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May 1 2019

Happy May Day!

We used to make up little paper vases and then pick flowers in them. We would hang them on the neighbors doors and then ring the doorbell and run away. Of course, this is when most women didn’t work away from the house. It would be hard to do that in this day and age when everyone is so busy.

Since I last talked with you, I have had a hard time. I tripped and hit the top of my head on the front window in the living room at top velocity! I didn’t know if I had bought it or was just going to pass out. Fortunately there was a chair right there and I landed in it. Of course, every time something happens Bob is gone. He was this time too. I felt every single one of the vertebrae in my neck move and they went in all different directions and I felt the pain go up in my head and down my spine. It was horrible!

I waited until Bob got home and then had him check to see if I was in shock. If I was, then I was going to have him take me to the hospital. This time I was not going to drive myself. I was not in shock. We alternated heat and ice and I used Aleve to help with the pain. During the night, I asked him to wake me up periodically, but it wasn’t necessary. I hurt too much. I didn’t sleep at all. The next day, he took me to the chiropractor.

The chiropractor said I did just the right thing. He used his tool and worked and worked on my poor body. It was totally a mess. It felt so much better. He was surprised I didn’t feel worse. I had to go 3 times a week for a while. Now I am down to once a week, but it has taken forever to get things back.

Let me suggest something to you. Don’t ever hit the top of your head on anything! Wow what a mess it made to my poor body!

Now, however for some good news. About 2 months ago, LIMU changed the formula of their Original and added more Fucoidin to it, 5X. It now tastes like Apricots. It tastes so nummy. That and the chiropractic treatments and I told the chiropractor that I kept having sugar lows. He told me to keep checking it and the next time I went in I told him again that I couldn’t keep it above 90. He told me to stop the Metformin.

I went home called my General Physician and told the plan and he said it sounded like a good plan. For 5 wonderful days I was off of Metformin and I felt GREAT!!! I had energy, didn’t need as much sleep, wasn’t as hungry, started losing weight faster, my light headedness was gone. I felt light as a feather! It was remarkable what getting off that medication did for me.

At the end of the 4 days I ran out strips, so I called and ordered more. Well, wouldn’t you know Medicare has a new contract with a different meter. So, instead of just getting strips, I got an entire new system. The first test showed my sugar at 154! Then every test after that was so odd, that I started Metformin again because I didn’t know what was going on. Well, when it tested 184 I knew it was a bad meter because I have never been that high. So, I called the company and complained and they sent me a new meter. It was better, but still tested higher than I have ever tested before and I know I was crashing but it would say 117 or 127.

After going back on Metformin, I got so sick. I stayed on it, but I had almost every bad side-effect there is. Today I went to the General Physician. I took the meter and I checked my sugar with it, 133, and then I asked the nurse to check my sugar with hers, 108. She said you have a bad meter. I said it is the second one. It was 1.5 hours after I had eaten lunch. She said let’s see what the Doctor says.

Well, the good news is he took me off of Metformin for 3 months and then we will do another blood test and see where I stand! I am hoping tomorrow I feel better. The chiropractor said the Metformin could be why I can’t stay in place.

The last 4 months have been rough on my poor body, but now that I’m off Metformin I’m hoping things will improve!

Have a Happy May Day!


Happy Mother's Day background of pink roses with copy space on pink wood table.

December 22, 2018

Hello Diary,

This month has been rather a rough one for me! This is why I have been rather quiet you see. It started the Monday before Thanksgiving.

My Back Problem:
I was at the Library where my ‘borrowed’ daughter Jen is the Librarian. I was working on getting the YouTube page ready since that will replace the Radio Show which is now done. I was uploading files onto YouTube and I was done for the day. I decided to unplug the power to the computer. I knew better, but …

There I was, bent in half when my back froze. I haven’t done that in 12 years. I simply could not move!!! Thank goodness I was at Jen’s Library. She knew exactly what to do, however she was less than happy with me! She looked over at me and in the best mother’s voice I have ever heard said, ‘Just what do you think you are doing?’

‘Well, I thought I was unplugging the computer, but …’ and she said, ‘you are stuck aren’t you?’

Now, our Jen is mighty even though she has never really realized the fact that she has never grown past the height of 4’7″ and never will. So she storms over to me and starts to fix my back. She had to use her knuckles on both sides of my spine. She has done this before so she knew just where to go. She was very sweet about it and I was very thankful that there were no patrons at the Library at the time! It took 20 minutes to get me standing straight again!

After that, now every time I go to the Library no one will allow me to carry anything into or out of the Library or plug in or unplug my computer. I have to say I truly appreciate. The entire staff treats me with kid gloves.

Celiac Reaction:
Once I started feeling better, about 10 days, my husband and I went to his works Christmas party.  I got into something I shouldn’t have. To this day, I still don’t know what it was. I was very careful about what I ate. That was a Friday night, by Saturday afternoon I was as sick as could be. By Saturday night I was truly awful! By Sunday afternoon, I was just left with tummy cramping. It took me until Thursday until I felt better. Six days later, I had to go back to the Chiropractor because my back was hurting really bad again, plus my ribs were hurting!!! It even hurt to breath deeply! I’m bending over very carefully these days!

That brings us to today.

Current News:
During this time, I have been editing the audio’s from the Radio Show getting them ready for the YouTube channel and playing with the YouTube channel trying to get it the way I like it. Then I changed the channel and thought I had lost everything I had uploaded and that really upset me, but I hadn’t. Thank goodness.

My book, RSD/CRPS from a Patient’s Perspective has finally been released to Amazon as a paperback! It has been on Amazon as a Kindle for a while now. I’m working on some others. I have two that are at the publisher right now waiting for me to give them the okay to start working on them. I have 2 others that I am writing, plus one that is a series of a children’s book I would like to start. I didn’t know I could write until I became disabled, lol.

My husband and I unpacked some more boxes from moving 3 years ago. We pitched a bunch of things and he took some stuff to Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. We have a lot to get rid of. We even found some old hymnals from the church from before it burned down the last time in the early 1900s!

I’ve been on the group a little bit and I have only done a couple of videos because our internet is so bad now and we can’t get another one! That is why I have to go to the library!

Other than my back, my blood tests are showing that I am healthier than I have ever been since they started testing it when I was 42! I am 65 now and have RSD/CRPS, Fibro, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, osteopenia (which has gotten better btw.) I had high cholesterol and high triglycerides (but last blood test they were normal and they have never been normal.) My blood sugar is normal and I have diabetes. My thyroid is so good that I am on the lowest dose possible. My liver and kidney problems are over. Blood pressure problems, migraine problems are over. Yep I seem to be over everything. Even my pain is under control. Well, not counting my back, but we will get there. God is good!

So I am a happy camper. Let me keep my God in Heaven, Jesus my Savior, The Holy Spirit, my husband and daughter and our Robbie, my Limu and doTERRA, and our finances at least where they are now and let things start to improve and we will be fine.

I have real hope that 2019 will be a better year for us as 2018 has been a very hard struggle from the very beginning to the end.

However, right now we are celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am counting my blessings. I am  thankful for all that He has graced me with and all He has done for me!

Well, in case I don’t get on again until after the new year, may your Christmas be merry.

May you have a wonderful and joyful New Year’s Eve and may you have a safe one. Above all else, may January bring you a new beginning, a new year of painless and peaceful living.

May God bless all of you,


Nov 25 2018

Well, this past week has not been pleasant to say the least. This past Tuesday, I went to the library were my ‘borrowed’ daughter is the head Librarian and started uploading videos to YouTube so that I could get the Lives Changed show up and running on YouTube. Everything was going perfect! I was really excited!

Then when it was time to leave, I bent over to unplug the power cord and did something I haven’t done in 12 years. My back completely froze on me while I was bent in half. Can we say ouch?!?!

Thank the Good Lord Jen knows what to do. She took one look at me bent in half and said, ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!’ She immediately came over and asked where it was. It took us a good 20 minutes to half hour to get me standing straight again. I got home and immediately went into extra Limu and essential oil routine. Then put on my jamis and got the heating pad and got into my chair and that has basically been where and what I have been doing since as it has moved up my spine into my shoulder and then up and out into thin air.

It would happen during a holiday weekend. I couldn’t get into see the Chiropractor until tomorrow, Monday. Believe me, I don’t care what the weather throws at me, I will make that appointment! I know after he does his magic, I will be fine. I will have to take it easy, however.

Thanksgiving was nice. We didn’t have the right kind of bird, but I don’t think any turkey cared that much. The chicken on the other hand, lost the vote and tasted pretty nummy. For all his protests, Bob has turned into a pretty good cook. He even made me chocolate brownies, my favorites, of course. Then Bob and I watched a movie marathon. It was nice.

Friday, Bob spent the afternoon helping at the funeral home and Saturday he drove the car with the casket to the cemetery. This was his first time doing this job. He was nervous about doing it, but when he realized he knew some of the people that came through the line, I think he felt better.

Well that has been my past week. This coming week promises to be much better! I will post a live video on YouTube and get that going and I am excited about that. Things are looking up folks. Always look at the positive and give thanks to God.

Yes, the internet radio show is done, but when we get too comfortable with one thing, God closes that door and opens another so that we can grow. Now we will grow on YouTube together with the help of our Lord. With your feedback, I just know we will reach more people!


August 4 2018

Hello, so much has been going on since I last wrote, I don't know where to begin. After July 8, I was given the final version of the book to finish editing. The going is slow because I am fixing the edits myself so that it will be finished completely. When they get it this time, it will take a week and then be on the 'shelves' on Amazon in a week. I just wish I knew how to advertise it well!!

Then, it was time to start working on getting my neck and shoulder and migraine gone. I went to physical therapy and started going to the Axial Orthogonal Chiropractic Clinic in Gibson City, IL. I am happy to report that now both the migraine, neck pain, and shoulder pain are gone. It is amazing what listening to your body can do for you. I am now pain free again which is wonderful considering I have RSD/CRPS, Fibromyalgia, and Complex Chronic Migraines. I love my nutritional products and how my body is able to absorb them, allowing me to exercise as I need to and allowing me to think.

Next, it was time to get the house ready for visitors. Our daughter, Aimee, and our Grandson, Robbie, came for a visit for 2 weeks. They just left July 31. Our best friend got married on July 28. It was an outdoor wedding and the weather was absolutely perfect, very unusual.

My brother and his wife, more like a sister, also came. It was wonderful to have everyone here and it broke the rest of the depression to have all the love and laughter in the house. I loved it. Robbie cried and cried when Uncle Steve left. Kids just love him. It makes me wonder why we fought so much as kids. I would really like to know that answer!

Robbie wanted a train birthday party and so, since we can't be there for him on his birthday, we had a surprise birthday party for him two Saturdays ago right after the radio show. We went to the Monticello Railroad Museaum where they restore old railroad cars and engines and he was able to ride the old train and sit in the steam engine. The joy in his eyes and the happiness on his face I will never forget. My daughter's joy was just as wonderful. It was a surprise to her too. 

We came home and had a cook out and then we suggested he open his presents. What?!? He had presents?!? Oh joy! He ended up with Thomas the Train tracks that can build on one another and 3 engines. He played with them the whole time he was here.

He got to spend 2 nights at Nana and Poppop's house without Mommy because she went to Auntie's house to help with wedding stuff and was just perfect. He is such a sweetie and joy to have around. He listens and minds and is so wonderful. We don't get to see him very often, but we Facetime as often as we can. I just couldn't hug him enough. It had been 2 years since we had seen him in real time.

Well, I did the radio show today. It was a little somber as I discussed attitude and depression and suicide, all things that need to be discussed but are hard to do anyway. I have now done over a year's worth of shows. I hope I am helping people. If I am helping at least one person, it is enough.

Well, those are my thoughts today.


3. July 8, 2018

For the last few days, I have been working hard getting people information about the Work From Home Opportunity. There has been a lot of interest. I'm excited that I can offer this to my Fibromyalgia people because it is truly something that can work for them if they just take this first step. Plus, if they take the chance  on letting the nutrition benefits of Limu Moui Original have a chance for their body's to absorb the nutrients, I would love to see what they discover. It has been fun.

My stress levels remain high, but my migraine is much better. There are times when it tries to reappear, but God has given me the tools I need to take care of that. I am so blessed that with everything that is wrong with me, I have so little pain and what I do have, I know what I need to do to relieve it almost immediately. God has been so good to me.

We actually got some pictures hung up in the Farmhouse today. The first actual decoration since we started the rehabilitation of this 161 year old Farmhouse. I love this old place. Last night, I know this is going to sound strange, but I swear there were a lot of people here when I went to bed. There was talking and singing and some fiddle playing. Of course, where our bedroom is, was completely outside underneath big trees at that time when they were alive and the weather was beautiful. Sometimes when the ancestors show up, they always play the fiddle and there is always loud talking and singing. Last night they were really loud. It was hard to sleep until after 4am when they finally quieted down.

Thankfully, I've never seen them. I think that would freak me out completely. I love hearing them though and I love smelling the cooking they do, if only I could actually eat the food I smell!

This house is so much fun!

2. June 9 2018

Today was the day I do the Radio Show, Lives Changed. I never get any feedback from anyone, so I never know how people like or don't like the show. I just keep plugging away, talking to the tree outside the window and it keeps bobbing its branches up and down like it is listening and approving of what I am saying. In the summer it looks so happy with it leaves out and so pretty. In the winter, it looks so sad and lonely. We had such a warm winter, it started to bud out and I was afraid we would lose it, but here it is in all its majestic beauty.

I love being out in the country with the big old trees and my big windows that let the sun through so that I get light. In our other house, we had big windows and I felt like I lived in the woods with Snow White. We had all the animals passing through and it was beautiful, but unless I went outside there was no sunlight because sun could not reach inside the house. It was a beautiful house and I loved every inch of it and the woods, but it was a depressing house too because there was no sun. When you have chronic depression you need the sun.

After the program today, I wrote some for next week's show. I was given inspiration over night for an article for next week. It happens like that a lot. I will go to bed and pray for inspiration and before I am done with prayers, another article will appear in my head. It is funny how that works, not funny haha but strange. I love it though and it certainly helpful.

Then, usually I have to take a nap on Saturday's because I have to get up so early for the radio show. I really love doing the radio show and hope it is helping people. I would hate to think that no one was getting anything out of it.

Then, late yesterday I got a call from Book Writing, Inc to approve the final copy of the book, but when I looked at it again it was the unfixed copy of the audible version of the book. The same version they sent me before, so I sent it to them again and asked why they keep sending me a version of the audible copy that has not been fixed? So frustrating! So, another week passes. Oh well, maybe next week it will finally be done. I hope so! I have finished editing everything, the book cover is finished and I love it! Well, 'til next time Diary.

1. My Diary

Today is my first post in My Diary. Today I discovered that people who should have known better, who have known me all of their lives, people who I have saved from disaster over and over again, people who know me inside and out, believed an impossible lie about me. Just a ridiculous lie that no one who knew me would believe of me. Yet they did. Every single one of them. The thing is, it is family and the other thing is, that it is family that was spreading the lie. Then, because of an awful personal family situation that no one wants to understand, listen to or get in the middle of, one member of the family decided to make a phone call and make things worse, then said he didn't want any part of it. It is amazing to me how family who is supposed to be there to support you, can stab you in the back, especially when times are bad. Now 5 months later, when I try to find out why everyone is quiet and treating me like I don't exist, I discover what happened. Not one person faced me with it at the time, but believed these lies about me and all turned their backs on me when I needed them the most. Well, it is one thing to have your so-called friends treat you this way. Family is something else. 

That is why when you have a chronic illness, support groups are so important. We can't always count on our blood relatives to be the families we trust them to be. The support groups we choose however, we can choose carefully can become the loving family we need who will give us the love and support we so badly crave.