9. We Retire

Someone forgot to tell Bob as he and his brother work the ground here getting ready to plant. The first year we moved to the farm, it was a very late planting season. On the right side, you see the corner of the old milk house and in the background you can see the bottom of turbines as we sit in the middle of a wind farm. When Bob isn't helping farming, he is restoring the farmhouse. He has installed a lot of windows and has still has 6 more to replace. There are a lot of windows in this house and I love it. Lots of sunshine! It really improves a person's mood to have sunshine inside the house. We didn't have that at the other house. Meanwhile, while Bob keeps busy with all of that, I keep busy with the support group, the Radio Show, and this page.

We bought a 5th-wheel trailer when we retired so we could go on vacations and such and, as it turns out, I use it when Bob works on the house when he is using tools that are too loud for me and the dog. In the mornings, I go to the trailer to finish my sleep. Sometimes, when Bob is working all day in the house, I will work in the trailer as well.

During 2015 when we moved to the farm, we were not ready to move into the house so we lived in the trailer. In November, while the men were harvesting I was thrown from the trailer. That is what it felt like. It felt like someone put a hand on my chest and pushed me and I landed on the grass. I woke up with the dog licking my face. I laid there and took stock of my body to be sure of where I was. I realized I was okay, but I was going to be sore for a while. I slowly got up just to be sure I didn't hurt anything and then sat in the chair for a while before I tried to get back into the trailer again. A couple of weeks later, I got into the trailer, all the way in and I felt like a hand pushed me in the chest again. This time, I was a good 6 feet off the ground and I landed a good 5 feet away from the trailer. I turned myself halfway through the fall so I wouldn't land on my back and I landed hard on my left hip. I laid there for a while praying. Mugsy, good boy that he was, stayed in the trailer. I got up and I crawled to the chair and sat for a while. I had left my purse on the table so I didn't have to go into the trailer to get it and I had my phone. So I called Bob, but he was at the other house, 35 miles away, so he couldn't help. I called my brother-in-law but he was in the field so he couldn't help. It was really late in the season, November, and I didn't want to pull him out of the field. My sister-in-law was in town, so I headed that way trying to catch her. I passed her on the way home and waved like a lunatic. She thought I was just happy to see her. So with broken left hip, although I didn't know it was broken in 2 places, I drove to the ER 20 miles away. By the time I got there and got the attention of the EMTs, the shock was wearing off and I was feeling the pain and I realized I had broken some ribs as it was very hard to breath. After I got 10 lectures on not calling 911 and did I know what the number for 911 was, I finally blew up and said if they didn't help me get inside of the hospital, I would walk in myself. Then I said, 'even though I've broken my hip and a couple of ribs.' Then the EMTs got with it and got a bed instead of one of those little things and put me on a backboard and tried to lay me flat. Well, I couldn't breath and I kept trying to tell someone I couldn't breath but I couldn't talk loud enough to get anyone's attention. When I got to the room in the ER, the nurse thought I was faking the whole thing. She was so rude to me. She couldn't understand why I was breathing so funny and she wouldn't even listen to me when I said I had broken ribs and the backboard was making it impossible to breath. I asked her for something for pain because I knew I had broken my hip and she said she knew I hadn't, I was just there for drugs. She didn't believe I had RSD or Fibromyalgia as a matter of fact, she told me, Fibromyalgia was a myth.

Just then, when ‚Äčthe Doctor walked into the room, she heard what the nurse said about me faking my breathing. She said, 'listen to the way she is breathing instead of lecturing her. She has broken ribs. We have to get this backboard off of her so she can breath.' The nurse looked at her and said, 'are you sure?' The Doctor just looked at her and said, 'just go get a lot of pillows, like 8.' The she started to get me unstrapped from the backboard. When the pillows came she started to place them behind me and she made sure that I was as comfortable as possible. Then she took my blood pressure because the nurse hadn't done it and all the rest of it. She said you are starting to come out of shock, but your pupils are still dilated. I told her that is what I was trying to tell the nurse but she was sure I was high. Well, I heard the nurse get a talking to and then she ordered x-rays. I figured they would bring a wheelchair and take me to x-ray, but they brought a portable and would not let me move. It didn't take long and the doctor with nurse came in and the Doctor said I had broken my hip in 2 places and had broken 2 ribs plus my back was probably going to be quite sore. The blood tests showed that I had no opioids in my blood, so she was sending my home with some hydrocodone and I was to see the orthopedic doctor the next day. By that time, Bob had come and his brother so that Bob could drive me home and his brother drove the truck home. They fixed up a place in the house for us to sleep and my perfect dream of a husband continues to live up to the dream I had years and years ago.

Deb Lundquist

After 20 years of living with this as a roommate, I feel I know Fibromyalgia well. Now, it is my passion to help people with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain take back control of their lives.