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What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do When Your Body Allows?

5 months ago18 Views3 Min Read

We Posted the following question to our communities: What is your favorite thing to do when your body allows it? Nearly 100 answers later, it’s clear the gifts that truly matter often don’t come with a price tag.

Here is what community Share with us

  1. I love to play candy crush
  2. Do a power workout….like cardio kickboxing followed by step aerobics. Seriously.
  3. Be able to run up my stairs without being out of breath! I feel so out of shape and old! Exercise of any kind tires me out so fast! Nut im trying to get some exervise hoping it will help with the pain!
  4. Live life spontaneously. Now every last breath needs pre-planned so I have the energy and wherewithal to handle even the basics. (I love the thought of planning… but I’m really not good at it)
  5. If my arthritis not acting up love doing my garden which getting ready to plant over weekend was in the yard cleaning up even in pain I’d keep moving this weekend was in lot of pain swelling and throbbing this weather not helping any
  6. Honestly,sleep! I hardly get any! I go to bed tired! I wake up tired! And,also spend time with my family shopping or going out to eat! Family time means world to me!
  7. Riding on my sweeties Harley . It’s gonna take a lot of walking just to get me on it this year. .
  8. Work in my vegetable and flower gardens and also walking if my feet allow it.
  9. Do oil painting ! Go Fishing / deer hunting . Cook-outs in back yd. with friends / family .
  10. Spend time with my Husband,Son and Granddaughter all at once!
  11. I loved my job otherwise, fishing and flea market shopping
  12. Play with my daughter on the floor with her blocks. … I can’t get on floor much anymore
  13. Crocheting, working in the garden, getting a lot done in a day
  14. Be outside more with my family in the pool during the Hot Texas days. Instead of in the house feeling depressed.
  15. Jogging …then I do lunges and …within hours I start stifin up and neck hurts shoulders achey
  16. Take my grandbabies to the park and play on the equipment with them
  17. I love to do stained glass
  18. I like to walk around. Go outside when able. I’m a hermit in the cold seasons.
  19. Move…and get things accomplished at a slow pace….because I push and over do it I’m Done.
  20. Get out of my house and enjoy the day by taking a walk, volunteering, pleasure shopping, working in garden, doing something fun with my family or spend quality time with my dear friends
  21. Clean/ get caught up on house work. I also have IT and EDS so between the three not much gets done.
  22. I love to go take a walk by the water. Man I miss that.
  23. Clean my home as much as I can
  24. I love delicious Emily games
  25. Walking down old dirt roads and taking pics.