Rubber Bands – My Theory

Written by Deb Lundquist

October 8, 2017

This is my theory about Fibromyalgia. Just try to stay with me on this, it’s a little out there. Remember this is only my theory.

Imagine you have a handful of colorful rubber bands. Now, let’s think about before you had Fibromyalgia. Did you have:

Vitiligo? (that is when you have white color patches on your skin) That will be white bands.

Did you have asthma? That will be an orange band.

Did you have allergies? That will be a yellow band.

Did you have hormonal issues? That will be a red band.

Did you have endometriosis? That will be a brown band.

Did you get vaccines? That will be a purple band.

Were you malnourished? That will be a green band.

Did you have a Thyroid problem? That will be a blue band.

Did you have Cancer? That will be a pink band.

Did you have Diabetes 2? That will be a tiger striped band.

Did you have surgery? That will be a light green band.

Did you break a bone? That will be an ivory band.

Did you develop the flu that wouldn’t go away? That band will be camouflage.

Did you have an accident? That will be a mauve band.

Did you have an infection? A virus? That will be a putrid band. Some bacteria would be a dark blue band. A parasite a puce band. Candida a gray band. The shingles a dark red band.

Do you have any combination of these? As your band grows, then you may have developed Fibromyalgia.

This is why the Drs. have such a hard time putting it all together and coming up with a diagnosis. Look at all the different colors in your rubber band ball. If you go into the Dr. with all of these different complaints, would you immediately go to a nerve disorder?  If you were a Dr. would you immediately go to Adrenal Fatigue? Probably not.

Again, look at all the colors in your ball. Now, if you haven’t been diagnosed yet, let’s add some other colored bands.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? The band will be gold.

Lupus? The band will be magenta.

Acid Reflux? The band will be clear and bumpy.

Biliary Cirrhosis? The band will be yellow brown.

Adrenal Fatigue? The band will be black.

As you can see, your band just grows and grows until you finally get a diagnosis. Then it will probably continue to grow until you start getting the right treatment for all your different problems.

All of your issues prior to Fibromyalgia can be treated and maintained fairly easily. Well, Cancer, of course, is more serious and you can’t do surgery with holistic treatments. However, there are ways to help your body to help itself. There are ways to stop the malnutrition and heal your gut that malnutrition damages. There are ways to reverse Adrenaline Fatigue.

It is so amazing what your body will do if you give it all the nutrition it needs. What if I said there is a nutritional product that you drink twice a day that can be compared to mother’s milk. That it is like an Immune shot in the arm. I mean what happens when antibiotics stop working as many scientists think they will? We must fortify our innate system with powerful immune boosting compounds and they don’t get any much better than fucoidan and that is what is found in Limu and what would you say if I said Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue can benefit from its tonic therapy as well as chronic pain. Now, I’m not making any guarantees, but the company does. It gives a 30-day guarantee on all of its products. Build up your nutrition, build up your immunity, stop your infections.

Then you need to get as much sleep as you possibly can. With LIMU giving you the nutrition you need, sleep may come easier. If you need additional help, there is help with doTERRA essential oils. You need to get good REM sleep. That is the deep healing sleep that your body needs in order for your body to truly start the healing process.

Hormone deficiencies are another issue that needs to be addressed. Estrogen, progestogen for women and testosterone for men need to be checked to make sure the levels are appropriate for the age of the patient. Then you need to find out if you have orthostatic intolerance.

Then, when you start to feel better, you start light exercises and work up your exercises so you can start strengthening your body. Walking is good for you, even if you start with 5 minutes 3 times a day. What happens when you exercise is your body releases its own pain relievers called endorphins. Start dancing. Have fun with your exercising. Dancing is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. It will get your heart pumping, your endorphins, and start to get your body more limber.

Think positive thoughts. Remember, negative thoughts affect your adrenal glands. Start saying nice and positive things to others. This will make you feel nice about yourself. Try to do something nice for someone else. For instance, if I’m away from the house and I see someone in the military, I will say ‘thank you for your service.’ If they are with their family, I will turn to their family and say ‘thank you for your sacrifice.’ If I see a baby or a cute little boy or girl with Mommy and/or Daddy, I’ll make a comment about how well behaved the child is or make a comment to the child about their shirt if it is a special shirt or something or other. If I see an older person, I will say something to them because so many people ignore them. Anyway, I purposely look for someone to say something nice to. It makes me feel good. At first it was awkward. I was depressed and didn’t feel like saying anything nice to anyone, but I forced it and it really started to make a difference.

Deb Lundquist

After 20 years of living with this as a roommate, I feel I know Fibromyalgia well. Now, it is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain take back control of their lives.