Communication Is The Key

Written by Deb Lundquist

June 4, 2017

Ever since you started feeling sick with Fibromyalgia, you have been afraid. Your family has been concerned. After the first ten days, when the doctor said he couldn’t find anything wrong with you, your family and friends started doubting you.

Is that the way it went for you?

Communication is the key!

If you feel like you have the achy kind of flu, but it goes on for more than 2 weeks, that is not normal. If things feel like gravity has changed, everything is heavier, your legs, your arms, your head, even your shoulders. That is not normal. If every sound is bothering you, smells are affecting your stomach in weird ways, your eyes are blurry, it hurts to be touched, things taste funny. That is not normal.

Write these things down. Put them on the Frig so your family can see them and have a round table so you can have a discussion about them with your family.

If your pain consists of several different kinds of pain; achy, lightening, stabbing, whatever, write it down. Put it on the Frig and talk to your family about it so they are in the know.

Communication is the key!

Then keep this list. Ask your doctor for a referral to a Rheumatologist. Fibromyalgia is under the umbrella of the Arthritis Association and so it makes sense that a Rheumatologist should treat us. Also, in an article I just read, it said that after Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia was the second most common disease treated by Rheumatologists.

Communication is the key!

Take some of your family members with you whenever you go to a doctor from now on, never go alone! Why? This will help them understand that you are not delusional! Also, they will be able to remember things that you won’t.

Bring notes, bring questions to every doctor’s appointment. Make sure they answer every one of your questions and if they won’t take the time, either say ‘excuse me, I’m not done’ or Fire them and get a new doctor who will. We have a site where you can look up doctors in your area. Take notes with the answers to your questions.

Have your family member make sure your questions are answered and that the doctor doesn’t leave until they are. After all, you are sick and they should be able to stand up for you.

Communication is Key!

You need to have tests done to be sure that you really have Fibromyalgia. There really is not a definitive test for the disease, but Fibromyalgia mimics so many other diseases that it would truly be sad if you ended up with a different disease, but were treated for Fibromyalgia for years because you didn’t have blood tests done.

There was a woman in our support group who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 15 years ago and has been suffering debilitating pain and other symptoms that could not seem to be treated. Finally, the doctor ran a bunch of tests on her a few weeks ago. She was just diagnosed with Lupus and is being treated for that. She feels so much better. Her diagnosis of Fibromyalgia has been dropped. For 15 years, she has suffered unnecessarily because she wasn’t tested in the beginning.

Demand the tests! They are so simple and if the doctor says he doesn’t have any way of running the tests, he is wrong. They are simply blood tests and any lab should be able to run them. Any hospital that has an MRI machine should be able to test for MS or Parkinson’s Disease.

Communication is Key!

What are the tests?

They are so easy. Simple blood tests. Checking for vitamin deficiencies, Thyroid disease (there are 6 markers), untreated Diabetes, Lyme’s disease, Lupus, Kidney’s and Liver if you have been taking too much Advil or Tylenol, Arthritis (several different kinds), and then now they are saying to check for virus’ as well. Then get an MRI to check for MS and Parkinson’s Disease.

Then when they do the 18-point test, if you are positive in 11 spots, and after a thorough physical examination, plus a consultation, if the tests above are negative, they can diagnose you with Fibromyalgia. If they don’t do the tests, they could be misdiagnosing you and how sad would that be!

Communication is Key!

Don’t stay isolated! I know you are in pain and you feel crummy. You know I have it too. I know what where you are coming from. But are you really going to let this disease win? Really? Don’t Let this beat you down!

Most people with this disease are Type A personalities! So, come on. I know a lot of you are in flares right now. I am so sorry! I hate flares! We need to find you a way to get you out of these flares without medication.

I don’t get them anymore, or I guess I should say, not very often. Sometimes, I will say I am going to take a Fibro day, which just means I want to sleep and play computer games. But, in actuality, it is just an excuse not to work. I tend to work 7 days a week, so I need to make an excuse to not work.

Communication is Key!

What do I do so that I don’t flare? I watch the weather and pay attention to where the storm fronts are and then I prepare for them. I watch for how high the wind is going to be because that and the cold is what really get to me! Everyone is different though. Different things cause flares for different people.

Then, I use holistic methods to take care of my Fibromyalgia. Yes, I am on some medications, but I was on 22 medications 18 years ago. Isn’t that awful! Two of those were OxyContin and Norco. I had RSD/CRPS at the time. I had everything else too, I just didn’t know it because RSD/CRPS is so horrible! I am now on 9 medications and they are for remaining symptomatology of the RSD/CRPS. I am totally off any kind of pain medication and I plan on never getting back on it as it can cause Fibromyalgia to get worse. I take no medication for Fibromyalgia or my Complex Chronic Migraines. I treat them both holistically. Actually, I treat everything that way.

What do I mean? If you have faith you will understand this part. Well, I pray and talk to God and Jesus a lot! It is amazing what happens when you put your trust in them. I ask for their guidance and they give it daily. I think as you get older you learn to trust them more and more. When I had active RSD and it got to be too much, I would pray for help because I just couldn’t take it anymore! Next thing I would know it would be 5 hours later and I would be waking up and my pain would be lessened. I have many other stories of how God would intervene in my life when RSD was so terrible before I learned how to handle it. The Trinity guide me now in everything in my life.

They led me to doTERRA Essential Oils first and I have to say, the oils go with me everywhere I go, car or plane! I put them in my carry-on and I have never been questioned about them. The wonderful thing about these oils are they come from the earth by way of plants that are untouched by any kind of chemical. They come from all over the world, even 3rd world countries, and with all these different countries growing these wonderful plants and distilling the oils, the company gives back to these countries ten-fold. The oils are tested, not just by the oil company, but by outside companies as well and every single batch of oil is tested from the beginning right down to each individual bottle. Since each drop of oil is pure oil with absolutely no synthetic in it and since our bodies also are not made with synthetics, our bodies accept the oils and they work together. The oils give the body what it is missing so that it can do what God intended the body to do. The oils do not heal or cure. They are not medicines in any way, but they help the body. There are oils for everything. The ancient Egyptians used essential oils and proof of this is found on their hieroglyphics. The ancient Chinese also used essential oils and proof of this is found in their ancient writings. Oils were used in Biblical times and are mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible. Jesus was anointed with oils. It is the only thing they had in those days for illnesses. However, like I said, they are not medications. Oils can be used aromatically, on your skin, and some can be taken internally. I use them all three ways to help my pain, my mood, my sleep, weight loss, and even my concentration. Oh, and did I say I use them for my migraines. I even use them on my face, my bath, to wash my hair, in our laundry, to clean our house, to wash our hands, oh gee just everything. We used them on my last grandbaby when he was born and he was fussy, when he wouldn’t go to sleep at night, when we discovered he had Celiac Disease and someone gave him some cereal at Sunday School… Did I say I love these oils! I don’t guarantee that they will work the same for everyone like they do for us, but … they even can stop gas and dare I say passing gas…. (wasn’t that a nice way of saying that?)

Then I was introduced to another product and I must say this one absolutely shocked me. I was really skeptical about this one, but I was given a free bottle to try and so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it since it was free. Right? Drinking just a little bit at a time of that first bottle gave me the gentlest body cleanse I have ever had. I ordered a case before I ran out of it. Next I noticed that my IBS was gone. That in itself was worth what I was paying for it. I decided I would increase the amount I was drinking and see what happened. Slowly my pain decreased bit by bit and I realized that I wasn’t using as much of doTERRA for pain (I still use it for a bunch of other stuff!) Then I was surprised to discover that I virtually didn’t have any pain at all! I kept drinking it, wondering what would happen next. About a week later, I woke up, jumped out of bed, got dressed, got ready for the day before my husband could wake me. My mind was completely clear! I had energy! I was happy! I loved life! No pain and I hadn’t had anything to drink yet! I went into the kitchen where he was and surprised him. I just smiled.

That day I accomplished so much! I even wrote a children’s book.

The next day was just the same.

So was the next and my husband said to me, ‘welcome back. You’ve been gone a long time. I’ve missed you so much! I’m glad you are back!’

The product isn’t some miracle drug. It isn’t a drug at all. It is a highly nutritious drink and it tastes like Mango juice. I have only been drinking it at the higher amount for 2 months and they say you get the full effect about 3 months, so I can’t wait to see where I am in another month. However, I am so happy where I am right now that if I stay where I am right now I am fine with it.

So now, I use both products because the products are so incredibly awesome!

If you are interested in either of these products you can contact me by either calling me at (815) 214-9443 or messaging me through the support group on Facebook – Your Fibromyalgia or continue on this site to the

Deb Lundquist

After 20 years of living with this as a roommate, I feel I know Fibromyalgia well. Now, it is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain take back control of their lives.