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Who is Deb Now

“I like to laugh. I see humor in most everything, as it is a coping mechanism for me,” Deb Lundquist said smiling.

Many years ago, Deb attended and graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Crops and a Master of Science in Extension Education. She worked several years as an Assistant Soybean Breeder, doing special research projects. She absolutely loved that work. 

Employed at the University for several years thereafter, she eventually opened up her own business with two fellow employees offering various digital services, such as digital photographic restoration. Closing its doors in 1998, she dabbled in marketing an herbal product by working from home. It was a wonderful experience and she loved the opportunity to do it all out of her own house. But that was all about to change.

“It was 1999 and I was driving on a county road. I remember it like it was yesterday,” Deb said. “I came up behind one of those trucks that spreads fertilizers on the fields. The driver was going about 35 mph. The lights on the back of his truck were covered in mud so I couldn’t see them. I put my blinker on, got into the passing lane, and started to pass. I could see him in the mirror so I was sure he could see me. But just as I got to the middle of his huge back tire, he turned left. I had two choices, go straight and lose my head or turn left. I turned left and ran headfirst into a parked full-size van and an S10 truck.”

Deb was able to get out of her vehicle, although the firemen, sheriff, and EMS told her they had never seen anyone survive such an accident. When help arrived, the EMS tried to convince Deb to get into their ambulance but she refused. While many would say that she might have been in shock, Deb was convinced that she was just trying to process everything as she walked around. Quickly phoning a friend of hers who was a nurse to come to the scene and help her (because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to reach her husband), she later confirmed that Deb truly was not in shock. Deb explained to her friend that she refused to get into the ambulance because she knew that she would most certainly die if she did, her friend convinced the EMT to instead follow them to the hospital to ensure their safe arrival. The emergency room later told Deb that she was just suffering some bumps and bruises and that she would be very sore the next few days, she was promised a full recovery. That was not the case at all.

Deb suffers from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS) and Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Complex Chronic Migraines, Asthma, Degenerative Disk Disease with five herniated discs, Spondylosis, Thyroid, Disease 2, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis and more. Eighty pounds overweight at one point, Deb was putting on three pounds per week and couldn’t keep the weight from elevating no matter what she did. Still recovering today from breaking her hip in two places just a year ago, Deb still works to improve her situation. Over the past four years she has been able to get off of 13 medications and two opioids for pain relief, although she did have to add two inhalers to her daily routine. In bed 90% of the time, she now only lies down when she goes to sleep at night. Once taking 3-4 hour naps every day, Deb hardly ever naps now. She’s even lost upwards of 23 pounds, too. She’s also gone from a pain level of anywhere from an 8-10 out of a 10 to nearly zero. Much has changed since the accident in 1999.

“Two weeks after the accident and visiting my family physician every three days due to the increasing pain and redness on my skin, I went to see a muscle doctor for a second opinion and, after running some tests, was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS,” Deb recounted. “It was the worst pain known to man according to the McGill Pain Index and, to make a long story short, I lived in horrific pain for four-and-a-half years and was put on a number of drugs to ease the pain, like OxyContin and Norco. I didn’t have much choice, I could either take the drugs or commit suicide; that’s how bad the pain was.”

With the help of a new doctor, Deb was given radio frequencies on her body that completely put the RSD to sleep in all four of her limbs and all of her symptoms disappeared. But six weeks later, she was diagnosed with another debilitating disease, fibromyalgia. Coming to terms with her two conditions, she turned to God for advice who told her what she should do next, and that was to teach. But before she could do that, she had to get off of the opioids first.

“I also had a lot of research to do,” she said. “I also had to find a way to treat my own fibromyalgia because it is not something you can treat in the same way as you would RSD. Fibromyalgia also brings on other illnesses. But the biggest hurdle has everything to do with the doctors; many of them are in disbelief. In fact, one even dropped me while I was on two medications that should not have been given outside a hospital setting. Fortunately for me, most of them were very helpful.”

By definition (according to the, fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, and memory and mood issues. Symptoms sometimes begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection, or significant psychological stress. It is also much more likely to affect women than men. Many people who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia get tension headaches, temporomandibular joint (better known as TMJ) disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, and depression. And although there is no cure for fibromyalgia, good nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and various stress reduction measures are strongly suggested.

Ready to turn her disabilities into something positive, only then did Deb discover how to treat her own fibromyalgia – holistically. Today, Deb is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of five of her own businesses, all of which have significant meaning to her in some way, aid in her ongoing treatment and overall health, and help others, too.

Your Fibromyalgia, LLC has close to 180,000 participants to date. It is an online support group where people can go to in search of support, hope, education, and discussion. Deb has a newsletter that she writes monthly for the group where she speaks on a host of different topics, to include fibromyalgia, RSD/CRPS, and other pain diseases, and includes funny little stories and articles, as well as provides information on doTERRA Essential Oil products and Limu Original Seaweed Extract. Her dog, Mugsy, has even been known to write a small article.

“Your Fibromyalgia, LLC is a support group that I began in 2012. I started this group thinking that it would be just a small group. Here, I offer support, education, and humor, and through messaging I also educate about doTERRA and how the oils can help them with their fibromyalgia and the pain they live with daily. I also discuss Limu Original Seaweed Extract. I also answer private questions, give suggestions about blood tests, suggest questions to ask their doctors, and advise that they see other doctors for second opinions. With the understanding that I am not a doctor, the information or suggestions I provide come straight from articles I am reading and researching, as well as my own experiences and interviews I have had with doctors. I never suggest a medical treatment nor medication for their treatment. If they have a medication question or adverse reaction, I always send them to a pharmacist first, then to their doctor.”

Fibro-Fighters, LLC is Deb’s second business, which strictly caters to the education on fibromyalgia and RSD. She also will have products there to sell for awareness of Fibromyalgia and part of the proceeds will go to Wounded Warriors.

A Fibro-Fighter, is anyone who is willing to bring awareness of Fibromyalgia to the public. It is an invisible disease and we need to make it very visible!

Nature’s Essential Blessings, LLC is unique in that this business focuses on fun. Deb sends recipes, stories, and articles on both serious and funny topics to people, and she also chats with individuals on doTERRA Essential Oils that work with the body to help with everyday symptoms such as pain from fibromyalgia as well as other things, like how to keep bugs away when you are outdoor, but safely without chemicals.

“Fortunately for me, I was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils. Working with these oils, which come from plants and are 100% pure and therapeutic grade, our bodies recognize the properties of the oils and the two work together. They are not medications,” Deb stressed. “So when I put Deep Blue, one of my favorite oils by doTERRA, on the bottom of my feet, within about five minutes my body recognizes that these oils are actually from the earth and, because they are pure, my body allows them to seep into my pores. Working together, they lower my pain and allow me to get up and go to therapy, to massage, and do the many other holistic things that I love to do. Using these oils have also allowed me to sleep again and stop muscle cramps.”

Because doTERRA Essential Oils worked so significantly on Deb, she wanted to educate others about their products. In search of a way to get this information out there and also sell them, she began to search the internet, finding a mentor to teach her how to not only market online, but also create a Facebook page for fibromyalgia. In 2017, Deb was introduced to Limu Original Seaweed Extract and was absolutely amazed by how it made her feel. While knowing that this nutritional drink with the super nutrient Fucoidan is not medicinal and may not work the same for everyone, she was so excited by the results she got, she just had to share her story with others. She decided to sell it, as well. This Limu had virtually turned her life around and made her feel better than she had since before her accident, 18 years ago. While she may not have the stamina she wishes she did and the damage for the RSD/CRPS will never go away, she is pleased with the relief she has gotten. With the two products together, her body just wants to dance all the time and she is able to not only run her companies, but maintain the farm books as well. "It is so awesome to have a clear mind", she said! Her husband said, "welcome home, you have been gone so long! I have really missed you! I am so glad you are back!" Deb said she cried!

DKL Global, LLC, Deb’s fourth business, is a marketing company where she serves as a Coach for clients interested in network marketing their own products online. It is an extension of what she learned from her mentor when she was learning to market her doTERRA Essential Oils. is Deb’s fifth and final business, which is an online resource where she is able to market with customers a filtration system that she believes is far better than what can be bought in stores and is also very beneficial to one’s health.

“This site,, talks about the water system that turns your tap water alkaline,” Deb explained. “Why alkaline? Acidic water is bad for your body. As a matter of fact, the government has said that public water systems must be at an alkaline level of at least 9.0 and to ensure this they have to put chemicals in the water. You can actually taste them sometimes. In the country, well water might have fertilizers and other chemicals in the water too, so they often have to have water treatments in place, like where I live. There is a small town near us that announced they had safe water recently and the very next week citizens were calling the local news stations because they had blood worms in their water. With this clean water and the oils, my body is getting clean and staying clean, and although it may not work as well for everyone, I love what it is doing for me.”

Working exclusively from home due to her disabilities, Deb enjoys the time she has to do her research on fibromyalgia and RSD and conduct her businesses effectively.

“My businesses give me the benefit and satisfaction to help others in more ways than one way, some of which are very much related to what I have been through and what I currently go through,” Deb said smiling. “It is such a great feeling to be able to offer a support system for those in need and be able to have a place where they can go not only for support, but also for advice, comfort, and education. There is such a great need in this community for good information and valuable resources because, unfortunately, there is so much false information out there that gives people false hope and then crashes their world. It makes me proud to be part of the community that is doing some good for people. In the United States alone, there are more than 2-4% of the Adult population battling fibromyalgia, not counting children and teenagers. They need our help and guidance.”

Deb added that she not only chats and advises people from within the United States, but people have reached out to her from other countries, like Pakistan, India, Mexico, and Australia, to name a few.

Recently, Deb is a host of a computer-based talk radio show on fibromyalgia. The show airs every Monday at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central and 2pm Pacific on and TuneIn Radio. You will have access to the Radio Show from this webpage as well.

“I’ve been fighting for years to find a way to bring awareness to fibromyalgia and RSD/CRPS,” Deb said about her newest venture on air. “This should reach a vast audience and I am so excited. We’ll finally have a voice and I intend for that voice to be loud and clear. The show will be aired one hour each week, every broadcast will be saved, and we’ll discuss a variety of topics, like what fibromyalgia is, being tested and diagnosed, and many other issues. My plan is for the show to be as fluid as possible and to go in a direction that will be most beneficial to listeners.”


Q: How do I convince my loved ones that I am sick?

A: Ask them to remember what you were like before, ask them how they’d feel if they had fire ants biting their entire body day and night, and then ask them how they’d feel if they had someone trying to hit those fire ants to the point you can’t sleep. Then tell them when you do sleep you can’t get into REM because your body is being abused constantly from the inside.

Q: What are some suggestions that friends/family members can offer to ease their pain?

A: Have them soak in an Epsom salt bath in warm water, even if they complain. Make them move their joints. Don’t let them lay in bed all the time; make them move. Don’t let them say “I’m sorry” to you. And most of all, make sure they know that you love them because this lets them know they are not a burden on them.

Q: What do you say to those that are suffering?

A: To never give up! Get out of bed and enter life again, start exercising even if it hurts, get a backbone and stop letting people abuse you. You have to recognize the pain for what it is, but don’t let self-pity depression win. Get motivated to do more!

Q: Do people suffering from Fibromyalgia and/or RSD often suffer emotionally?

A: Yes. I often suggest they seek out a psychologist even if they do not think they need one. Once they do go, I usually get a great big thank you from them. I was once sent an email that I had saved a woman from suicide and I sat down and cried because I knew, at that point, what I was doing had meaning.

Q: So would you say that many of them are depressed?

A: Many are, yes. So it’s learning how to find a cure, or at least a treatment, that works for every individual because most medicines just make it worse, although there are some occasions where medicine is necessary.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration to be so positive and to also help others?

A: Aside from the positive feedback, my greatest inspiration is God. I told him I would take almost anything as long as it didn’t kill me.

Q: The doctor has me on pain pills but they aren’t helping. Why?

A: Traditional pain medicine, like Norco or OxyContin, won’t help fibromyalgia. If you have something else besides fibromyalgia, such as herniated discs or degenerative disc disease, than it may help, but it does nothing for the fibromyalgia and it is an easy way to become an addict.

Q: My skin is prickly and itchy. Why?

A: It’s a neurological reaction from the fibromyalgia.

Q: I get really bad leg and foot cramps. Why?

A: Ask your doctor to do blood tests for potassium, magnesium, vitamin D3, Calcium, and vitamin C, have your thyroid checked and check for diabetes every three months, and buy quality supplements.

Q: Does weather affect fibromyalgia?

A: Absolutely. So watch the weather and barometric pressure.