hormones for both men and women. These hormones, affect a whole host of issues. These include your sex drive all the way to gaining weight, especially around your waist and your puffy cheeks. Then there are the hormones, steroids, that affect your muscle’s strength and stamina.

Have a chronic illness? Your Adrenal Glands have a direct impact on your chances of getting certain kinds of diseases and how you respond to chronic illnesses. The more chronic the illness or the more autoimmune illnesses you develop, the stronger and longer the Adrenal Gland reaction. This causes the Adrenals to be under even more stress. When it is constantly on stress duty, you develop even more Adrenal fatigue. As you can imagine, how well you live, how well you feel all depends on how well your Adrenal glands function.

Adrenal fatigue and stress together have a direct effect on your healthy blood sugar levels. Cortisol, which we have already talked about, works with insulin to keep your blood sugars at a healthy level. It also regulates the flow of glucose into the cells for energy production. This is why stress or some level of Adrenal Fatigue, often comes before hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Then, once you develop these diseases, they create greater demand on the already stressed Adrenal Glands. For this reason, some level of Adrenal Fatigue often is found with hypoglycemia, diabetes. If that is true, then add Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Thyroid Disease, Lupus, Arthritis, and Depression stress the Adrenal Glands even more.

Here is an interesting fact. The symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue are the same as Fibromyalgia and all the diseases it mimics.


*Laurie Langfitt’s Adrenal Class Notes doTERRA Convention 2015

* Dr. James L. Wilson’s Article on Adrenal Glands and Function, located at

Confused Loved Ones?

For those who have loved ones with Fibromyalgia who are confused about the disease and don’t know what to do, this is for you.

Hi, my name is Deb Lundquist and I am somewhat of an authority on this disease as I have had it for 18+ years now. In my previous life, I was a researcher as was my husband. Together we have researched this disease, well I call it a disease, ad nauseam. I have written several articles about it and since it has been my husband and my roommate for all these many years, we feel we know it quite well.

My husband has created some unique ways of dealing with it and even had to reteach me how to dress in the beginning because I could not use my right arm. He had to teach me how to pull up my pants with one hand. How to zip a zipper with one hand. How to button blouses with my left hand.

At that time, I had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), the worst pain known to man, on top of the Fibromyalgia and so I didn’t feel the Fibromyalgia, but I had it. Some of the medications the I took for the RSD were the same for the Fibromyalgia so at least it was being treated, but it was making the RSD worse than it should have been. Many of the symptoms are the same. All of the symptoms are just as confusing.

My husband’s suggestion, his only suggestion to you is this, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN to everything. Listen to everything they say because only they know how they feel. ‘I know some of the things they say sound outlandish, like the bugs crawling on them, but when I saw the bumps on her arm and her trying to brush them off and she told me what she was doing, I believed her. She is overly honest.’ LISTEN! ‘Listen to everything they don’t say. They don’t tell you everything because they don’t think you will believe them. She started scratching everywhere, from her head to her feet and everywhere in between. I looked at her scalp and it was raw.’ LISTEN! ‘Listen when they sleep or rather don’t sleep well and her arms would fly up in the air and stay there and I would gently put them down and up they would go again. Then one night, she completely threw herself off the bed and hurt herself. She had developed REM sleep disorder. Thank God, she had sleep apnea or she would have broken her nose. Instead, she only broke her nose piece in two. She said in her sleep as she laid on the floor ‘damn chicken’’ WATCH!

Yes, he got to the point where he had to help me talk. I would be talking and all of the sudden the word I wanted would completely slip away and I would look at him helplessly and he always knew what word I wanted. He watched me constantly. When I was talking to people, he was with me always. If he wasn’t there, our daughter was and she would support me that way. It is the brain fog.

When the doctor put my RSD to sleep for a while, we started dealing with the Fibromyalgia. We were still dealing with many of the same issues. I was still doing therapy and my right arm has never and will never be what it once was, I lost so much muscle. It has just wasted away, atrophy and dystrophy.

So, my husband has to do all the cooking. I can’t pick up a pan because it is too heavy, let alone stand the heat of the stove or the oven. Give me a hot plate and I will drop it every time. I try to help with laundry, but I can’t do much. A heavy load will not only get my back going, at one time I had 5 bulging discs, but my right arm will drop it. Folding laundry will cause pain in my right arm to increase to the point I have to stop. So, my husband said forget it because I would force it until I cried. I can’t clean the house because of my back. So, I felt useless. Completely a drag on my husband, completely guilty and constantly told him he would be better off if he just left me for someone that could do things with him. That is until he got mad at me! ‘Stop it! I love you and don’t want another woman! You are going to a psychologist again!’ And I did!

You see, that is what we need from you! Love! We need to know that even though we can’t do what we used to do, even though we can’t be the homemaker we used to be, you still love us and want to be with us.

We need you to make us make an effort to get out of bed and get dressed. We need you to help us take a shower because it is hard as hell for us to do it! It is absolutely exhausting and I used to need him in there to hold me up and then he bought a chair. He still had to give me the shower and then as I got stronger I could do most of it, but he still had to help me with my hair. Then I was worn out for the rest of the day, but it was a beginning. I had a purpose. He was helping me to have a purpose!

It wasn’t easy. He didn’t push hard, but he did gently push. See, the RSD had me bed bound. I was almost in an electric wheelchair when the Doctor put it to sleep. We were headed to Minnesota; the pain was unrelenting plus I had a complex chronic migraine and I could hardly move. I was so sick. We got half way to my brother’s, Madison, WI and we stopped for lunch. My husband tried to get me out of the car, but I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t work. I started crying. I couldn’t stand. I sat on the floorboard of the car and cried. He told me to stop it, I was only going to make my migraine worse. He left for a minute and I don’t remember anything for the next 10 minutes I was just blinded by pain, but then after that I could stand as long as I had my cane and his arm. We went in and ate. After that, I got back into the car, laid back down and went back to sleep. When we got to my brother’s the migraine was gone! It was the night before my nephew’s wedding. We went to the rehearsal dinner. I couldn’t believe I could go.

The next morning, I hopped out of bed, yes, I said hopped and started moving around like the little energizer bunny. My husband looked at me funny and I said what? Then I said, ‘something is wrong, but I don’t have time to figure it out.’ I got ready to go to the wedding and went down stairs. Got my own breakfast, which I never did. My brother and sister-in-law looked at me funny. I said, ‘yes I know something is wrong. I don’t have time to figure out what it is, I’ll figure it out later.’ My brother said, ‘sit right here and I think you will figure it out right away.’ So, I sat. It hit me right between the eyes. No pain! I was in remission! I was as weak as a kitten but I had no pain! Every other symptom was gone! It might have been my nephew’s wedding, but I had been given the best present of my life. It lasted for 7 heavenly years.

During that time, I did therapy, a lot of therapy! My husband supported me every step of the way. That is what we need from you! We need your support! We need you to help us figure things out. Whether you are our partner, our parents, siblings, friends, whatever, we need you to help us to stay with us. We need your love and understanding. We need you to LISTEN and WATCH! We need you to catch us when we fall. We need you to tell us it is time to go to the psychologist before it is too late. We need you to tell us it will be okay when we are in a flare. We need you to go to the store at midnight if we need something without complaint because our pain is out of control or the itching is so bad. Most of all, we just need you whether or not you understand at first or believe at first in what is happening to our bodies, because believe it or not, we don’t either. We are confused, scared, and we need someone to hold onto and we want it to be you.

Written by Deb Lundquist

September 24, 2017

Suggestions on What to Say

Suggestions of What to say to people when they say to us:

If they say: You don’t look sick!

      You say: ‘Thank you for the compliment. You don’t have any idea how hard it is for me to appear this way.’

If they say: You are lazy!

      You say: ‘Do you have any idea how rude and ignorant you really are at this moment? When you are ready to discuss what is wrong with me, we will.’ And then you walk away.

If they say: You don’t want to get better!

      You say: ‘You have no idea what you are talking about! No one would ever want to live the way I am living or survive with what I have to suffer. You will never understand because even I don’t understand. Every day it seems there is something new, but this is a real disease and I am not alone. It is time for you to try to understand.’

If they say: Why aren’t you working?

      You say without yelling or crying: Why aren’t you listening? If I ignored what you said like you ignore what I say, you would get very angry with me and wouldn’t understand why I wouldn’t listen to you. So, when you are ready to listen to what I am saying then we can have a discussion. Until then, this discussion is over, because I will not continue to have a discussion with a brick wall that has stuffed ears.’ Then walk away and do not cry until they can’t see you anymore.

If they say: Why don’t you clean the house?

      You say: The same reason I’m not working.

If they say: Why don’t you cook anymore?

      You say: The same reason I’m not working.

If they say: Why are you crying?

      You say: Are you ready to listen?

What do you say to a partner who doesn’t believe that you are sick?

      Start reading the support group with me.

      If that partner says no?

      Do you respect me? Do you love me? Then it is time to start standing up for myself. I need you to do this for me. I need you to be in this with me because this is something I don’t want to do alone. If that partner still says no, then tell that partner there is no option, communication is the key with this disease and that partner is not being part of the communication in the relationship and they need to be.

There are reasons people don’t believe in Fibromyalgia. For one thing, it is invisible and people can really only see it if they look in your eyes. So, ask people to look you in your eyes. As for Doctor’s, they are not taught about Fibromyalgia in medical school. If they hear anything about RSD or Fibromyalgia, it is in the form of Chronic Pain and then is only a mention. Chronic pain is only covered in 4 hours unless they specialize in it in their Residency. Then, their education will depend on where their Residency took place. Another thing about people not wanting to hear about Fibromyalgia is that the combination of symptoms do sound out of this world, if you think about it.

With RSD, I always thought that people didn’t want to hear how you could get it, because it makes it too close to home to realize that they could get it too. How frightening! Right?

Considering that the medical community don’t know what Fibromyalgia is, how exactly you get it, how to truly treat it, that there is no cure, can you blame people for not wanting to sit and listen to the litany of what is going on when you don’t really understand what is going on yourself? However, we are going to change that because that isn’t fair to you or to me for that matter. Right? And I’ve always believed in fairness. After all, I’m a Libra!

So, let’s set up some conversational points for everyone to discuss so that we can try to make people understand exactly what we live with in terms they can feel themselves.

  • The worst flu they have ever experienced without constant vomiting but often experiencing nausea, sometimes experiencing diarrhea but also experiencing constipation that has lasted longer than 3 months. The pain is constant and is the worst pain you have ever felt, worse than kidney stones or child birth. And it is all over your body, sometimes including your hair. Could they work with this? Right? But that isn’t all…
  • Complete and total exhaustion to the point that you feel like your legs can’t hold you if you stand up because of your exhaustion. And yet, as soon as your head hits the pillow you have complete and total insomnia. If your body does allow you to take a 2-3 hour nap, you wake up more exhausted than when you laid down because you never get into the deep REM restorative sleep. Could they work with this? But that isn’t all…Right?
  • Migraines to the point where light and sounds, even smells might make you start vomiting and racing to the throne at the same time! ... but that isn’t all…Right?
  • Sensitivity to touch, light, sound, smell, taste, all of your senses are heightened! ... but that isn’t all, Right
  • Then there is the horrible feeling like there are bugs crawling on you, of course they are invisible too, but that isn’t all, …
  • Then there is the absolutely awful itching that almost nothing helps and you might wake up and find that you have scratched while sleeping until you are bleeding…and sometimes that itching is in your privates, but that isn’t all, …
  • Depression so deep that some people go off the deep end and never see the sunshine again…but that isn’t all …
  • Your immune system is compromised and so you are susceptible to catching anything that walks by you … so you have to be very careful … you have to change your diet to fix your intestines so you don’t end up with leaky gut … you don’t want to get candida which you are now susceptible to … you are likely to get Celiac Disease … and other auto-immune diseases…
  •  Speaking of Celiac Disease, you probably have an autoimmune disease by now. Once you get once autoimmune disease, chances are that you will get more.
  • If a weather system comes through everything is worse…
  • If the seasons change everything is worse… and there is more of course

This is why it is so important for the people near and dear to you need to understand what Fibromyalgia is. Once we stop talking about the first 6 symptoms of Fibromyalgia, we start talking about deeper issues that they truly need to understand. You won’t be creating new symptoms, you might be developing new issues.

These are just the facts. I’m not trying to scare you. Does Fibromyalgia get worse as it ages? The truth is, Fibromyalgia is not an auto-immune disease, but it is attracted by them. If you developed Fibromyalgia, chances are that eventually if not before, you will develop auto-immune diseases and once you do, more will develop. Those are what will progress and make it seem like the Fibromyalgia is progressing.

As you age, you are going to develop aches and pains, that is just part of the aging process. Those aches and pains are normal and not necessarily part of Fibromyalgia. Don’t blame everything on Fibromyalgia, don’t blame every headache on Fibromyalgia. For instance, a sinus headache is just a sinus headache and should be dealt with as such.

Don’t let Fibromyalgia freeze you and stop you from living. If you do that, you will have a higher chance of getting worse. No matter what, moving is the best thing you can do for yourself. Loving yourself, keeping a positive attitude, good nutrition, getting regular blood tests and doctor visits, and keeping a watch on yourself and listening to your body should allow you and your partner to lead a wonderful and satisfying life together. God Bless.

Written by Deb Lundquist

September 23, 2017


Learn To Love Yourself

Now that you have Fibromyalgia and people have turned their backs on you, you feel yourself worth isn’t what it used to be, but that just isn’t so! You feel you don’t have a purpose in this life anymore and that too is a lie that just isn’t true. So how do you turn all this around?

You have to learn to love yourself again.

No, you aren’t quite the same as you used to be, you are better! You have more empathy for others than you had before you got ill. You can feel for others, what they are feeling. You can listen better. You can look in someone’s eyes and tell right away if they are in pain. Could you do that before you had Fibromyalgia? I would be willing to say that you could not! You have more love for others now! You are a better person now!

If you have more love for others, then it is time for you to learn to love yourself. So, what if your friends didn’t believe you. It’s their loss, not yours. Yes, you miss them and the fun you had with them, but can you do all the things you used to do? The answer is probably not. Well then, let it go. Yes, I know you are lonely, but find new friends who will understand and they will not leave you. There are ways, you just have to look for them.

Look in the mirror, say I love you and mean it. Do it when you wake up and every time you go potty and right before you go to bed. It might feel silly, especially right at the beginning, but it works. Think of all the positive things you do during the day and write them down and go over them at night. Did you comfort someone during the day on a support group? Did you speak cheerfully on the telephone to someone not as cheerful and make their day? Did you tell someone God Bless you today? Write down all the cheerful and positive and cheerful things you did today and go over them right before you go to bed. Every day there will be more. How many times did you tell someone that you loved them today? Write that down. The more positive you are, write that down. You will find the more you do these things, the more positive you will be and the happier you will be.

Your purpose in the world is to be happy and to make the world a better place. To love God, spread His word and to Love yourself. To treat others the way you want to be treated and to not downgrade yourself or others. In order to love yourself, you have to love others. To love yourself you have to have empathy with others and you already have that. Tell yourself you love yourself and one of these days you will believe it! You are worthy of love! More than worthy of love! Now all you have to do is believe it yourself!

Written by Deb Lundquist

September 27, 2017

Who is Deb Now

“I like to laugh. I see humor in most everything, as it is a coping mechanism for me,” Deb Lundquist said smiling.

Many years ago, Deb attended and graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Crops and a Master of Science in Extension Education. She worked several years as an Assistant Soybean Breeder, doing special research projects. She absolutely loved that work. 

Employed at the University for several years thereafter, she eventually opened up her own business with two fellow employees offering various digital services, such as digital photographic restoration. Closing its doors in 1998, she dabbled in marketing an herbal product by working from home. It was a wonderful experience and she loved the opportunity to do it all out of her own house. But that was all about to change.

“It was 1999 and I was driving on a county road. I remember it like it was yesterday,” Deb said. “I came up behind one of those trucks that spreads fertilizers on the fields. The driver was going about 35 mph. The lights on the back of his truck were covered in mud so I couldn’t see them. I put my blinker on, got into the passing lane, and started to pass. I could see him in the mirror so I was sure he could see me. But just as I got to the middle of his huge back tire, he turned left. I had two choices, go straight and lose my head or turn left. I turned left and ran headfirst into a parked full-size van and an S10 truck.”

Deb was able to get out of her vehicle, although the firemen, sheriff, and EMS told her they had never seen anyone survive such an accident. When help arrived, the EMS tried to convince Deb to get into their ambulance but she refused. While many would say that she might have been in shock, Deb was convinced that she was just trying to process everything as she walked around. Quickly phoning a friend of hers who was a nurse to come to the scene and help her (because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to reach her husband), she later confirmed that Deb truly was not in shock. Deb explained to her friend that she refused to get into the ambulance because she knew that she would most certainly die if she did, her friend convinced the EMT to instead follow them to the hospital to ensure their safe arrival. The emergency room later told Deb that she was just suffering some bumps and bruises and that she would be very sore the next few days, she was promised a full recovery. That was not the case at all.

Deb suffers from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS) and Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Complex Chronic Migraines, Asthma, Degenerative Disk Disease with five herniated discs, Spondylosis, Thyroid, Disease 2, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis and more. Eighty pounds overweight at one point, Deb was putting on three pounds per week and couldn’t keep the weight from elevating no matter what she did. Still recovering today from breaking her hip in two places just a year ago, Deb still works to improve her situation. Over the past four years she has been able to get off of 13 medications and two opioids for pain relief, although she did have to add two inhalers to her daily routine. In bed 90% of the time, she now only lies down when she goes to sleep at night. Once taking 3-4 hour naps every day, Deb hardly ever naps now. She’s even lost upwards of 23 pounds, too. She’s also gone from a pain level of anywhere from an 8-10 out of a 10 to nearly zero. Much has changed since the accident in 1999.

“Two weeks after the accident and visiting my family physician every three days due to the increasing pain and redness on my skin, I went to see a muscle doctor for a second opinion and, after running some tests, was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS,” Deb recounted. “It was the worst pain known to man according to the McGill Pain Index and, to make a long story short, I lived in horrific pain for four-and-a-half years and was put on a number of drugs to ease the pain, like OxyContin and Norco. I didn’t have much choice, I could either take the drugs or commit suicide; that’s how bad the pain was.”

With the help of a new doctor, Deb was given radio frequencies on her body that completely put the RSD to sleep in all four of her limbs and all of her symptoms disappeared. But six weeks later, she was diagnosed with another debilitating disease, fibromyalgia. Coming to terms with her two conditions, she turned to God for advice who told her what she should do next, and that was to teach. But before she could do that, she had to get off of the opioids first.

“I also had a lot of research to do,” she said. “I also had to find a way to treat my own fibromyalgia because it is not something you can treat in the same way as you would RSD. Fibromyalgia also brings on other illnesses. But the biggest hurdle has everything to do with the doctors; many of them are in disbelief. In fact, one even dropped me while I was on two medications that should not have been given outside a hospital setting. Fortunately for me, most of them were very helpful.”

By definition (according to the, fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, and memory and mood issues. Symptoms sometimes begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection, or significant psychological stress. It is also much more likely to affect women than men. Many people who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia get tension headaches, temporomandibular joint (better known as TMJ) disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, and depression. And although there is no cure for fibromyalgia, good nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and various stress reduction measures are strongly suggested.

Ready to turn her disabilities into something positive, only then did Deb discover how to treat her own fibromyalgia – holistically. Today, Deb is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of five of her own businesses, all of which have significant meaning to her in some way, aid in her ongoing treatment and overall health, and help others, too.

Your Fibromyalgia, LLC has close to 180,000 participants to date. It is an online support group where people can go to in search of support, hope, education, and discussion. Deb has a newsletter that she writes monthly for the group where she speaks on a host of different topics, to include fibromyalgia, RSD/CRPS, and other pain diseases, and includes funny little stories and articles, as well as provides information on doTERRA Essential Oil products and Limu Original Seaweed Extract. Her dog, Mugsy, has even been known to write a small article.

“Your Fibromyalgia, LLC is a support group that I began in 2012. I started this group thinking that it would be just a small group. Here, I offer support, education, and humor, and through messaging I also educate about doTERRA and how the oils can help them with their fibromyalgia and the pain they live with daily. I also discuss Limu Original Seaweed Extract. I also answer private questions, give suggestions about blood tests, suggest questions to ask their doctors, and advise that they see other doctors for second opinions. With the understanding that I am not a doctor, the information or suggestions I provide come straight from articles I am reading and researching, as well as my own experiences and interviews I have had with doctors. I never suggest a medical treatment nor medication for their treatment. If they have a medication question or adverse reaction, I always send them to a pharmacist first, then to their doctor.”

Fibro-Fighters, LLC is Deb’s second business, which strictly caters to the education on fibromyalgia and RSD. She also will have products there to sell for awareness of Fibromyalgia and part of the proceeds will go to Wounded Warriors.

A Fibro-Fighter, is anyone who is willing to bring awareness of Fibromyalgia to the public. It is an invisible disease and we need to make it very visible!

Nature’s Essential Blessings, LLC is unique in that this business focuses on fun. Deb sends recipes, stories, and articles on both serious and funny topics to people, and she also chats with individuals on doTERRA Essential Oils that work with the body to help with everyday symptoms such as pain from fibromyalgia as well as other things, like how to keep bugs away when you are outdoor, but safely without chemicals.

“Fortunately for me, I was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils. Working with these oils, which come from plants and are 100% pure and therapeutic grade, our bodies recognize the properties of the oils and the two work together. They are not medications,” Deb stressed. “So when I put Deep Blue, one of my favorite oils by doTERRA, on the bottom of my feet, within about five minutes my body recognizes that these oils are actually from the earth and, because they are pure, my body allows them to seep into my pores. Working together, they lower my pain and allow me to get up and go to therapy, to massage, and do the many other holistic things that I love to do. Using these oils have also allowed me to sleep again and stop muscle cramps.”

Because doTERRA Essential Oils worked so significantly on Deb, she wanted to educate others about their products. In search of a way to get this information out there and also sell them, she began to search the internet, finding a mentor to teach her how to not only market online, but also create a Facebook page for fibromyalgia. In 2017, Deb was introduced to Limu Original Seaweed Extract and was absolutely amazed by how it made her feel. While knowing that this nutritional drink with the super nutrient Fucoidan is not medicinal and may not work the same for everyone, she was so excited by the results she got, she just had to share her story with others. She decided to sell it, as well. This Limu had virtually turned her life around and made her feel better than she had since before her accident, 18 years ago. While she may not have the stamina she wishes she did and the damage for the RSD/CRPS will never go away, she is pleased with the relief she has gotten. With the two products together, her body just wants to dance all the time and she is able to not only run her companies, but maintain the farm books as well. "It is so awesome to have a clear mind", she said! Her husband said, "welcome home, you have been gone so long! I have really missed you! I am so glad you are back!" Deb said she cried!

DKL Global, LLC, Deb’s fourth business, is a marketing company where she serves as a Coach for clients interested in network marketing their own products online. It is an extension of what she learned from her mentor when she was learning to market her doTERRA Essential Oils. is Deb’s fifth and final business, which is an online resource where she is able to market with customers a filtration system that she believes is far better than what can be bought in stores and is also very beneficial to one’s health.

“This site,, talks about the water system that turns your tap water alkaline,” Deb explained. “Why alkaline? Acidic water is bad for your body. As a matter of fact, the government has said that public water systems must be at an alkaline level of at least 9.0 and to ensure this they have to put chemicals in the water. You can actually taste them sometimes. In the country, well water might have fertilizers and other chemicals in the water too, so they often have to have water treatments in place, like where I live. There is a small town near us that announced they had safe water recently and the very next week citizens were calling the local news stations because they had blood worms in their water. With this clean water and the oils, my body is getting clean and staying clean, and although it may not work as well for everyone, I love what it is doing for me.”

Working exclusively from home due to her disabilities, Deb enjoys the time she has to do her research on fibromyalgia and RSD and conduct her businesses effectively.

“My businesses give me the benefit and satisfaction to help others in more ways than one way, some of which are very much related to what I have been through and what I currently go through,” Deb said smiling. “It is such a great feeling to be able to offer a support system for those in need and be able to have a place where they can go not only for support, but also for advice, comfort, and education. There is such a great need in this community for good information and valuable resources because, unfortunately, there is so much false information out there that gives people false hope and then crashes their world. It makes me proud to be part of the community that is doing some good for people. In the United States alone, there are more than 2-4% of the Adult population battling fibromyalgia, not counting children and teenagers. They need our help and guidance.”

Deb added that she not only chats and advises people from within the United States, but people have reached out to her from other countries, like Pakistan, India, Mexico, and Australia, to name a few.

Recently, Deb is a host of a computer-based talk radio show on fibromyalgia. The show airs every Monday at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central and 2pm Pacific on and TuneIn Radio. You will have access to the Radio Show from this webpage as well.

“I’ve been fighting for years to find a way to bring awareness to fibromyalgia and RSD/CRPS,” Deb said about her newest venture on air. “This should reach a vast audience and I am so excited. We’ll finally have a voice and I intend for that voice to be loud and clear. The show will be aired one hour each week, every broadcast will be saved, and we’ll discuss a variety of topics, like what fibromyalgia is, being tested and diagnosed, and many other issues. My plan is for the show to be as fluid as possible and to go in a direction that will be most beneficial to listeners.”


Q: How do I convince my loved ones that I am sick?

A: Ask them to remember what you were like before, ask them how they’d feel if they had fire ants biting their entire body day and night, and then ask them how they’d feel if they had someone trying to hit those fire ants to the point you can’t sleep. Then tell them when you do sleep you can’t get into REM because your body is being abused constantly from the inside.

Q: What are some suggestions that friends/family members can offer to ease their pain?

A: Have them soak in an Epsom salt bath in warm water, even if they complain. Make them move their joints. Don’t let them lay in bed all the time; make them move. Don’t let them say “I’m sorry” to you. And most of all, make sure they know that you love them because this lets them know they are not a burden on them.

Q: What do you say to those that are suffering?

A: To never give up! Get out of bed and enter life again, start exercising even if it hurts, get a backbone and stop letting people abuse you. You have to recognize the pain for what it is, but don’t let self-pity depression win. Get motivated to do more!

Q: Do people suffering from Fibromyalgia and/or RSD often suffer emotionally?

A: Yes. I often suggest they seek out a psychologist even if they do not think they need one. Once they do go, I usually get a great big thank you from them. I was once sent an email that I had saved a woman from suicide and I sat down and cried because I knew, at that point, what I was doing had meaning.

Q: So would you say that many of them are depressed?

A: Many are, yes. So it’s learning how to find a cure, or at least a treatment, that works for every individual because most medicines just make it worse, although there are some occasions where medicine is necessary.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration to be so positive and to also help others?

A: Aside from the positive feedback, my greatest inspiration is God. I told him I would take almost anything as long as it didn’t kill me.

Q: The doctor has me on pain pills but they aren’t helping. Why?

A: Traditional pain medicine, like Norco or OxyContin, won’t help fibromyalgia. If you have something else besides fibromyalgia, such as herniated discs or degenerative disc disease, than it may help, but it does nothing for the fibromyalgia and it is an easy way to become an addict.

Q: My skin is prickly and itchy. Why?

A: It’s a neurological reaction from the fibromyalgia.

Q: I get really bad leg and foot cramps. Why?

A: Ask your doctor to do blood tests for potassium, magnesium, vitamin D3, Calcium, and vitamin C, have your thyroid checked and check for diabetes every three months, and buy quality supplements.

Q: Does weather affect fibromyalgia?

A: Absolutely. So watch the weather and barometric pressure.

Risk Factors

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Risk factors for fibromyalgia include:

  • Your sex. Fibromyalgia is diagnosed more often in women than in men.
  • 2-4% of the Adult population has Fibromyalgia in the USA.
  • Family history. You may be more likely to develop Fibromyalgia if a relative also has the condition.
  • The Arthritis Association treats #1 Osteoarthritis and #2 Fibromyalgia.
  • If you have an autoimmune disease, you are more likely to acquire Fibromyalgia.
  • If you have lived with stress all your life such as any form of abuse, you are a candidate for Fibromyalgia.
  • If you survived a trauma such as a severe car accident, you could end up with Fibromyalgia.
  • If you have had a sickly childhood, poor nutrition, and any of the above you could discover you have Fibromyalgia.
  • The medical community is diagnosing more children with Fibromyalgia now than ever in the past, or at least it is being recognized now.
  • The good news is that both the National Institutes of Health and the American College of Rheumatology recognize Fibromyalgia as a complex disease which involves the physical body, brain chemistry, mental function, and psycho- emotional health. This complex disease has so many signs and symptoms that aren’t focused on just pain and exhaustion.


The pain and lack of sleep associated with fibromyalgia can interfere with your ability to function at home or on the job. The frustration of dealing with an often-misunderstood condition also can result in depression and health-related anxiety.

Fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia syndrome, a term that comes from “fibro” that indicates the fibrous tissues, such as tendons and ligaments) and “myalgia” (muscle pain) is a syndrome that affects the muscles, causing an increase in muscle tension: all muscles, from the scalp to the soles of the feet, are in constant tension. We talk about the syndrome since the same patient may have signs (what the doctor found the visit) and symptoms (what the patient reports). In the early 1900s it was considered an inflammatory disease of the muscles (fibrositis), while at the end of the 40s was excluded the presence of inflammation and was considered a psychological basis.

Although Fibromyalgia is mentioned in records 5,000 years ago, the modern concept of fibromyalgia, dates back to 1978, when two Canadian researchers, Hugh Smythe and Moldofky Harvey, who had used the term introduced in 1976 by ​​Hench, spoke of fibromyalgia to indicate the characteristic aspects of the syndrome, which is a multifactorial . CAUSES: The studies aimed to seek the cause of FM has highlighted a number of alterations in neurotransmitters in the central nervous system (substances of fundamental importance in intracellular communication). If we think of our body as a computer, in fibromyalgia devices they are intact and in gathering the information properly, but the data are interpreted incorrectly. One of the effects of the dysfunction of neurotransmitters, particularly serotonin and norepinephrine, is the hyperactivity of the nervous system neurodegenerative, which involves a deficit of blood flow in the muscles, with onset of pain. Two features are widespread and persistent of FM: hyperalgesia (perception of severe pain in response to painful stimuli mild), allodynia (perception of pain in response to stimuli that are not normally painful).

RISK FACTORS: The trend of the symptoms varies according to a number of external factors: climatic factors (pain worse in the seasons passing, that in winter, spring, summer, and autumn and during periods of high humidity), environmental factors (time of life and cultural level can influence the course), hormonal factors (symptoms worsen in the premenstrual period, in case of thyroid dysfunction etc.), stressors (discussions, arguments, tensions at work and family), psychological factors (pessimistic, sometimes catastrophic, events in Newspapers, difficulty in maintaining control in your environment). The Fibromyalgia in Italy isnot recognized as disabling, but in other countries it is the single most frequent cause of requests for disability pensions: in the US, for example, 15% of Fibromyalgia receive disability compensation, and 25% are considered totally disabled). Symptoms are numerous: pain and hypersensitivity in many parts of the body, difficulty sleeping (waking up early in the morning), great fatigue, morning stiffness, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and anxiety that often compromise the carrying out usual daily activities, occasional presence of palpable knots in the points aching, headache, tinnitus (ringing in the ears or vibration), dry mouth, chills, bruxism (teeth gritted day and night), feel, while walking, to be tilting to one side, as if we wanted to push the person next to us, cervical (difficult to stretch the head, which can cause nausea), difficulty expressing themselves and communicating, to go up or down stairs, to raise or lower the arms, nerves on edge, alternating diarrhea and constipation, inaccuracies (eg. when hitting a ball), hypersensitivity (light, odors, noise, sound environment etc.), all senses are involved. 

DIAGNOSIS: The diagnosis is usually delayed and takes place after numerous tests, that is often centered on exclusion. History is a key to the diagnostic approach, asking the patient type, features and duration of pain, if found limitations in daily activities, if the pain is accompanied by a feeling of exhaustion, fatigue, weakness etc. This must be widespread pain that has the following characteristics (although not necessarily simultaneously): should cover both sides of the body, it must localize in at least 11 of the 18 areas algogenic (called tender points). It is symmetrical and precise points that respond to finger pressure. The pain usually has to have been 3 months in duration. Laboratory tests are used to rule out or identify a disease superimposed (blood count, ESR, RA test, ALT, AST, C-reactive protein, hyperuricaemia, several Thyroid tests, Lupus, Lyme's Disease, . Only in case of clinical suspicion, it should be sought for antinuclear antibodies . Completely negative, in fibromyalgia, imaging techniques that can only help rule out the syndrome, suggesting other possibilities (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and so on.) MRI to rule out Parkinson's Disease and MS as well. Once these tests have been done and everything has been ruled out, a physical exam has been done, and a consultation with the patient has been completed can a diagnosis be made.

DRUG TREATMENT AND NOT: There are several drugs used in the treatment of FM: analgesics to reduce the stiffness and pain associated with it, antidepressants, muscle relaxants. There are interdisciplinary programs that include relaxation techniques and information on chronic pain and can therefore effectively improve the symptoms and relieve pain. Patients must also take care of themselves, reducing stress, avoiding any undue stress or emotional stress, getting enough sleep, doing appropriate exercises (swimming, walking, water aerobics, horse riding and cycling); devoted to yoga and meditation, practicing acupuncture or chiropractic treatments that use  stretching and massage techniques). Massage therapy is based on the manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles to improve blood circulation and increase the flow of nutrients to the muscles.

Preparing For Your Doctor’s Appointment

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Because many of the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia are similar to various other disorders, you may see several doctors before receiving a diagnosis. Your family physician may refer you to a doctor who specializes in the treatment of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions (rheumatologist).

What you can do

Before your appointment, you may want to write a list that includes:

  • Detailed descriptions of your symptoms
  • Information about medical problems you’ve had in the past
  • Information about the medical problems of your parents or siblings
  • All the medications and dietary supplements you take
  • Questions you want to ask the doctor

What to expect from your doctor

In addition to a physical exam, your doctor will probably ask you if you have problems sleeping and if you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious.

Tests and diagnosis

In the past, doctors would check 18 specific points on a person’s body to see how many of them were painful when pressed firmly. Newer guidelines don’t require a tender point exam. Instead, a fibromyalgia diagnosis can be made if a person has had widespread pain for more than three months — with no underlying medical condition that could cause the pain.

Blood tests

While there is no lab test to confirm a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, your doctor may want to rule out other conditions that may have similar symptoms. Blood tests may include:

  • Complete blood count
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
  • Thyroid function tests

Reference: Mayo Clinic

Fibromyalgia Treatments


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In general, treatments for fibromyalgia include both medication and self-care. The emphasis is on minimizing symptoms and improving general health. No one treatment works for all symptoms. Every person is different and so what works for one might not work the same for another.


Medications can help reduce some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and improve sleep, but all of them have side-effects. Common choices include:

  • Pain relievers. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol, others), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve, others) may be helpful, but do not use them often as they are hard on your organs. Your doctor might suggest a prescription pain reliever such as tramadol (Ultram, Conzip). Narcotics are not advised, because they can lead to dependence and may even make Fibromyalgia worse. The newest thought from Fibromyalgia experts is that Narcotics should Never be given to Fibromyalgia patients, especially Oxycodone which is actually synthetic heroine.
  • Antidepressants. Duloxetine (Cymbalta) and milnacipran (Savella) may help ease the pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia. It also helps with nerve ending pain. However, they do have side-effects so be aware of that. Your doctor may prescribe amitriptyline at night to help promote sleep. All of these will put on weight. Another drug for sleep is Trazodone. If you do not get good deep sleep. 
  • Anti-seizure drugs. Medications designed to treat epilepsy are often useful in reducing certain types of pain. Gabapentin (Neurontin, Gralise) is sometimes helpful in reducing fibromyalgia symptoms, while pregabalin (Lyrica) was the first drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat fibromyalgia.
  • Sleep.Your Doctor may prescribe medications to help you sleep. Some of these may be Amitriptyline, which will make you gain weight quickly, or Trazodone. If you do not get good deep sleep, REM, your pain is going to feel worse. Personally, I act out my dreams and even throw myself off the bed and hurt myself. I get this lovely trait from my Grandfather. When I told my Doctor I did this, he put me on Clonazepam. I really sleep well now. This shows up in your blood and so if you go to a new Doctor, they may ask about that.


  • Talking with a counselor can help strengthen your belief in your abilities and teach you strategies for dealing with stressful situations. They can also help you to read your body and learn how to tell what your body is trying to tell you.
  • Physical therapy, which may be painful at first, is excellent in getting you moving again. It is also in helping you getting your myofascial pain eased.
  • Water therapy is a great place to start your therapy because it eases the weight on your joints and muscles when you first start your therapy. Beware when you first get out of the pool though, you will feel like wet rice paper.​

Lifestyle and home remedies

Self-care is critical in the management of fibromyalgia.

  • Reduce stress. Develop a plan to avoid or limit overexertion and emotional stress. Allow yourself time each day to relax. That may mean learning how to say no without guilt. But try not to change your routine completely. People who quit work or drop all activity tend to do worse than do those who remain active. Try stress management techniques, such as deep-breathing exercises or meditation. Remove negativity from you life and your home.
  • Get enough sleep. Because fatigue is one of the main characteristics of fibromyalgia, getting sufficient sleep is essential. In addition to allotting enough time for sleep, practice good sleep habits, such as going to bed and getting up at the same time each day and limiting daytime napping.
  • Exercise regularly. At first, exercise may increase your pain. But doing it gradually and regularly often decreases symptoms. Appropriate exercises may include walking, swimming, biking and water aerobics. A physical therapist can help you develop a home exercise program. Stretching, good posture and relaxation exercises also are helpful.
  • Pace yourself. Keep your activity on an even level. If you do too much on your good days, you may have more bad days. Moderation means not overdoing it on your good days, but likewise it means not self-limiting or doing too little on the days when symptoms flare.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods. Do not drink any caffeine. It has been proven that this increases pain. Also do not drink soda/pop. Decrease your sugar and carbohydrates. You will need to change your diet because this will make a huge difference. The Fodmap diet from Stanford University is an excellent diet for Fibromyalgia patients, but there are other diets that will work well too such as the Paleo diet or the Celiac Diet. Do something that you find enjoyable and fulfilling every day. Set an attainable goal each day and complete it. That way you will have a feeling of accomplishment each day.

Alternative methods

Complementary and alternative therapies for pain and stress management aren’t new. Some, such as meditation and yoga, have been practiced for thousands of years. But their use has become more popular in recent years, especially with people who have chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia.

Several of these treatments do appear to safely relieve stress and reduce pain, and some are gaining acceptance in mainstream medicine. But many practices remain unproved because they haven’t been adequately studied.

  • Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a Chinese medical system based on restoring normal balance of life forces by inserting very fine needles through the skin to various depths. According to Western theories of acupuncture, the needles cause changes in blood flow and levels of neurotransmitters in the brain and spinal cord. Some studies indicate that acupuncture helps relieve fibromyalgia symptoms, while others show no benefit.
  • Massage therapy. This is one of the oldest methods of health care still in practice. It involves use of different manipulative techniques to move your body’s muscles and soft tissues. Massage can reduce your heart rate, relax your muscles, improve range of motion in your joints and increase production of your body’s natural painkillers. It often helps relieve stress and anxiety. If essential oils are used, they can also help your body with pain and relaxation. Massage therapy also helps with myofascial pain.
  • Yoga and tai chi. These practices combine meditation, slow movements, deep breathing and relaxation. Both have been found to be helpful in controlling fibromyalgia symptoms.
  • Good Nutrition. You need to replace nutrients that Fibromyalgia steals from your body. This nutrition needs to be replaced daily and can't be replaced by food alone. By the time food gets to your table, much of the nutrients that were in it when it was freshly picked have already leached out of it. So, you need to replace those nutrients. You can get those nutrients by clicking the button below.