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What One Thing Could Help You With Your Pain?

5 months ago50 Views3 Min Read

We Posted the following question to our communities: If you could have one thing to help you cope better with the pain, what would it be? Nearly 190 answers later, it’s clear the gifts that truly matter often don’t come with a price tag. At the end of the day, what many people wish for is comfort, Hot tab, support and understanding — but the occasional spa day doesn’t hurt either.

Here are just some of their answers:

1.A doctor that believes in pain medication or anything that would help my pain because I’m in my 11th year and have not gotten relief yet.

2.A bathtub with a built in seat so I can get in and not worry about not being able to get out. Kinda like the ones advertised on TV.

3.Cool weather, electric blanket. And a pain pill I could tolerate people to understand what I’m living thru each day

4.A hot tub would be one of the worst things in my experience for fibromyalgia you go a weak and can’t even get out.
I have even been stuck in my bathtub are use a shower chair.

5.On of those tubs that they advertise on TV, you it has a door & you can sit up higher, it also has whirlpool, that would be heavenly!

6.Indoor pool that is heated or a big deep bathtub with jets

7.Liquid Percocet, the only pain pill that took the pain away and gave me energy. Was on it for 3 months and felt the best I felt in years. As of Jan 1 it is no longer covered by my insurance and have been bed ridden ever since.

8.Not having to get up so early…I need more sleep in the morning since it takes time for me to get comfortable enough at night to fall asleep!

9.A real friend someone not judgemental,someone compassionate and understanding…

10.I need a dr who will give me what helps and forget the stigma of what is suppisedly bad for you

11.Lifetime supply of legal medical marijuana!!!!!

12.Unlimited $$$ to go back to Hawaii!!! Didn’t hurt for a whole week, and only had one mild headache!

13.Insurance! I suffer daily and have no doctors and no meds since I lost my insurance in 2005. It’s very hard

14.I would love to have a walk in tub, a good massage therapist, and a good friend close by.

15.Right now it would be a trip to the Chiropractor and a neck back massage..

16.Just a nice relaxing night of uninterrupted sleep.

17.A light pain killer and some pot

18.Enough pain meds for a change not having to practically beg for each an every one to actually be able to be comfortable verses just hardly taking the edge off

19.Hawaii and a personal chief to make me healthy food…and do the dishes!lol!

20.A new body.

21.Medical insurance! I lost my job a year and a half ago. Was denied long term disability

22.A doctor who knew what the true symptoms are and not tell me it in my head and that I’m not in pain!!!

23.Electric blanket ad heating pad

24.House on the beach!

25.Stronger pain medication and understanding family

26.Fuzzy slippers and to be 25 again

27.A sunroom with lounge chairs

28.A glass of wine!

29. A real chiropractor that comes to my home everyday.

30. My weight blanket and a heating blanket.