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Two Ways I Handle My Pain

How I Handle My Pain

By Deb Lundquist

Nov 12, 2017

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is the worst pain known to man according to the McGill Pain Index. It is even more painful than an amputation if you can imagine that! The pain is even worse than Fibromyalgia. I had to use opioids like a lot of you do now. There was a scare even then that they were going to start cutting opioids. I was quite afraid then, just as you are now.

After several years of Doctor hunting, as it usually goes, I finally found a Doctor who understood and said he could help. Boy he did and after 4 radio-frequencies, he put my RSD/CRPS2, which means I have full-body RSD/CRPS, to sleep for 7 heavenly years.

You see, when I was in such pain with the RSD/CRPS, I pleaded with God to please come have tea with me and bring His bag of tricks and exchange the RSD/CRPS pain with something that wouldn’t kill me. Well, we met in my dreams and He brought His bag and He gave me the Fibromyalgia. When I asked Him what I was supposed to do with it, He said ‘EDUCATE!’

However, first, I had to find out what Fibromyalgia was and then I had to figure out how to handle it. I couldn’t take any of the medications the Doctors wanted me to take and so I had to figure out another way to take care of the pain and other symptoms I was experiencing, including complex chronic migraines that would last for months!

After several Doctors gave me horrifying drugs and shots that did nothing, my neck ended up completely frozen in one position, straight forward. On the same day, the Doctor and the physical therapist dismissed me with no help and I was on medications I should not have been on unless I was in the surgical room being operated on!

Fortunately for me, I was headed to our daughter’s place in WA State the next day and had already made an appointment with her neurologist and a physical therapist and massage therapist out there. I was a walking zombie and told the Flight Assistant what was going on so she could make sure I got to the right flights and got to where I needed to be.

God was watching over me that day. A woman with Epilepsy sat next to me while I waited for my connecting flight. She had a Support Dog with her and he had been laying on the floor by her feet. All of the sudden, he sat up, put his foot on my knee and put his head on his foot. His owner looked at me as I said ‘oh aren’t you sweet’ and petted his head. He was watching my face intently. His owner said to me, ‘are you a Diabetic?’ I said, ‘well actually, yes I am. Why do you ask?’ She said, ‘my dog is telling me that you are about to crash.’ I looked at the dog and then at her, ‘Really?’ She said, ‘Yes, and he is very worried. We need to get you a smoothie, now!’ And so, we did with the dog walking right next to me watching every move I made! Wow, I want a dog like that! My Zacky was like that, but he died a long time ago!

Anyway, when we got to my daughter’s, I was in a wheelchair, of course, and she was horrified by how I looked. ‘Mom, are you okay, you look awful!’ ‘Well, how would you feel if you had a migraine for over 3 months, was on Versid and (some other drug I don’t remember because of the Versid) and I had a smoothie with milk.’ She said, ‘oh no, Mom, you are going to get sick!’ ‘Yep!’

The next day, we went to her neurologist. I took the meds I was given. After swearing like a well-seasoned sailor, he said do you know what these are? I, of course said yes. He violently threw them away! I said, ‘thank you!’ Now can you help me? He said I will try. He gave me Imitrex shots, but they did nothing.

I went to physical therapy and massage therapy. They helped, a lot! I did my exercises faithfully! I could still not move my head, but I tried to do my exercises. I went to therapy and massage every other day. Massage was 2 hours. The first time I moved my neck, I screamed and scared Aimee to death. She came running. ‘Aimee look!’ I did my exercise. ‘I don’t see anything Mom’ I did my exercise again. ‘Mom I think I see a little movement!’ I was so elated! The exercises and massage were working! My neck was loosening! My migraine was still there, but my neck was loosening.

My daughter had her baby, the reason I was out there. Two weeks later, my husband came out to meet his new grandson, our Robbie. He decided we needed to get out of the apartment and as we were getting into the van, a woman ran out of her apartment and came to me in a frenzy. ‘You have a migraine, don’t you?’ when I responded yes, she said ‘I can help you if you will let me’ and off she ran. When she returned with phone in hand, she said, ‘can I put these on you?’ Well I had no idea what ‘these’ were but I said yes. She put ‘these’ on my forehead, temples, and the back of my neck and then had me smell them. Ten minutes later, my 3 months plus migraine was gone and my entire body was relaxed. Whatever ‘these’ were I wanted as much as I could get!

When we got back, she came racing out, took one look at me and did a little dance. ‘Your migraine is gone!’ I said, ‘yes and whatever those were I want them’ Well, as it turns out, they were doTERRA essential oils, Frankincense as a base, lavender for relaxation, and peppermint for pain. Now I also will use PastTense and Deep Blue and sometimes Whisper because it also can help your body with your Adrenal Glands. Now here is how doTERRA works. They are essential oils and come from 100% pure plants parts that have never been touched by chemicals at any part of their development from seedlings to oil. They are not medication. They do not cure or replace any medication that you are taking. You can use them on your skin, aromatically, or internally. They work with your body and help your body do what God intended it to do. Heal itself. They can break through the blood brain barrier and get into the blood stream and actually get into the cell itself thereby helping the body fight off virus’, bacteria, and other pathogens that invade our bodies including but not limited to MRSA. doTERRA is the purest, most potent, therapeutic grade, essential oil on the market today!

I used it for the first 5 years for everything! I still had pain. I used it for migraines and still do. I use it if I feel like I might be getting sick and still do, although I very rarely feel that way because I take On Guard. I use it for depression and if I have break-through pain, which is rare any more. I use it for most things. I even use it to make my own bath salts.

Then, a year ago I was introduced to a liquid nutritional product. Again, it is all natural and gets its nutrients from the pure uncontaminated sea waters of Tonga. It comes from a natural brown marine vegetable seaweed that includes fucoidan. Fucoidan is a super nutrient that has amazing properties. There have been over 1,500 peer review papers just on Fucoidan including papers from Harvard, UCLA, and NIH, pubmed.gov. Well, this Fucoidan is in Limu moui and I was given a bottle of this a year ago when I went to a conference. I was asked to try it and see what results I got. I’m thinking this is a super nutrient that I can drink, maybe it will be easier on my tummy which was giving me a lot of trouble!  The first week, I started drinking 2 oz twice a day, I did only have 1 bottle. It tasted like mango juice with a little twang. Now as with doTERRA, Limu moui is not a medical product! It does not cure anything. It is not a medication, nor is it meant to replace any medication. However, with that said, the body is a wonderful machine of nature that God created and when given the proper nutrition, it can do amazing things. Fibromyalgia steals nutrients from us daily and if we do not replace them daily we will only get worse. Proper nutrition with a top quality product is a must! I was taking one, but it was bothering my stomach to the point that I wasn't absorbing the nutrients correctly. Now I started drinking Limu and things began to change. Not because of medical qualities of the product. No! But because my body was finally able to absorb the nutrients it so badly needed.

The first week I had a gentle cleanse. In other words. The potty and I renewed our acquaintance quite well. The next week, I noticed my IBS slowly went away as long as I drink the Limu moui. If I stop drinking it, hello IBS. I bought a case of the LIMU moui and became a promoter. I was liking what was happening and the idea that the Limu moui was replacing the nutrients the Fibro and the RSD were stealing from my body on a daily basis. I was already seeing a difference in my nails and skin! My skin wasn’t as dry and my nails were smoothing out and I had only been consuming this for two weeks and I was only drinking 2 oz twice a day!

When I got my order, I increased how much I was drinking to 4 oz twice a day and I also started drinking Lean Burn to stop my cravings. It also has Fucoidan in it. When I doubled what I was drinking, it was amazing what I was watching happening to my body! As I lost weight, I was not getting flabby. Is that not exciting? Then, I noticed that the pain in my back started to disappear? Umm…where did it go? I was sleeping? My energy was increasing? What? Then at the end of two months, I realized that I felt good. Say what? Then my husband said to me in exactly these words, ‘Welcome home! I’m so glad you are back! I have missed you so much? You have been gone for so long!’ I got tears in my eyes and said, ‘My brain is totally clear!’ He said, ‘Yes, I know, I can see it in your eyes and your pain is gone!’

18 years after my accident, I finally found a holistic way to take care of myself! It is allowing me to exercise, get out of the house. I now laugh, not just giggle, but laugh so hard my gut hurts and I can't stop laughing. You know the kind of laughter that is contagious. I feel wonderful. I’ve lost 30#! My blood work is so normal that the doctor doesn’t want to see me for 6 months! The rheumatologist doesn’t need to see me ever again! I can even control my RSD pain without taking any opioids before I get my next block. Also, I am not getting break-through pain, diabetic pain in feet, and my migraines are almost nonexistent! 

Had you asked me 5 years ago, before these products when I was bedridden with complex chronic migraines, fibromyalgia pain, and all that goes with it and the drs had given up on me, that I would be where I am today, I would tell you, you were crazy and I would laugh at you.  But I tell here and now I am so glad I gave these products a try.

This might be your solution like is has been mine.

I can not promise or guarantee that anyone will have the same results as I have with both products. Both companies do have 30-day money back policies, so people can try the products for themselves and/or their families. In my opinion, both companies are great companies and do projects that help those in need. Both companies support their customers who are their #1 concerns!

And for me, you can’t do any better for your health, than these two companies, so if you are interested in any of these, call me at 815-214-9443 and I will help you to get started right away.