May 1 2019

Happy May Day!

We used to make up little paper vases and then pick flowers in them. We would hang them on the neighbors doors and then ring the doorbell and run away. Of course, this is when most women didn’t work away from the house. It would be hard to do that in this day and age when everyone is so busy.

Since I last talked with you, I have had a hard time. I tripped and hit the top of my head on the front window in the living room at top velocity! I didn’t know if I had bought it or was just going to pass out. Fortunately there was a chair right there and I landed in it. Of course, every time something happens Bob is gone. He was this time too. I felt every single one of the vertebrae in my neck move and they went in all different directions and I felt the pain go up in my head and down my spine. It was horrible!

I waited until Bob got home and then had him check to see if I was in shock. If I was, then I was going to have him take me to the hospital. This time I was not going to drive myself. I was not in shock. We alternated heat and ice and I used Aleve to help with the pain. During the night, I asked him to wake me up periodically, but it wasn’t necessary. I hurt too much. I didn’t sleep at all. The next day, he took me to the chiropractor.

The chiropractor said I did just the right thing. He used his tool and worked and worked on my poor body. It was totally a mess. It felt so much better. He was surprised I didn’t feel worse. I had to go 3 times a week for a while. Now I am down to once a week, but it has taken forever to get things back.

Let me suggest something to you. Don’t ever hit the top of your head on anything! Wow what a mess it made to my poor body!

Now, however for some good news. About 2 months ago, LIMU changed the formula of their Original and added more Fucoidin to it, 5X. It now tastes like Apricots. It tastes so nummy. That and the chiropractic treatments and I told the chiropractor that I kept having sugar lows. He told me to keep checking it and the next time I went in I told him again that I couldn’t keep it above 90. He told me to stop the Metformin.

I went home called my General Physician and told the plan and he said it sounded like a good plan. For 5 wonderful days I was off of Metformin and I felt GREAT!!! I had energy, didn’t need as much sleep, wasn’t as hungry, started losing weight faster, my light headedness was gone. I felt light as a feather! It was remarkable what getting off that medication did for me.

At the end of the 4 days I ran out strips, so I called and ordered more. Well, wouldn’t you know Medicare has a new contract with a different meter. So, instead of just getting strips, I got an entire new system. The first test showed my sugar at 154! Then every test after that was so odd, that I started Metformin again because I didn’t know what was going on. Well, when it tested 184 I knew it was a bad meter because I have never been that high. So, I called the company and complained and they sent me a new meter. It was better, but still tested higher than I have ever tested before and I know I was crashing but it would say 117 or 127.

After going back on Metformin, I got so sick. I stayed on it, but I had almost every bad side-effect there is. Today I went to the General Physician. I took the meter and I checked my sugar with it, 133, and then I asked the nurse to check my sugar with hers, 108. She said you have a bad meter. I said it is the second one. It was 1.5 hours after I had eaten lunch. She said let’s see what the Doctor says.

Well, the good news is he took me off of Metformin for 3 months and then we will do another blood test and see where I stand! I am hoping tomorrow I feel better. The chiropractor said the Metformin could be why I can’t stay in place.

The last 4 months have been rough on my poor body, but now that I’m off Metformin I’m hoping things will improve!

Have a Happy May Day!


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Deb Lundquist

After 20 years of living with this as a roommate, I feel I know Fibromyalgia well. Now, it is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain take back control of their lives.